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My husband and I joined Weight Watchers Online on January 4th.  My in-laws had joined the month before and were already showing results, so we jumped in (despite the cost not being covered by my Flexible Spending Account, lol).  🙂

Weight Watchers Offers Balance

I immediately liked the idea more than I normally like diets because I knew Weight Watchers is about balance.  I wouldn’t appreciate having to give up my favorite foods completely and now I don’t have to, yay!  My yeast roll and other bread cravings may cost me a fourth of my points every week, but at least I can eat as many fruits and veggies as my heart desires without having to worry too much about the calorie count.  🙂

Weight Watchers Didn’t Cost Too Much

The price for Weight Watchers wasn’t too bad either.  It is $17.95 a month paid 3 months in advance and then it goes to month-to-month thereafter.  Granted, $107.70 (three months for two of us) is a good sum of cash up front AND it will end up costing us $430.80 if we use it for a full year.  BUT, if it helps me to actually lose the 26 pounds I made a resolution to lose by the end of the year, then I think it is well worth it.

Weight Watchers Benefits

I have very little willpower when it comes to food, so accountability is worth a bunch to me.  Weight Watchers Online has a point tracking system that assigns each person a certain number of daily/weekly points.  It requires me to enter everything I eat every day and tracks the points I have already used and the ones I have left.  It is literally a budget for food points.  With some prioritization, I can still eat all of my favorite foods without continuing to gain weight.  For some reason, that appeals to me.  🙂

Having my husband on board helps too.  All of my weight loss attempts in the past fell through for me after a few months since I’d still eat huge portions at home.  Now that my husband has to budget his food points just like me, we’re eating healthier choices and not stuffing ourselves silly every night.

Weight Watchers Results So Far

I started January 4th at 176 pounds.  I am now down to 172.  Not bad for a little more than a week!

I am shooting for 163 pounds by July 4th and 150 pounds by December 31st.  You can keep up with my progress through the updates I post every Saturday.  Feel free to join the Crystal Light Challenge if you need a little support to exercise more too.

Have you ever participated in Weight Watchers?  Any other plans?