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September 2011 Blog Statistics and Income Update

I am back from the Financial Blogger Conference 2011 and am refreshed!!!  I will be sure to tell you all about it tomorrow, but I am sleepy and going to bed right now.  But check out my income for September!!!  HOLY MOLY!!!  Thank you all for helping me live my dream!!!

I wanted to blog full time by 2012. To reach that goal, I thought I needed a bunch of traffic on all of my blogs. Specifically, I was aiming for 25,000 unique visitors a month at BFS by August 2011 and needed to be making $30,000 a year total by 2012.

Well, there was a change of plans. I literally got too busy with my online work to keep my day job, so I quit as of July 15th, 2011!  Self-employment is rocking so far!

I figured the best way to keep my eye on the prize is to hit monthly targets, so I started posting here. Between that and the fact there seems to be major interest in the subject, I started an update around the 1st of every month of my blogging stats and income generated. I’ll also do a huge 1 year update at the beginning of every January.

Here were my goals for September 2011 followed by the results:

  • Alexa Ranking: 31,000 /30,937
  • Visits: 13,500 /12,687
  • Unique Visitors: 10,000 /9640
  • Pageviews: 25,000 /21,463
  • RSS subscribers: 750 /500
  • Twitter followers: 850 /836
  • Traffic breakdown: 4500 from Referring Sites (3959), 2500 from Direct Traffic (2021), 5500 from Search Engines (5859), 1000 from Other (848)
  • Blogging Income: $5000 / $12,613.23 (excluding Paypal which is part of my expenses below)

  • Monthly Income Breakdown

  • Advertising on My Blogs (80% from BFS): $4166.42
  • Writing (Staff Writing and Freelance Posts): $615
  • Blogging Services (Running advertising on other sites and freelance tasks): $7831.81

I had $1769.35 in expenses as well since I did buy Money in the 20s and am having some niche sites built.  If you’d like to see my exact blogging expenses breakdown, check out How I Make Money Blogging. I have been keeping them at 15% or less of my overall income.

Seeing that I hit my self-employment goal much earlier than expected, I am now making goals to get my traffic up and my income stabilized. I didn’t hit my traffic goals so I will be focusing on content this month even more.  BUT WOOT for $12,000!!! 

In the meantime,

I am paying myself $3575 a month

(a third of that goes to taxes…), so I better darn well keep bringing in at least that.  The extra monney is divided up like I mention in our budget.

My goals for October:

  • Alexa Ranking: 31,000
  • Visits: 13,500
  • Unique Visitors: 10,000
  • Pageviews: 25,000
  • RSS subscribers: 750
  • Twitter followers: 850
  • Traffic breakdown: 4500 from Referring Sites, 2500 from Direct Traffic, 5500 from Search Engines, 1000 from Other
  • Blogging Income: $6000

Any questions, comments, or advice? As I mentioned, I go into more detail with my income and expenses on the 1st of the month at https://howimakemoneyblogging.com/, but feel free to ask anything you’d like at either site!!!

36 thoughts on “September 2011 Blog Statistics and Income Update”

  1. Mom's Plans

    Wow! Way to kill it! Nice to meet you at FINCON. I am loving reading your successful journey into self-employment!

  2. MoneyforCollegePro

    Crystal this is amazing. I really wish i could have been at FinCon to meet you in person to congratulate you, but still, very impressive! Keep it up.

  3. Everyday Tips

    Holy ****, that is unbelievable! Your creativity has paid off amazingly.

    It was great to spend some time with you this weekend! I bet you are exhausted, I feel bad for everyone that had to travel far to attend.

  4. Molly

    I want to hear all about the conference! Great job this month!!

  5. 20's Finances

    Wow, great work! Part of me can’t believe it, but I also know you have been working really hard and it is well deserved. Great work!

  6. Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey

    Congrats on the great month!

  7. krantcents

    Congratulations on your progress.

  8. Invest It Wisely

    Wow, you are absolutely crushing it! Congrats, Crystal!

  9. BeatingTheIndex

    Fascinating Crystal!

  10. Crystal @ BFS

    @Mom’s Plans, it was great to meet you too! And thank you. 🙂

    @MoneyforCollegePro, maybe next year? And thank you for your support!

    @Everyday Tips, it was so great to be able to finally give you a hug! Thank you so much for the engraved pen, it was a complete surprise and is just awesome! I got back home at about 10pm, did this post, went to bed at midnight, and woke up at 9am (slept late, woot!). I am a bit overwhelmed by emails, but I will plod through and catch up by tomorrow night hopefully. How was your drive back?

    @Molly, I will try to do it justice in tomorrow’s or Wednesday’s post. It was soooo busy but amazing!

    @20’s Finances, part of me couldn’t believe it either. My husband mentioned this morning that if I can grow the business to $15,000 or more a month, he’d love to quit his day job and be hired as one of my virtual assistants, lol.

    @Jacob, thank you!

    @krantcents, thank you very much.

    @Invest It Wisely, hehehe, thanks!

  11. Crystal @ BFS

    @BeatingTheIndex, I think thank you? 😉

  12. Financial Success for Young Adults

    Wow! This is awesome! I can’t wait to hear about the conference. I saw a few pics on Twitter but not enough details yet.

  13. Forest

    Damn, that is amazing!!!! You do know how to grab the bull by the horns and just go for it and it’s paying off.

  14. Andy Hough

    I’m not surprised that you are doing so well. I’ve already made more money from blogging this year than I ever have before and it is thanks to your hard work. It was great to meet you at FINCON and I’m looking forward to the next one.

  15. Jeffrey Trull

    More than a few people mentioned your name to me at FinCon, Crystal, (as well as JD in his post today and this is why. Awesome job! You’re an inspiration for all of us.

  16. laura @ move to portugal

    Brilliant Crystal – it’s great to see your hard work paying off! Yay!!

  17. Squirrelers

    Like I mentioned yesterday at FINCON, I’m sure you regret your move to quit your job and focus on the blogging business. NOT:)

    Very impressive, what else is there to say.

    Nice to finally meet you by the way…

  18. Jon | Free Money Wisdom

    *Loud applause* Nice work Crystal. You’re an inspiration! I like this idea of a monthly post to update readers on the stats of your blog. I’ve been going back and forth on monthly or weekly, monthly makes more sense. I’m looking forward to breaking the $2500/month thresh-hold! keep it up Crystal and thanks for the always informative posts.

  19. David Hunter

    This reminds me of one of Donna Summer’s songs…

    “She works hard for the money. So hard for it honey.
    She works hard for the money. So you better treat her right.

    She already knows she’s seen her bad times.
    She already knows these are the good times.
    She’ll never sell out, she never will, not for a dollar bill.
    She works haaaaard……… “

  20. Financial Samurai

    You’re rich! Nice job.

    Why do you think September is the best month for advertisement?


  21. Crystal @ BFS

    @FSYA, my FINCON post is in the works and will be out by Wednesday. 🙂

    @Forest, ride ’em cowgirl!

    @Andy, I can’t wait until the next FINCON either!!! And I am so glad I’ve been able to help you monetize. 🙂

    @Jeffrey, thank you so much for telling me about JD’s post! I wouldn’t have seen it for another day otherwise. 🙂

    @Laura, thanks!

    @Squirrelers, it was great to meet you!!! Thanks for coming to the pizza party, lol.

    @Jon, I will try to keep these coming. 🙂

    @David, I LOVED THIS COMMENT! I always thought that song was about a hooker, but the words work for me too, lol. I started humming it when this comment popped up in my email and have decided it’s my theme song now. 🙂

    @Financial Samurai, lol, not rich yet, but it was a great month! Yay! I was just told by a few other bloggers that September is one of the great advertiser months…I hope they all kick butt, but I plan for the worst in my head so I won’t be let down if my income falls back to the $5000 range…

  22. Funancials

    Crystal- your numbers are ridiculous. If only our economy would destroy expectations like you do :). Big congrats!

  23. Jeff @ Sustainable life blog

    Great work crystal – You totally killed it!

  24. YFS

    Congratulations! You blew your goals out of the water. I’m curious, since you hit $12,000 in blogging income for September why did you only put $6,000 as your October goal?

  25. Crystal @ BFS

    @Funancials, hahaha, thank you!

    @Jeff, thanks!

    @YFS, 2 reasons, the first is that I was told by a few bloggers that September is just a great blogging month in general and not to expect that all of the time. The second is that a few big deals went through in September that I had been putting together since August, but in October, I only have one big deal lined up so far and am just starting to get big deals together that may come to something in a couple of weeks or in November. So I figure $6000 was more realistic. 🙂

  26. YFS

    @ Crystal. Hmm… you should create a post asking your readers to guess next months blog income. I think you will be in the 8k range 🙂

  27. Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    Forget Romney and Perry, I am voting for Crystal!

  28. Sandy - yesiamcheap

    Crystal you CRUSHED it last month. Sweet! Now work on mine. 🙂

    What everyone here who hasn’t met Crystal doesn’t know is that she is so sweet and genuine in person. Just an awesome person. There I was sitting by myself and she came over and chatted me up!

    You deserve every penny that you make.

  29. Romeo

    Great job, Crystal. Keep up the work. I’m voting that you’ll make it to $15,000 next month.

  30. Crystal @ BFS

    @YFS, lol, I’m placing the over/under at $8000 then. 😉

    @Sunil, HAHAHA. I would never, ever accept. I am not masochistic enough for public office. 🙂 But thank you for the support!

    @Sandy, got you covered! And, awwww, now I am blushing. You were just as awesome as I thought you’d be in person, so yay for us genuine people!

    @Romeo, thank you. 🙂 I sooooo hope you are right. 😉

    *pssst* don’t jump in the pool.

    Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. 😉 To anyone who wasn’t at Happy Hour, you can check out Romeo’s site for the reference (Twitter is truly powerful at FINCON). 🙂

  31. Ben - BankAim

    Crystal! Impressive numbers you are posting up! Congrats! I’m with Romeo.. You’ll probably make more this month than last and completely crush your goal of $6000

  32. libby

    wow! great numbers. Makes me think about blogging too.

  33. Ash

    congrats for your earning!
    i hope my earning will be like you 🙁

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