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People ask me about cheap entertainment pretty often, and I have a go to list.  But this week, I was able to fit in one of my favorites.  The sleepover.

Our Sleepover

My friend, Isabelle, and I share a love for bad horror films, specifically creature features.  Think shark movies, mutant alligators, mysterious monsters, and things like that.  But Mr. BFS and most of our close friends aren’t fans, so we usually do group stuff that we can all agree on.

Well, this past week has been emotionally draining for me and super busy for Isabelle, so she came up with a fantastic suggestion.  Bad movie night sleepover!!!  Whoo-hoo!  And it was everything we could have imagined.  🙂

She headed over after work on Tuesday, picked up our Chinese, and I was put in charge of creature features.

Movie Marathon

Do you know about Netflix (ever been online in the last 5 years, lol)?  It has a streaming option where you pay about $8 and get access to a big database of movies and tv shows.  They don’t have a complete database of everything you can think of, but it is pretty awesome if you’d like to browse and be surprised.  We use our Wii to stream from Netflix to our tv.  We cancelled our membership a few months ago since we weren’t using it regularly, but this just seemed to fit perfectly.  So I did invest about $8.50 into our movie night right off the bat…totally worth it.

We ended up eating Chinese, sharing a bottle of Red Moscato, and watching some movies.  Here was our lineup from 9pm to 3am Tuesday night:

  • Shark Attack in the Mediterranean – SOOOOO BAD that it was HILARIOUS!!!  Really, it was a German “Jaws” that was voiced over in monotone English and it was just sooooooo fun.  We pulled a Mystery Science Theater on it the whole time, hehehe.
  • Mega Piranha – Pretty bad but we laughed when we could predict what was going to happen every few minutes.  Just picture piranha so big that they jump out of the ocean to attack Florida hotels, lol.
  • The Relic – This one actually had some real actors, but pretty much sucked since it was so dark all of the time.  It almost put us asleep at 1am and that was not the plan…
  • Leviathan – Think Alien underseas.  It was actually pretty good, creepy, and kept us interested.  Even Mr. BFS stayed downstairs to watch this one.

At about 3am, we decided to call it a night.  But we hung out more on Wednesday from 9am to the afternoon and really made the most of Isabelle’s day off.  It was a really great break!!!

My Suggestions

If you too need a little, cheap break, I highly suggest finding a friend, clearing a day off, picking a theme, and having a movie-marathon sleepover.  Really.  And you can keep it nearly free if you need to.  Just use DVD’s that you already own and stick to cheap food like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  It’s not about the money, it’s about cutting loose.  Everyone needs to just have some fun once in a while.

What do you do to let of steam?  What’s your idea of a cheap break?