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St. Patrick’s Day – Make Your Own “Luck of the Irish”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today is St. Patrick’s Day; the annual holiday where we drink green beer, kiss random people because of their heritage, and execute random acts of violence upon people who aren’t wearing the right clothes. Being an Irish Catholic, this holiday has a special place in my heart.

One of my favorite parts about St. Patrick’s Day is the idea of “luck”. Kissing the Blarney Stone will give you good luck and the gift of gab (something I was born with). A four leaf clover is filled with good luck if you happen to find one. Leprechauns are so lucky that if you find and capture one, he must grant you three wishes.

While I love the idea of the “Luck of the Irish”, I don’t believe in it. The only luck I believe in is the kind you make on your own. As a “lucky” Irish Catholic, here are my St. Patrick’s Day tips on how to increase your luck, and how it can improve your personal finances, as well as your life in general.

Diversify Your Income

Imagine if a friend of yours lost his primary job and had no working spouse and other source of income. You would probably lament how unlucky that guy was and how sad you are for him.

Now imagine another friend who loses his primary job but has a side job, a nice portfolio of dividend paying stocks and a working spouse. You would probably think he is lucky that he wasn’t devastated by the loss of his job, but that isn’t luck at all. It’s smart planning.

Very few people would even consider letting their investments ride on a single stock or mutual fund, yet many of us stake our livelihood on a single source of income. Diversification of income is the only way to truly protect yourself from a disaster and make sure you are one of the lucky ones if you lose your job. And by the way the top investing apps can help make this process easier.

Don’t Take No For An Answer

When I was in college applying for jobs online for college students, I found one I


wanted. It was exactly what I wanted to do, paid really well, and had a very nice benefits package; a personal finance nerd’s dream!

I made it through the initial interviews and they flew me out to Florida for the final round. The more I learned about this job, the more I knew it was perfect for me. Then I got home and a few days later I got a phone call from the company telling me that I wasn’t the right fit for the position.

Except they were wrong. I knew that was the perfect job for me. I contacted the recruiter and told him again why I was the right person for the position. It took some persuading, but I ended up getting another follow-up interview, and eventually landed the position. I’ve been working there ever since and have loved it. My friends all tell me I’m so lucky to have such a great job.

Except I wasn’t lucky at all. There were countless “unlucky” people who got the same phone call I did and had to find a different job. The difference between them and me is that I knew what I wanted and I didn’t take no for an answer.

Read Books

Think about the most financially successful people you know, and then ask yourself if those people read books. I’m willing to bet the answer is “yes”. I have a multi-millionaire uncle, and he once quoted Charlie “Tremendous” Jones saying, “You will be the same person tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and in 5, 10, 20 years except for two things – the people you meet and the

books you read


I got a promotion and raise at work last year worth over $10,000 a year, and I can credit any of my successes at work to the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. That book has created more luck in my career (and subsequently my personal finances) than anything I ever learned in school. That is just one example of how I am a better, richer person because I read books.

You Can Be Lucky

Anyone can be lucky if they choose to be. Lou Gehrig told the world that he was “the luckiest man alive” after he had been diagnosed with a lethal disease so rare, they named it after him. That doesn’t sound very lucky to me, but he had a positive outlook on life saw himself as lucky. And in the end, that’s the only person who really matters.

Start Making Your Luck Today

St. Patrick’s Day is the luckiest day of the year. You can try to kiss the Blarney Stone or look for a four leaf clover, but you’re probably better off making your own luck.

Crystal’s Comments: 

I agree 100%.  Almost everyone in my “real” life who hears that I make money blogging will then say how lucky I am to be bringing in that extra $1000 a month.  It’s not luck!  I put in 30-40 hours a week blogging on the best blog platforms. I love it and want to do it forever, but it is not luck that writes the posts, comments on other blogs, and answers emails every single day.  Go out there and create some of your own luck this St. Patrick’s Day!!!  Good luck!

5 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day – Make Your Own “Luck of the Irish””

  1. MikeS

    Other people will always view the fruits of someone else’s hard work as luck. They will feel that person was lucky that such and such happened to them. It probably helps ease their mind. If they simply put forth a little extra effort, be it at work, exercising or whatever, they would be lucky too.

    Kudos to you Kevin for doing the extra work that leads to your “luck”.

  2. krantcents

    I think some people think there is an appearance of luck because they do not see the effort that went into the success. You are right, you make your own luck (opportunities) in life and it generally requires an effort. How appropriate an article for day that celebrates luck.

  3. retireby40

    Great job Kevin. Making your own luck is much better than waiting for good luck to fall into your lap. Happy St. Paddy’s day.

  4. Everyday Tips

    Great post. The quote from Lou Gehrig made me go look up the speech where he stated he was the luckiest man alive. Very inspiring, and I needed some inspiration today, so thank you.

  5. Little House

    I completely agree – luck is the way you look at your life (half full vs. half empty) and the accomplishments you achieve. Great post for a great, green day! Now where’s that green beer?

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