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Some of you may know that I am a Host Gator affiliate (the little banner in the right sidebar may give that away).  There is a reason for it though.  They rescued me and my sites from the black hole known as Host Monster about 2 years ago.

Bad Experience

When I first started BFS in February 2010, I had no idea what I was doing.  So I started a free Blogger account and just started writing.  Within a month, I was informed by others that I would grow faster and be able to monetize eventually if I bought a domain name and moved to WordPress instead.  So I made the move, had 2 tough weeks of having no idea what I was doing on WordPress, but I became the site you see today.  The only problem at that point, which I didn’t know, was that I was hosted by Host Monster.

Host Monster was fine for a couple of months.  Then my site kept going down.  At first it was only once or twice a week for a couple of hours, but it got worse.  And anytime I contacted their customer support, they would just say that it was being “worked on” and they couldn’t give me any sort of estimated times for my site to pop back up.  It was infuriating and was always their server’s problem.

Making the Switch

Despite having these issues as early as September, I did not make the switch to Host Gator until the end of November 2010.  That was when I came across a Black Friday deal that was too tempting to pass up.  I ended up with hosting for two years at the price I was paying for about 6 months over at Host Monster.  Several awesome things occurred with the switch:

  • BFS loaded faster.
  • My site stopped going down weekly or more.  In fact, it only has gone down at all about 10 times in 2 years.
  • When I did need customer service, they were extremely helpful and always gave me accurate ETA’s.

In short, I finally had the hosting I should have had for all of 2010.

Host Gator did not request this post.  I have received dozens of emails over the last years asking who I would suggest for hosting and I’ve always recommended them for anybody starting out.  I just figured it would save some time to just publish my opinion here.  I mentioned them in passing in early 2011, but many of you did not know about BFS back then.  🙂

Who do you use for hosting?  How do you like them?