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We’re Taking Advantage of the CHEAP Cruise Prices!!!

I am sure all of you heard about the cruise from hell in February 2013 that stranded people on the Carnival Triumph for extra days, some without any power at all or the ability to flush a toilet.  Another one of their ships had a major electrical problem a month or so later.  And last year, the Costa Concordia beached off of the coast of Italy and killed more than 30 people.  Costa is a division of Carnival.

Overall, Carnival just doesn’t have a good rep right now.  So what have we done?  We have booked a cheap cruise on Carnival, of course.  😉

Too Good To Pass Up

Our friend Isabelle brought up the fact that we only live an hour and a half from Galveston, one of Carnival’s main ports, so we just had to check out some of the deals.  Thanks to all of the super bad publicity, Carnival’s prices are significantly reduced.  For example, there are several 7 day cruises running for less than $480 per person in late August.  But since Mr. BFS and I really rather not miss a whole week of work, and he really doesn’t want to miss reffing a Friday night, varsity football game with his sports officiating crew, we decided to look at the Saturday through Thursday 5 day cruises instead.  We’ve taken a 5 day and 7 day Carnival cruise before, so we know we liked both!

Mr. BFS, Isabelle, my younger sister, and I found a deal that I don’t think we’ll ever see again.  We chose a 5 day cruise from August 31 through September 5 for a little less than $280 per person…that INCLUDES taxes and trip insurance!!!  On a 3 day holiday weekend!!!  We’ll only have to take 2 1/2 vacation days!!!

Okay, so it’s on the Triumph, but I don’t think any ship would be better renovated than this one by August.  It starts selling again in June.  We also have reserved an interior room with no windows since that is exactly what we wanted.  We all hate light while we sleep.  It will be a little cramped with 4 of us, but we are all 30 and under and spend very little time in our room on vacations anyway.  So a midship, interior room with as little rocking as possible and no elevator noise for $280 each is just amazing!  I am so excited!!!

Would You Take a Cruise?

Given all of the negative media attention, I assume not everyone would be ready to set sail. Considering the health scares on cruises that have been in the news perhaps getting some travel health insurance first would put you a little more at ease.  Would I be right?  I figure we should take advantage of the great deals while most people are skittish, but we’ll see if we end up drifting in the ocean without toilets in a couple of months.

Would you cruise on Carnival right now?

24 thoughts on “We’re Taking Advantage of the CHEAP Cruise Prices!!!”

  1. Jenny @ Frugal Guru Guide

    We’re not really the cruise type. 🙂 But you probably will have a great time for a great deal.

  2. gharkness

    Well, not cruising on Carnival is something like (not identical) to saying that since there was a wreck on the freeway I’m not going to drive on the freeway ever again. I am certain that Carnival has been alerted to the error(s) of its ways, and Mr. Arison’s attention has been drawn. It’s likely that Carnival – and the Triumph – will be one of the sure-fire best, safest cruises a person could take, at least for quite a while.

    I just got back a week ago from a lovely cruise on the Carnival Magic. **Of course** nothing bad happened. It was a wonderful cruise, made more so due to the attendance of 150 of my best buddies (group cruise).

    I have sailed on the Triumph twice. It is different from most Carnival ships in that it doesn’t look like it was decorated by a psychotic madman :-). It’s a beautiful ship and the crew (at least previously) was one of the best I’ve ever encountered (I cruise a LOT).

    Now, when it comes to the inside cabin – not on your life, but I’m not 30 and I spend a significant amount of time on my suite’s balcony. Just different styles. That’s why they HAVE suites, balconies, and inside cabins. This is the reason why cruises are so popular – they have something for everyone and (aside from the muster drill) I don’t have to participate in ANY activity I choose to skip.

    I hope you have a wonderful time!

  3. Lance @ Money Life and More

    I would and probably will again in the next 12 months. I really enjoyed our first cruise. It was nice to get away for a bit 🙂

  4. Call Me What You Want Even Cheap

    I would definitely take advantage of the low prices. I highly doubt it will happen again.

    I’ve done 2 cruises with Royal Caribbean, one inside cabin and one balcony. The inside cabins are really small, especially for 4 people. I am assumng the sizes are similar with Carnival. You guys will be crammed, but hey it’s super cheap and you won’t be in the room often.

    Where are you guys going?

  5. Michelle

    That’s a great deal! The girl I work with just went on a Carnival cruise and she said it was great.

  6. Linda

    Well, this is an example of how people can have very different ideas of fun. I’ve been on three cruises in my life, and cruise ships have changed a lot from the days of my first trip. Mostly they have gotten bigger. A lot bigger. The last one I took on a large ship (2,000+ passengers) was not enjoyable for me at all. I don’t like being on very large ships with thousands of people. To be fair, I don’t like staying in large resorts with thousands of people, either. I did take a trip on a small cruise ship (less than 100 passengers) in 2010 and loved it, though. So, my answer is: No, I wouldn’t take a cruise on a Carnival ship. But it’s not just Carnival ships; I wouldn’t do it on a Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, or any other very large cruise ship line either.

    You like cruises, though, and it sounds like you’ll have a lot of fun.

  7. Sean @ One Smart Dollar

    Personally I don’t think I would get on a cruise ship if they were giving them away. 🙂

  8. Money Beagle

    I’m not one for cruises, so I wouldn’t do this. I get motion sickness pretty easy, so the thought of a cruise just doesn’t sit well with me. But, if I were the ‘cruising’ type I would definitely be taking advantage of the deals that are out there now. Sort of like after the BP oil spill, you could get some fantastic rates on trips down to the Gulf Coast.

  9. DC @ Young Adult Money

    We were on the Carnival Legend when the Carnival Triumph got stranded. We stopped by their ship and transported some supplies from our ship to theirs over the course of 6-8 hours. At that time we had no idea how bad things were on the Triumph. Even with the negative press, I still would go on a cruise and I’m not surprised to see that you were able to get such a great deal on your cruise.

  10. I would definitely support your decision. There won’t be another bad incident so soon after the other… They’ll make sure of that. Take advantage of the low rates.

  11. krantcents

    I have taken about 5-6 cruises in Europe. Part of the reason, your cruise is so cheap is the cruise line and it is off season in the Caribbean. I took Princess (part of Carnival) once and would never use them again. I did not like the food, service or ship.

  12. retired

    We went with an interior room and one with a balcony in the rear. The rooms in the back of the ship with a balcony are sooo much larger than an interior. The curtains didn’t let in any light, and I fell asleep on the balcony several times during the trip. I was so sick the last time, it was nice to lay on the balcony and just rest; very peaceful. Both trips the ships stabilizers were broken, and the rear balcony was a much easier ride.
    I like to explore places. Sometimes it takes time for me to get over the travel rush of details and adapt to new situations. I am not a crowd-liking person either. I really do not like waiting in line for bathrooms, just to have others use their age or handicap to barge in front. I have some handicaps, and I don’t do that to others. Cruise ships seem to bring the worst out in some people, so no, we will probably not take another cruise.
    Congratulations on the great deal, but I would reconsider the balcony. We had 4 people and were able to put half the luggage on the balcony too. It was one of the most pleasant vacations I have had in a long time, despite the constant squirting of alcohol on our hands every time we entered an eating area.

  13. Crystal @ BFS

    @Jenny, yeah, it’s not fun for everybody. Thanks!

    @gharkness, you are so right! And yes, it’s good we like interior cabins since we aren’t hogging a balcony that everyone else wants, lol. 🙂 And wow, I want to cruise with you!

    @Lance, it really is. Hope you two can fit one in!

    @Call Me, they apparently have slightly larger interior cabins for 4 people than the ones for 3 or 2, but I bet it will be small (so far, I think all cabins are small, but we have only stayed in an exterior with a window and an interior for 2 before). We’re hitting Progreso and Cozumel on this sailing. 🙂

    @Michelle, yay!

    @Linda, yeah, crowded ships are just not for everyone. I personally stay in the corners of rooms around crowds since I generally think people in groups get stupid.

    @Sean, LOL, I knew there would be at least one. 😉

    @Money Beagle, I was super worried on my first cruise since I can get car sick and I was sick for 7 hours of am 8 hour deep sea fishing trip before. But the cruise ships didn’t bother me until there were high waves, and then this patch-behind-the-ear motion sickness thing really helped me. It just makes you thirsty.

    @DC, that’s sort of exciting! Yeah, woot for great deals!

    @Mike, thanks!

    @krantcents, we’re hoping to take European cruises further down the line when 2 weeks of vacation is doable. We haven’t cruises on anything but Carnival yet, so we don’t have anything to compare it too other than other people’s comparisons, lol. It’s a good way to continue to appreciate the cheap ships, lol.

    @retired, this is the second time that I heard the balcony curtains block the light pretty well. The curtains on the exterior room with a window that we took first sort of sucked, so apparently the true blackout curtains are on the balcony rooms, lol. I think this will be fine since the 4 of us appreciate pitch black and we can always hang out on deck more if we feel cramped. But who knows, our cruise next year may be with balconies, lol.

  14. Angella

    Have fun! We’ve been on 2 cruises (1 carnival, 1 norwegian) and both were awful (spoiled food & hurricane). BUT our friends talked us into it and we’re booked for a 5 day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas this fall. Can’t beat the price considering every thing is included! Not sure we could plan a nice vacation for 3 of us, including food, for the $1200 it’s costing! I’m excited and have a feeling this trip will be a lot of fun. 🙂 We chose Ocean View rooms, since last time we had interior and the lack of sunlight really screwed up our schedules if we went to take a “quick nap” at 1pm and got up at 8pm – oops!

  15. Savvy Financial Latina

    Crystal, you might be reading a similar post later today. I just booked a 5 day western Caribbean cruise for about $700 for two people. Took advantage of it too!

  16. Meghan

    I suppose I would, though I can’t believe they aren’t re-naming that ship! I’ve never been on a cruise.

  17. Martin

    I have never been on a cruise, but that’s only because there’s not really any cruises out of Ontario lol. I would sign up for a cheap price in a heartbeat.

  18. Wendy

    You’re going to be busy traveling this fall 🙂 I’ve never been on a cruise, but one of these days I’d like to take an Alaskan cruise, and then Norway.

    Georgene comments quite often on your posts. She and her husband have been cruising for years, and she’s got two good cruise books on Kindle. Check her out!

    I’m looking forward to hearing about what “vacation attire” you find in the thrift shops between now and then 🙂 🙂

  19. Your Daily Finance

    I’m not a cruise person and with all that’s happened you won’t be finding me on them. My wife is all for them since she feels for the prices you can be them. I admit you are getting a heck of a deal. Let us know how it turns out in September.

  20. Amber

    I think it’s a great idea. Those prices are awesome! I would definitely take advantage of it. Worst case, if you go drifting out to sea, you can pretend you’re camping and have a great story to tell. You’re all adults, so it’s not like you’d have to deal with young kids. Have fun!

  21. Tante Ira

    Sounds good, will see you there. We are early diners but we can meet you for breakfast or lunch sometime.

  22. Anton Ivanov

    Man, that’s an awesome deal! I recently booked a cruise for next year through Royal Caribbean and it was nowhere near as cheap as yours. I do hope they fix up the ship before then but your logic is sound – Triumph has received so much negative light they must be working on it non-stop.

  23. Mom @ Three is Plenty

    We took an Alaskan cruise on the Carnival Spirit a few years ago – our first and probably last cruise we’ll take on a big ship. Nothing happened on our sailing, and we enjoyed Vancouver and Alaska, but we hated the cruise ship style “vacation” – having to be back on the ship for dinner, really boring entertainment options, etc. We’re just not really cruise people we’ve discovered, so even if prices were super low, we wouldn’t take advantage of them. Now, if those prices were offered for a hotel in a city we’d like to visit, we’d totally be all over it 🙂

  24. Mary Anne @ BillGuard

    That is a fantastic idea!! I hadn’t thought about how cheap cruise prices would be (in light of the recent bad press), but that makes complete sense. Of course! This reminds me of investing — you’re “buying on the dip,” as they say, you’re buying when everyone else is “selling” or too wary to enter the market. You’re a contrarian! 🙂

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