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We Went Over Our Budget – Oops

My husband and I have gotten a little lazy with our money.  We haven’t gone hog wild, but we’ve definitely loosened the reigns.  I just ran our numbers for March 13th – April 12th and we went over our budget by about $250.  That doesn’t happen very often.  Here’s how we stacked up against our own budget:

Our Basic Budget followed by Our April 2011 Results

  • Mortgage – $900 / $900
  • Roth IRA – $300 / $300
  • Car Insurance – $115 / $115
  • Gasoline – $185 / $250
  • Electricity – $150 / $140
  • Water – $30 / $30
  • AT&T U-Verse & DSL- $115 / $115
  • Sprint – $140 / $140
  • Housekeeper – $130 / $120
  • Lawn Services – $50 / $50
  • Netflix for Us – $10 / $20
  • Netflix for Grandparents – $20 / $20
  • Groceries – $350 / $340
  • Fast Food / Restaurants – $150 / $290
  • Misc. Bills – $125 / $190
  • Toll Roads – $100 / $80
  • Car and Home Account plus got some tires cheap – $500 / $500
  • Joint Entertainment – $50 / $50
  • Hubby’s Fun Money – $120 / $120
  • Motorcycle insurance quotes– $55
  • My Fun Money – $120 / $120
  • Emergency Fund/Savings – $350 / $350
  • Vacation Account – $200 / $200
  • Tax Account for IRS and Property Taxes – $400 / $400
  • Cash for Investments using investment apps for iphone – $240 / $240
  • Cash – $150 / $150
  • Total Budget = $5000 / $5230

We ate out way more than we have for the last few months.  Since Chick Fil’a and the new burger joint down the street are not too bad with our Weight Watcher points, we have been using both places as our backup food stops for busy evenings or lazy weekends.  That probably contributed to going over our Fast Food / Restaurant budget by $140. We’re still trying to decide between grubhub vs doordash for food delivery but this isn’t really that cheap either unless you have coupons.

Gas prices have kicked our butt as well – we’re over budget by $65.  Miscellaneous bills include a few new pairs of jeans that my husband and I have bought since we’ve lost weight, so I’m okay with being over in that category by $65.

Overall, we’re not extremely worried, but we have decided to make a concerted effort to eat out no more than two times a week again.

How are you doing on your budget?

18 thoughts on “We Went Over Our Budget – Oops”

  1. Money Beagle

    May hasn’t been kind to us so far, but we have a slew of birthdays, not to mention Mother’s Day gifts and all that go along with that, plus we have a baby due in a month so there’s always the last minute stuff associated with that. I have to balance our books for the weekend spending here shortly, and I’m not looking forward to it!

  2. Melissa

    I am just impressed that you track your numbers so thoroughly. That is a skill I have to work on. I know what you mean about fast food; the busier life gets, the more likely we are to give in to eating out.

  3. Nicole

    We don’t budget per-se, but our post today is about how expenses have crept up over the years and we’re no longer safe if one of us loses a job.

  4. I blew my budget out of the water last, by 4 grand. It Was for vision therapy for my kid. I also put 1000 extra miles on my car + related travel expenses. April was expensive.

  5. optionsdude

    What budget? Yeah, I gotta get my butt in gear. Hopefully gas expenses will be better in the next 30 days for you with oil dropping in price. If it could only stay lower…

  6. Austin

    April was a pretty good month for us. I appreciate you putting up your numbers, it’s something that I don’t feel we can do because our blog is pretty visible to everyone… Anyway, that’s beside the point. My question is: how do you cover your budget overage? Do you have wiggle room built into your checking balance, or did you have to transfer some savings to cover it? Thanks!!!


  7. Crystal @ BFS

    @Money Beagle, May isn’t looking good for us either…

    @Melissa, very true. Hubby and I have successfully stopped eating out as much during the week, but we were out of town every one of the last 3 weekends and ate out then…

    @Nicole, we always planned to live on whatever our lowest salary was, but we let that go years ago. If my husband loses his job, we’ll be biting into our emergency fund about $500 every month…well, actually blogging would cover that now, so woot! But if I was blogging full time and only making about $2500 a month, we’d be back to that $500 gap…

    @Jason, ouch!

    @otionsdude, it would be nice to be able to fill up my little car for less than $30 again…

    @Austin, we have a little padding simply built in since I keep $1000 minimum in our main checking account and our bill-paying ING checking account. But if we don’t make enough extra from our hobby jobs to fill in that $1000, we take the overage from our vacation account. 🙂

  8. Denise @ The Single aver

    I think gas is killing all of our budgets. if it helps ease the pain any, I heard on the radio today that experts think that the prices have no peaked, at least for the summer, and will start to decrease a little now. Let’s hope!

  9. JT McGee

    Oh man, oh man, oh man. I was deciphering your numbers with interest and then it happened–you mentioned Chick Fil A. I love that place. I think I could eat there every day of the year (minus Sundays, of course!)

    Chicken sandwiches and waffle fries aside, a 4.6% budget buster probably isn’t the end of the world. If it comes down to a balanced budget and Chick Fil A, I’ll take the chicken. 😉

  10. Jackie

    My spending is still way up, and basically will stay that way through June. And I’ve got some huge expenses coming up for the next 4 years with my son headed to college. So I’m working at increasing income to make up for all that…

  11. Crystal @ BFS

    @Denise, I’m crossing my fingers.

    @JT, lol, another fan I see. Their chicken nuggets with bbq sauce and honey mustard are like crack to me…

    @Jackie, when you can’t save, earn. Great point!

  12. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

    I realized last week I’ve been eating out WAY too much too! Definitely trying to cut back when I can.

  13. MD

    I couldn’t handle tracking my expenses like you do! I love what you do here. I try but I spend way too much on food and drinks that it’s depressing looking at it lol.

  14. South County Girl

    With wedding costs and little things poping up left and right surrounding the “big day,” if we don’t track every dime we are left in the red…

    thankfully my fiance and I are saving recepits and talking first before we make purchases and its really helping.

  15. First Gen American

    wow..you still spend very little in my eyes. Great job. It’s hard to control gas prices if your mileage hasn’t changed.

  16. Crystal @ BFS

    @Jenna, we’re in it together, lol.

    @MD, hahaha. Not many are as anal as me… 😉

    @South County Girl, on events like weddings and graduations and stuff, I just count the month as lost and get ready to take the extra from our vacation account, lol. Congrats on your big day!

    @First Gen, yeah, we have no real control over the gas prices since we have to commute (no buses in our suburb). But we did spend an extra $50-ish on extra gas for two big road trips…oh well…

  17. Amanda L Grossman

    I love to see that you pay for your grandparents’ netflix subscription. My grandparents are living on social security only, so I enjoy helping them out without making it seem like I am helping them out. Like I get a lot of free magazine subscriptions, so I put their name and address on them. Also, I play the drugstore game and I get the products for basically free–I had them make me a list of their toiletries and brands and twice a year I load them up with as much as I can.

  18. Financial Planner Lady

    It’s amazing how well you track your spending! It’s so hard to stay on budget with so many new expenses creeping up each month. It seems like the summer months are always the most expensive with gas prices on the rise, utility bills going through the roof and, of course, trying to take a little family vacation. It’s times like that when having a little nest egg (and couponing like crazy) can come in handy.

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