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Prince Amukamara – A Frugal Football Rookie!

My husband is a football fan…a BIG football fan.  He refs varsity highschool games every Friday night.  He then usually has football on every Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  And he watches replays and stories on all the other days, lol.  What this means is that even if I am busy with blogging, I see parts of football games and football-related shows quite a bit.  Yesterday I was about to head out and heard in passing of an NFL Rookie, Prince Amukamara, and his first vehicle purchase after receiving his signing bonus.  I was dang surprised!

The NFL Rookie has Money Skills

Amukamara was surrounded by guys buying brand new Chargers or sports cars.  But he pulled into the lot dressed down and on a scooter.  He then asked to be taken to the used car lot and started looking for a SUV or sedan.  He spotted a black SUV and a medium-sized sedan and decided to ask about pricing.  The sales guy said the SUV was $13,350 and the sedan was less than $9,000.  Amukamara wanted the SUV, so he sat in it, looked at the sales guy, and asked if he could have it for $10,000 in cash.  He then added that if that couldn’t happen, he’d go with the cheaper sedan.

What?!  A rookie player that can haggle?!  Booyah!!!

My Reaction

You have no idea how proud I was of this young man.  He was surrounded by flashy cars, friends waving around their money, and yet he worked out a great deal on a very manly vehicle of his own.  I was so happy for him!

Then I looked up more about him for this post and realized that he broke his foot in April and isn’t even able to play – how sucky is that!  Sometimes life is just not fair.  But, if you ever read this Mr. Amukamara, I am a big fan!  You impressed the crud out of me.

I know that there are probably many financially prudent athletes, but I never see stories about them.  I only hear about the stupid stories of millionaires being broke or being surprised when they have hardly anything when they can’t play anymore.  It always makes me sad – what a waste.  But at least a few of them may make some wise decisions along the way and be set for life.  I hope Prince Amukamara heals perfectly, has an awesome career, and retires early in life with enough set aside to live well for the rest of his life.  🙂

What do you think?  Are there a bunch of frugal athletes that I have just overlooked?

19 thoughts on “Prince Amukamara – A Frugal Football Rookie!”

  1. MoneyforCollegePro

    If the frugal nature of college athletes who have intentions of going pro is any indication of their future state, then we are in big trouble. I work on a D-1 NCAA college campus, and the athletes who are bound for pro sports are proud to throw around their scholarship money.

    I have been trying to find some way to reach out to these guys (and gals) with a financial literacy program, but so far have received massive push back from the Athletic department.

    We’ll see what happens, but my guess is that the majority of these athletes carry these exact same bad financial trends into their pro career, and it is simply amplified once they have real money to throw around.

  2. 20's Finances

    I agree that this is a rare sight. I enjoy reading these types of stories because it shows that some people value life more than just possessions and lots of money. I am sure there are more of these athletes than is publicized, but that’s only because the media like to publish stories that get attention; often that is the one who gets in trouble, spends away all their money, etc. Financial responsibility is boring in the eyes of the media (most of the time).

  3. Denise @ The Single Saver

    This is indeed rare, and inspiring, too. Thank you so much for sharing this story, Crystal. Today is a day where I am feeling a little down in the dumps and frustrated with many things, and your article has lifted my spirits immensely.

  4. Evan

    Amazing Story! Especially when you consider I think 60% of NFLers are bankrupt within 3 years of leaving the league.

    Another sports star that you may want to look into is Carson Palmer:

    Talk about a financial crush!

  5. Ashley @ Money Talks

    Good for him! We need more stories like this!

  6. Amanda L Grossman

    Perfect timing–I am actually working on an article about frugal athletes and frugal stars–very hard to research, so thank you for the lead!

  7. Hunter @ Financially Consumed

    Winning story. I bet he has read this, especially if he or his agent knows how to use Google Alerts.

  8. Jeff @ Sustainable life blog

    I think this is probably a bit more common than it gets press for, but still the exception, not the rule. I do know that the NBA makes rookies take a basic finances course. I have no idea whats included in it or what, but maybe the nfl does something similar

  9. krantcents

    I don’t know how many frugal athletes there are, but all pro athletes should realize their career can be very short. Based on that alone, savings should be the top priority. Putting 20-30% of their huge salaries away in savings will come in handy if they need it.

  10. Christa

    What a smart guy! I can’t get over it; I also only ever hear about athletes who aren’t so bright with their newfound wealth. Of course, they run those stories because they get attention. I’m sure there are also some very smart pros out there, too.

  11. Suba

    I don’t follow football (or any sports) but this guys is smart. Hope he heals fine and become an athlete who is a positive example when it comes to finances for a chance.

  12. Crystal @ BFS

    I’m so glad you all enjoyed this story too!

    @Denise, I hope you are having a better day!

    @Evan, thanks for the link!

    @Amanda, apparently Evan would like to throw Carson Palmer in as a lead. 🙂

  13. Justin @ MoneyIsTheRoot

    Nice Story!

    I know that Kurt Warner is more than charitable with his money!!! My favorite football player, or even athelete of all time!!!

  14. Marie at FamilyMoneyValues

    Nice! I have a feeling there are more than a few pros that manage to hang onto their finances as well as their victories. I know that multiple ‘wealth management’ firms have special resources devoted to helping pro athletes – I just googeld professional athlete wealth management and found several!.

  15. Squirrelers

    That’s great! He’s probably a rare exception, I would think.

    I did read about a baseball player, a rookie, who still lived at his Mom’s house despite a $200,000 salary. Wrote about it, now that I think about it:) Anyway, I think that’s great. As for him being a mamma’s boy, who the heck cares, right? He’s smart, as he’ll more than enjoy himself through his career I’m sure!

  16. Testking JN0-343

    I feel there is more than a few pros who manage to keep their finances and their victories. I know the wealth management companies “have many special resources dedicated to helping professional athletes – I just googeld wealth management professional sportsman and found much more!

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