Single Mindedly Spending Money – Halloween Addiction

I fully admit that I get through life by focusing on a single thing at a time and all other stuff falls to the wayside.  Some days I am all about self employment, but other days (like the weekends), I may not even touch a computer other than to look up movie times.  For the past week, I have become nearly

addicted to spending money on Halloween


Halloween Costs So Far

I know I already made a post about my projected Halloween costs this year, but I went a little more overboard.  The weather got cooler, I finally convinced Mr. BFS to help me find our costumes online, and I got into the spirit!  I’m not even sure I am done yet.

And yes, there are two costumes listed below…the first set (Robin Hood and Maid Marian) fell through after I ordered them the first time and my reorder may not make it here by Saturday for our party, so the second set of costumes (King and Queen Chess Pieces) is a backup set that I was able to get 2 day shipping from with my Amazon Prime membership.  Worst case scenario, we will have costumes for next year.

Here’s what I’ve bought so far:

  • Robin Hood costume for Mr. BFS – $65
  • Maid Marian costume for me (for Halloween and Renaissance Festivals) – $40
  • King Chess Piece costume for Mr. BFS – $40
  • Queen Chess Piece costume for me – $40
  • Spooky/Funny Bathroom Door Cover – $10
  • Spooky/Funny Refrigerator Cover – $10
  • Spooky Front Door Cover – $10
  • Two Tombstones for front yard – $15
  • Table Covers – $3
  • Decorations from last year – $0

Things I Want for Next Year

So I have already spent nearly $250.  Plus, I still am fending myself off from buying the following items until after Halloween so I can get them on sale for next year:

  • Cemetery Fence to start a fake graveyard (the two tomstones above are just to start with, lol) – estimated $20
  • Halloween tree decorations – estimated $10
  • Halloween door mat – estimated $10
  • Rat cutouts for the stairs – estimated $10
  • Halloween toilet cover and floor mat – estimated $15
  • Fake spiders and webbing for the light fixture – estimated $10
  • More Halloween plastic cups – estimated $10
  • Halloween napkins – estimated $5

In short, I want to grow our Halloween decorations 2-3 fold by the beginning of November.  The funniest thing is that I don’t even decorate this much for Christmas.  I just really seem to be Halloween-crazy this year.  I’ll be sure to post pictures next week of our potluck and which costumes we ended up wearing.

Do you ever get single-minded even when it comes to spending?  Does the hunt for certain items ever take over your mind?  I’m even dreaming about our costumes and how we’ll look.  I don’t feel nuts, but I also don’t know what to think when I am consciously having to keep myself off of so I don’t buy anything else. 

20 thoughts on “Single Mindedly Spending Money – Halloween Addiction”

  1. 20's Finances

    I have never heard of/seen the chess pieces idea. Sounds pretty cool – can’t wait for pictures!! haha

  2. Kris @ Everyday Tips

    I love Halloween decorations- probably because it brings back great memories of being a little kid and excited for Trick or Treating. However, I am not a fan of wearing costumes and I don’t know why.

    Have fun with Halloween and we all want pictures!

  3. Tony @ Investorz Blog

    I’m gonna be a Chinese soldier for halloween (hopefully that doesn’t freak anyone out). My uncle in China (he’s a general) sent me a pair. But God, the waist size is huge!

  4. Careful with the addiction. It’s easy to get out of hand. I’ve got an 8×8 shed full of decorations, to the ceiling, including 2 coffins(one used), hundreds of skull, enough anatomically correct medical supply bones to build at least 4 complete skeletons, and–at last count–more than 50 tombstones.

    We’ve been on the news for the display.

    We’re to the point that we buy very little before Halloween, and a few hundred on November 1st.

  5. ODWO

    We went this weekend and looked in Halloween Express.” Mostly over priced junk… but we did find a couple of goofy hats to wear! I wish I knew of better placed to look for such costumes … nearby, vs. Online.

  6. Crystal @ BFS

    @20’s Finances, even if we don’t wear them this year, I will at least post a photo of mine on. 🙂

    @Kris, lol, costumes hide people and you like everything out-in-the-open like me. 🙂 But I also liked playing dress-up as a kid, hahaha.

    @Tony, that sounds awesome. Good luck keeping the pants up. 🙂

    @Jason, can I permanently borrow like 5 tombstones. 😉 Hehehe. You have to send me a picture!!!

    @ODWO, I found the best deals online at and as well as a few others. But funny hats work! See you this weekend!

  7. Ashley @ Everything Finance

    I love Halloween too. I am always more excited about decorating for Halloween than I am for Christmas. I think it’s because it’s the first holiday to decorate for in a long time. Where as for Christmas you just had Halloween and Thanksgiving. so decorating isn’t as much fun. Plus, Halloween decorations are just cool!

  8. Crystal @ BFS

    @Ashley, they are just cool, aren’t they? I love our front door cover and only wish it was bigger! Anyway, the photos will look awesome next week, hehehe. 🙂

  9. Hunter @ Financially Consumed

    Parties can become expensive very quickly. That’s a sizeable investment even before food and drinks have been factored in.

  10. Crystal @ BFS

    @Hunter, yeah, the food and extras will add up to another $50-$60 since we are splurging on pizza instead of our normal $20 chili or stuff like that, but all the sides, drinks, and extras are being provided by the guests – I love potlucks. 🙂

  11. Amanda L Grossman

    The best time to buy the decorations that you want is the day after Halloween!

    By the way–will definitely let you know by tomorrow if we can make it or not to this awesome party you are planning:).

  12. Car Negotiation Coach

    We’ve gone a little crazy with costumes for our baby girl since it’s her first halloween where she kinda knows what’s happening. We decided she’s going to be a lion because she loves growling at people….not in a mean way, just a cute, she likes the sound she can make that makes people laugh way.

  13. First Gen American

    I think it’s a great idea to make a wish list that you can use as a guide for the after halloween sales. I usually go a little overboard on christmas presents and our halloween splurge is giving out full sized candybars to the kids. It doesn’t cost that much more (as we used to give 2-3 fun sized candies to the kids), but boy does it make a big impact.

  14. Linda

    It’s not buying the decorations that gets to me, it’s storing them. Many people in my city neighborhood have garages but they can’t even park their cars in them because the garages are full of stuff. The garages are full because the basements and attics are full, so it spills over there. I don’t get that. I have a neighbor that decorates for every holiday (even things like St. Patrick’s Day) and every season change, including putting out different decorations for fall and for Halloween and then for Thanksgiving and then Christmas, etc., etc., etc. Her basement, garage, and the second floor apartment in her house are totally over-stuffed. Why?

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