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Still All About the Thrift Shop!

Back in May 2013, I started a challenge to only buy “new” clothes from second hand shops like Goodwill for a full year.  I did pretty well and am still all about the thrift shop!

New Clothes Over the Last Year

I said in the challenge to myself that I would allow myself to buy brand new undergarments.  I stuck to this pretty well.  Here are the only new clothes that I have bought since May 2013:

  • A package of new underwear – $6
  • Swim suit (not technically an undergarment, but it touched my womanly bits directly and ended up being an amazing Amazon deal that looks fantabulous) – $33
  • Cat suit that I used to dress up for Comicpalooza as the Black Widow and Cat Woman (again, touched my lady parts, so I made an exception) – $28
  • Flexees (like Spanx) to make the Black Widow and Cat Woman look sleek instead of belly-licious. – $15

All Other Clothes – Donations and Thrift Shop

I will admit, I didn't go clothes shopping much anyway.  Here were all of the other clothes that entered my possession since May 2013:

  • My friend, Isabelle, cleaned out her closet and I inherited a bunch of awesome new-to-me shirts.
  • Isabelle also donated the boots I wore as the Black Widow and Cat Woman as well as a nice pair of wedge heels to my small, but growing, shoe collection.  I think she felt sorry for my lonely other shoes…
  • Here were all of my Goodwill and resale shop purchases over 4 total visits (most of these were made this past week, which reminded me to write this post, LOL):  1 pair of boots ($10), 1 pair of heels ($7), two new shirts ($13), 1 pair of jeans ($9), 1 pair of slacks ($8 – and they are also knows as my “booty slacks”), and 3 sweater/pullovers ($14 – one given away accidentally at Fincon14).
  • Total = $61

That means that I have spent a grand total of $143 on clothing and related items from May 2013-September 2014.  I aim to spend $100 or less per year, so I have stayed on track.  I don't see shopping again at all until 2015.  All of that said, I've decided to make this a permanent life change!  No reason to buy new when I can get the same or better used at 50%-90% off.

How are you doing with clothes?  Is it where your budget sails or sinks?

5 thoughts on “Still All About the Thrift Shop!”

  1. SherryH

    I adore thrift shops, consignment shops, and hand-me-downs! If you shop with a judicious eye, you can find some good quality, too.

    I do make an exception for underclothes, and a few other items. When I went to camp this year, I went ahead and bought the t-shirt. Some five or ten years ago, I found new shorts on a clearance rack for $2, and I bought four in different colors. Likewise the shirts I found somewhere else for $1.

    My vision makes second-hand shopping a bit more difficult these days, but just this weekend my husband and I picked up four king-sized sheets for less than we’d pay for one new one. If we use one to make a chemise for a Renaissance outfit, does that count as clothes shopping there? ;->

  2. Crystal @ BFS

    @SherryH, you go to Ren Faires too? We have so much in common! Great sales that make new clothes cheaper than used would be an exception that I’d make too…

  3. Marie

    I agree with never buying undergarments used. I try to limit myself to clothes shopping only when an item breaks (or has a dryer disaster), but I’ve always found good deals at Burkes (Bealls) Outlet and waiting for coupons in the mail. Places like Ross and Marshall’s usually have shirts cheaper than our local Goodwill (if you’re not too picky). I just vow never to spend over $10 for anything and I usually try to go below $5. Every once in a while Old Navy has a killer sale where I get all of my t-shirts for the year for a few bucks a piece. This year I got a whole bunch of Marvel themed merch from them for $3 a shirt. It was awesome.

  4. SherryH

    @Crystal – Not Renaissance Faires, though I’d love to try one, but the Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA is an international non-profit educational organization that studies the European Middle Ages and renaissance through attempting to recreate them. (Mostly on weekends. During the week, I like my electricity, hot showers, automobiles and fast food, thank you very much! lol)

    I love it because I get to hang with a great bunch of creative people and do stuff I don’t usually get to do in the modern world, like Renaissance dance and archery. (No joke – they’ve actually turned the blind chick loose with a bow and arrows. I did have a spotter to help me aim, though.) And it gives me a chance to indulge my arts and crafts interests and actually have a place to use and show off what I’ve made. My husband and one son fence, and we’re hoping to talk the other one into it.

    It’s a lot of fun, and it’s possible to do on the cheap – but it will happily soak up all the time and money you’re willing to give it…lol

    My husband and I met at an SCA event, actually – but that’s another story.

  5. Crystal @ BFS

    @Marie, amazing sales are awesome too!

    @SherryH, I had a boyfriend early in college that was with SCA. He had full plate armor. 🙂 We only dated for a week or two because he said he didn’t have time for dating because of his weekend battles, LMAO. Met Mr. BFS a month later. But yeah, looked like fun!!! Well, except I won’t do no a/c for long, hahaha.

    PS I respect them even more now that I know they gave the blind chick the bow and arrows!!! That’s freaking awesome!

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