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My job just gave me a sneaky pay cut and I’m ticked off.  🙁

Our annual reviews were last week and despite another great year on my behalf and several letters of appreciation sent in by my actual customers directly to my boss, I was given a “generous” $750 a year raise.  Granted, that’s better than the salary freeze of the last 2 years, but not much…

Then we were reminded to sign up for our medical benefits for 2011.  I posted my two options yesterday for your vote.  This will be the first year that basic coverage won’t be free!

The high deductible plan would only run me about $300 a year with dental and vision, but the plan I’m most probably signing up for is about $1250 a year.  That plan allows me to have a $25 copay for doctor’s visits and a $75 copay for 3 months of my medicine instead of covering all those costs 100% out of pocket for the first $2750 and 80% out of pocket for the next $3000.

That means two things:

1)  I am still making less than the $36,000 a year I was expecting to start at in 2005.  This “raise” brings me to a salary of $35,750 before taxes.

2)  My 2 year salary freeze has been followed by what amounts to a $500 pay cut!  Even if I go with the cheap plan and put $5750 aside for the high deductible, that cuts my “raise” to less than $15 a paycheck after taxes!

I am beyond mad.  I was already job hunting, but this has kicked it up a notch.  Anybody hiring a customer service rep in the north part of Houston?  🙂

I am seriously trying to find anything that would make me happier even if entails taking a pay cut.  You can see that at my staff writer post today, Would You Take a Pay Cut for Happiness?, at Sweating the Big Stuff.

I’m also stepping up my SEO skills for blogging since I want to blog full time more now than ever before!

Have you fared better or worse this year?  What do you think of my particular circumstances?

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