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I fully admit that I get through life by focusing on a single thing at a time and all other stuff falls to the wayside.  Some days I am all about self employment, but other days (like the weekends), I may not even touch a computer other than to look up movie times.  For the past week, I have become nearly addicted to spending money on Halloween.

Halloween Costs So Far

I know I already made a post about my projected Halloween costs this year, but I went a little more overboard.  The weather got cooler, I finally convinced Mr. BFS to help me find our costumes online, and I got into the spirit!  I’m not even sure I am done yet.

And yes, there are two costumes listed below…the first set (Robin Hood and Maid Marian) fell through after I ordered them the first time and my reorder may not make it here by Saturday for our party, so the second set of costumes (King and Queen Chess Pieces) is a backup set that I was able to get 2 day shipping from with my Amazon Prime membership.  Worst case scenario, we will have costumes for next year.

Here’s what I’ve bought so far:

  • Robin Hood costume for Mr. BFS – $65
  • Maid Marian costume for me (for Halloween and Renaissance Festivals) – $40
  • King Chess Piece costume for Mr. BFS – $40
  • Queen Chess Piece costume for me – $40
  • Spooky/Funny Bathroom Door Cover – $10
  • Spooky/Funny Refrigerator Cover – $10
  • Spooky Front Door Cover – $10
  • Two Tombstones for front yard – $15
  • Table Covers – $3
  • Decorations from last year – $0

Things I Want for Next Year

So I have already spent nearly $250.  Plus, I still am fending myself off from buying the following items until after Halloween so I can get them on sale for next year:

  • Cemetery Fence to start a fake graveyard (the two tomstones above are just to start with, lol) – estimated $20
  • Halloween tree decorations – estimated $10
  • Halloween door mat – estimated $10
  • Rat cutouts for the stairs – estimated $10
  • Halloween toilet cover and floor mat – estimated $15
  • Fake spiders and webbing for the light fixture – estimated $10
  • More Halloween plastic cups – estimated $10
  • Halloween napkins – estimated $5

In short, I want to grow our Halloween decorations 2-3 fold by the beginning of November.  The funniest thing is that I don’t even decorate this much for Christmas.  I just really seem to be Halloween-crazy this year.  I’ll be sure to post pictures next week of our potluck and which costumes we ended up wearing.

Do you ever get single-minded even when it comes to spending?  Does the hunt for certain items ever take over your mind?  I’m even dreaming about our costumes and how we’ll look.  I don’t feel nuts, but I also don’t know what to think when I am consciously having to keep myself off of so I don’t buy anything else.