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Here is proof that I am soooo not perfect.  🙂

Over the weekend, my husband went out to help teach people to Curl and I stayed at home to catch up on blogging.  Instead, I piddled around on the internet and played with our dogs.  I also remembered that we have been wanting new DreamFit sheets for a long time – like 3 years at least.  So I started looking around. 


First of all, DreamFit Sheets are freaking expensive!!!  I knew they would be since that is why we have been putting buying them off as long as we have, but I decided that our old set was 6 years old and needed a little backup help.  And these sheets really are awesome.  They are no slip sheets for a deep mattress like our Tempurpedic that truly don’t slip off.  Plus, like I said, our last set has lasted as our only set of sheets for 6 years.  They are durable as all heck.

The Hunt

Secondly, once I found the cheapest site, I had to decide between the 260 thread count set for $99 or the 400 thread count set for $149.  I hemmed and hawed for 30 minutes and even Googled the difference between thread counts.  In short, the 400 thread count sheets should be baby-butt soft.  So I splurged.  I bought the $149 sheets, got free shipping and no sales tax, and considered it an okay deal for great sheets that will hopefully last about 10 years too, lol.

The Double Standard

Then Mr. BFS called me on his way home.  I said hi and then told him I had spent $150 on sheets.  Was he mad that I spent $150?  Nope.  Was he mad that I bought new sheets?  Nope.  But he was frustrated that I spent such a large amount of money without talking to him in advance.  Why?  Not because he really cared BUT because I’d get mad at him if he did the same thing.

And he’s probably right.  I like knowing where all of our money is going before it happens, so I’d get aggravated if he spent large amounts without giving me a heads up in advance.  But he doesn’t ever care about what I spend, and we had been talking about new sheets for 3 years, so I never even thought about waiting.  That is a double standard…like a money manager’s double standard.  Huh…oops.

Anyway, I apologized right off the bat since I understood his point of view.  But I don’t think I’m able to change the way I’d react if he did the same thing.  I’d still get frustrated with him for spending without advance notice.  So, I now really have to remember to let him know in advance despite the fact that he doesn’t actually care.  Would it be easier for me to just not care?  Probably, but that is not the way my brain is wired.  I am a control freak about most aspects of my life and money is a big one.  So I’ll just remember to give advance notice in the future so I am not a complete hypocrite. 

You do see how this is absolutely hilariously stupid, right?  Like a bad sitcom?  Good.  As long as it’s just not me.  🙂

Do you have any weird personality traits like this?  Any double standards that you catch yourself at and have to make a conscious effort to either change or follow through on the other way?  Or did you stop reading and just want to yell at me when I mentioned $100+ sheet sets?  😉