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Ting Wireless – Still Super Happy that I Switched

About 17 days ago, I finally switched my husband and me from Sprint to Ting Wireless.  I had been procrastinating since they were new-ish and an unknown.  Plus, we had been with Sprint for 10+ years and had gotten used to paying $150 a month for our two 4G Samsung’s with unlimited everything (yeah, we’re Android people).

Well, Ting is temporarily covering 50% of early cancellation fees from other wireless carriers this month instead of their normal 25%, so I switched about 17 days ago. And it’s been awesome! They also have some of the best cell phone deals no contract required!

So Happy with Ting

Switching over our lines was as easy as they said.  I’ll re-post the step-by-step below again.  Our service hasn’t changed at all.  They use the Sprint and Verizon networks which is funny because they beat any of the current Verizon deals.  If anything, our data is slightly faster.  PLUS, I just submitted our last Sprint bill with the $200 cancellation fees to Ting last Thursday, and Ting just credited our account with a $100 credit this past Saturday!  They are super fast!

Saving Money

Based on our current usage doubled (which is actually over-estimating by 3-4 days), our bill will be for two lines, about 1250 minutes, about 2500 text messages, and about 450 megabytes of data. That will come to $70 plus taxes, so less than $85 total. We were paying $150 at Sprint.  And if we keep our calling minutes to 1000 or less, our bill will actually be $53 plus taxes instead, so around $65.  I’ll let you know what happens. Remember you can also sell old phones to save even more money.

You can see their rate tables on their site – it’s nice and easy to select what you use and it’ll tell you what it’ll cost.

We paid Sprint $229 total to leave early ($200 plus taxes and random fees). The $100 credit from Ting will cover our first bill with them in early January and leave some credit for us for February. I would have paid $300 in those two months with Sprint, so I’m ahead almost immediately!

If you end up wanting to switch, use my refer-a-friend code and you and I will both get a $25 Ting credit. 🙂 https://ze1f6b36368.ting.com/

I swear, I shouldn’t have put off switching.  There are also other options like Republic Wireless but I wanted to keep using the phones we have right now. I don’t know of options for IPhone users since I’ve never looked into it.  If you use a ton of data, make sure to look for the cheapest unlimited data plan.  We use less than 500 megabytes a month (500,000 kilobytes according to Sprint).  Good luck!


How to Switch to Ting

From my Post, Finally Switched to Ting:

  1. Look at your last cell phone bill to see how many minutes, text messages, and data that you use and how much you pay.  This was actually the hardest part for me since I lost our login.  But once I was in, woot!
  2. This is the fun part!  Check out Ting’s rates for the same usages.  Keep in mind that even if you have multiple lines, add up the total minutes, messages, and data as entities unto themselves.  Ting charges $6 per line and then the amounts stated for the pooled totals.
    For example, my husband and I generally use about 800 minutes, 1500 text messages, and 500-600 megabytes of data.  We pay $135+$15 in taxes.  The same at Ting is $12 (2 lines) +$18 (minutes) + $8 (messages) +$19 (data) =$57 plus taxes.  $150 compared to $75-ish.  I’ll post an update after our first bill.
  3. Create a quick account with Ting.
  4. Call Ting and tell them that you have a referral code to use – https://ze1f6b36368.ting.com/
  5. Use Ting’s Activation page to activate a new device with Ting or to port your number to Ting.  This can take up to 24 hours.  It took about 2-3 hours on our phones.  I suggest doing it overnight.  They will email your when it’s done and explain how to finish the download process.  Takes less than 10 minutes after that initial few hours.
  6. Once your phone has been switched over, call your previous carrier to request your final bill that will include the early termination fees if there are any.  This bill can be online or on paper.
  7. Turn that bill with the early termination fees over to Ting.  They will reimburse the 25%-50% within 2-3 business days.
  8. Enjoy your lower bills!

Oh, and if you forget to use my referral code or someone else’s in the excitement of signing up, you can call them the next day and they will still give both people the $25 credit!


1 thought on “Ting Wireless – Still Super Happy that I Switched”

  1. SherryH

    We switched to smartphones earlier this month and I’m not completely sold. I was nervous about accessibility, since everyone wants to push iphones for visually impaired users, but overall I’ve found it pretty easy to navigate. There are just a couple of screens and gestures I have trouble with. I kind of wish I had kept my old “dumbphone” and gotten the Android for everything else, because some of the accessibility apps out ther are amazing.

    Ting is sounding really good. Of course, if we switched now right after getting new phones, the cancellation fees would eat us alive, even with Ting refunding half of them. So I’m going to let you test it out for us for now. 😉 Let us know how it goes!

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