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Mr. BFS and I have been putting off some purchases for a while.  But not last week.  Within one 24 hour period last week (between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon), we spent more than $1000.  I would cringe more since we didn’t need anything we bought, but I think all 3 purchases will improve our lives.

Computer Desk

Mr. BFS started working from home more than a month ago, but he was still using a basic corner desk that was pointy in all of the wrong places.  Between that desk and the office chair without arm pads, Mr. BFS was rubbing his elbows raw just by working on the computer all day.  He looked at a few desks last month, found one he really liked, and spent the last month thinking about it since all of the parts of the desk he liked added up to more than $1100.

Well, we returned to the Office Max last week and took a look at that desk again.  It had several parts, but we both decided that the most important pieces would be the corner desk, the lateral file attachment, and the desk return extension to add some extra working space.  Office Max had all 3 pieces in a nice color for $590, but it would take 3 weeks to be delivered.  I found the exact same 3 pieces on Amazon using my smart phone in an uglier color for $474.10 with free shipping.  So Mr. BFS and I headed home to take a closer look.

After scrounging around online for 10 minutes at home, I found the exact same desk pieces we wanted in an excellent color from Staples for $479.99 with free shipping.  The only trick was the extra tax that we wouldn’t have been charged at Amazon.  But we splurged for the color and ended up spending $513.  We ordered it Wednesday night and it was delivered Friday afternoon.  Mr. BFS had it put together by Friday night and is super happy.

Office Chair

Mr. BFS was also putting off buying a new office chair with padded arms.  While I was online on Staples, I saw they were currently running a sale on a few different types of executive chairs.  So we headed out Thursday afternoon to test them out at the Staples nearby.  After narrowing down his choices, we finally did a big chair sit-off and found a winner.  It was normally $160 but was on sale for $99.99.  Plus, when grabbing the checkout ticket, I noticed one for $79.99 with the exact same UPC code and took it to the front to check it out.  They ended up ringing us up for the $79.99, so this awesome chair ended up being $86 with tax.


And our final splurge last week was for a tablet.  Yep, total splurge.  But again, Mr. BFS had been wanting one for a while and finally researched a few different types.  He narrowed down his options to the Toshiba Thrive and the Asus Transformer.  With some extra info from a few friends, and with me being interested in a tablet that could dock right into a keyboard, we decided on the Asus Transformer and laid out another $432 ($399.99 plus tax).  This was a total splurge so far.

 Getting Rid of the Old Stuff

As for the last desk and chair, I was able to successfully Craigslist them Sunday morning for a whopping $50…yeah, I didn’t aim high.  But my home isn’t cluttered with the remnants of furniture we won’t ever use again, so that’s nice.  Now I just have to work on getting both of our offices back to a semi-clean since this whole process has meant we had to re-organize once again.  Ain’t that life?

Have you splurged big on anything recently?