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Weekly Favorites and Gratitude!

My Favorite Posts this Week

  • Rainy-Day Saver with Being Frugal 100% of the Time Isn’t For Me  I can totally relate.
  • Get Rich Slowly with High Interest: How to Choose Between Checking, Savings, and CDs  Straight-up post about your “high” interest options.
  • Free Money Finance with Three Steps to See If You’re Ready for Early Retirement  Good check up post.
  • Everyday Tips and Thoughts with Ultimate Grocery Shopping – Getting Back to Saving  Good tips on organizing and getting the most our of couponing.
  • Money Reasons with Lifestyle Inflation Creeping Into My Life  It happens to the most frugal of us…
  • Frugal Dad with 7 Ways to Find Services After Relocating  Good ideas.
  • Enemy of Debt with The Cold Hard Truth: Debt is STUPID and You Might Be Too!  If you are in debt up to your eyeballs, this post is for you.
  • Funny about Money with Want Car. Want Car!!  I feel her pain.
  • Learn Save Invest with The Great Tip List  WOW…this is one heck of a tip list of lists!!!

Guest Posts on BFS

  • 21st Century Insurance submitted Comparing Auto Insurance Rates

Thanks so much for the time you put into the post and for giving me a day off!

If you would like to submit a guest post to BFS, please shoot me an idea or the actual post. I’d also appreciate a one or two sentence introduction for the piece. I’ll get back to you quickly and will give you as much advance notice as possible on its posting date.

Other Info

  • Daniel at Sweating the Big Stuff is giving away $50 in cash to anybody who can give him some encouragement to pay off his student loan!  Check it out here by July 3rd!
  • Brad at Enemy of Debt is hosting a fund-raiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters. He’s selling the “I’m Debt Free” game and giving 100% of his commission until August 7th to Big Brothers Big Sisters!

Feel free to email me if you have any suggestions. I’d love to add a few more blogs to my regular reading list or at least give a shout-out for great posts or contests.

As always, thanks to all the bloggers that teach me something new every day. Thanks to all my commenters for making this blog the community I want it to be. Thanks to all my lurkers too. I hope everybody is enjoying this as much as I am!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Favorites and Gratitude!”

  1. Money Reasons

    Thanks for the mention!

    Well I’m off to Cedar Point! It’s a mid-west amusement park 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  2. BFS

    Money Reasons, have a great day!!! Amusement parks are fantastic!

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