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Back in May, I started my own personal challenge at the end of my post about the song, “Thrift Shop”.  I decided that at least until June 2014, I would only buy clothing from second-hand stores like Goodwill and resale shops.  I made the exception for anything that I need to buy that touches my naughty bits.  😉

Thrifting August 2013

So far, I have stuck to the plan.  It was super easy since I didn’t need anything except a bathing suit last month.  And since that is on the exceptions list, I bought the one below off of Amazon and am super happy with it.  I don’t leave the house unless necessary or for fun, lol.

But now that I lost about 14 pounds again (and because I actually split the inner-thigh of the second-to-last pair of jeans that I fit into, lol), I needed a few new pairs of pants.  I also will be attending a murder mystery dinner and have the role of a bad girl, so I needed a trashy/sexy outfit.

And I was informed by my better-dressed friend, D, that I need some more girly clothes that “fit better and highlight all of your yummy parts”.  (Side note, I love my friends.)  I own about 30 funny t-shirts (25 of which are a size or two too big for me now but I wear them around the house anyway), 10 general blouses, 10 winter tops, and 2 dresses (both pretty formal).  So D and I decided to do some thrifting this past Sunday and take advantage of the tax-free weekend.

Loaded Up

I think I bought all of the clothes in the world.  D assures me that I didn’t and have barely made a scratch.  😉  Here is what I ended up with:

  • 8 new shirts/blouses/nice tops (all form-fitting and t-shirt purchases have hereby been banned for a while…)
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 1 new pair of black slacks
  • 2 skirts
  • 3 dresses
  • 3 pairs of shoes
  • Total Paid = $125.90

Receipt 1Receipt 2Receipt 3Receipt 4


End Results

Not too shabby!  Bad girl, Ramona (my murder mystery character), will be dressed in a leather skirt with a super trashy top and some wild heels.  I’m also wearing a blue wig, over-the-top makeup, and some temporary tattoos.  Altogether, I bought the shirt, the heels, and will be buying the tattoos.  I’m borrowing the rest.  Ramona is costing less than $10, yay!

Actual Crystal has what feels like a brand new closet.  Here are a few of the outfits:

New Shirt, Skirt, and Shoes

This is the shortest skirt that I’ve owned in the last decade…


New Dress

I LOVE THIS DRESS. It makes me want to dance!


New Shirt and Skirt

We went out to eat after thrifting…here is a new shirt and skirt. And yes, that is Mr. BFS. 🙂


Altogether, $125 for a whole new wardrobe isn’t too shabby!  I also used this opportunity to go through my whole closet, reorganize, and pull anything I wasn’t wearing.  It was some nice stuff since I already donated the first and second clean-out waves from the move late last year.  I ended up taking 16 pieces to the consignment shop (mostly dresses and nice skirts that I wore years ago).  Maybe I can make back some of that $125 on some nice clothing that no longer fits me.  🙂

Do you find great stuff at thrift stores too?  Any bargains or favorites that you want to mention?