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Many people – myself included — splurge at the local supermarket. Its just groceries, right? We have to eat, don’t we?

Then we get home, look at the $40 of fresh halibut and $10 tray of pre-sliced veggies, and realize we didn’t need to spend so much.  Despite what we tell ourselves, overspending at the store isn’t healthy for our bodies or our wallets.  Here are seven ways you can save money when you buy groceries.

#1: Make a list. This is helpful since you will know exactly what you want, instead of just standing in the aisle, wondering what you need. Without a list, you’re more likely to buy useless items.

#2: Have a budget. If necessary, stuff the cash into an envelope and spend ONLY that much. This will eliminate your need to guess how you spent.

#3: Bring a bag with you. This bag should be the size of the amount of groceries you want to bring home. Psychologically, this helps reduce the extra items you buy.

#4: Carry a basket instead of a shopping cart. A basket is enough to carry about 5-6 items. You’ll be less tempted to buy anything extra – especially a heavy item, like soda — because you’ll have to lug it around the store.

#5: Grab a store card if your store offers one. Store cards let you enjoy generous discounts.

#6: Check out the prices in the discount section of the store. There are usually discount racks in the back of the store. Also, check the “day-old” bakery items.

#7: Buy store-brand items. These items are normally the same in quality as their name-brand counterparts. They are sometimes also fresher than the other ones, since they are “one step closer” on in the supply/delivery chain.

Crystal’s Comments:  As I wrote yesterday, we have been splurging a lot at the grocery store.  We do follow a few of the tips above, but the one tip that I have heard about that I truly suck at AND want to work on is…buy what is in season.  Mr. BFS and I buy what we crave and that costs a bunch when I crave fruit in January that is way cheaper in July…

What grocery store tips do you use?