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Pregnancy Update – Peanut at 14 Weeks and Need Baby Item Suggestions!

I’m finally not puking all of the time!!!  Yay!!!  Woot for being one of the lucky ones that get a reprieve for a little bit!!! 

14 Week Ultrasound

We went in for another quick ultrasound late last week and Peanut is developing well!  We could hear the heartbeat at 160 beats per minute (right on track) AND my little parasite was just squirming and kicking away just like last time. 

Our alien baby is developing along well and the creepy ultrasounds pics are making me crave a scary movie night sometime soon!

I’m slightly worried for the future of my internal organs since I can’t feel this crap with a 3-4 inch fetus but I’m guessing that will change greatly as it grows exponentially…but yay!!!  Healthy thus far and doing all the normal baby things!

Waiting for the Results of Genetic Testing

I’m turning 35 this month, so they took some of my blood to do genetic testing (I called them my “old momma tests” which got laughs since they have a bunch of 40+ year old new moms too but they are highly suggested).  We should know Peanut’s gender when the tests are all done and reported, but thanks to the holidays, that could be as late as the second week of January.  Doesn’t change much for me either way, but I know our parents and a few others are all waiting excitedly on the sidelines  just to start their shopping engines, hahaha.

Making My Baby Shopping List

Speaking of shopping, I’ve started on an Amazon registry…I hate shopping.  I hate how many options there are for everything.  I hate that they seem to tell you that you outright NEED thousands of things but I know for a fact that just isn’t true.  So I’ve been trying to concentrate on JUST the basics to start with.  Here is what I have thought of so far that I’ll need with a baby:

  1. Pregnancy books (done thanks to several family, friends, and our doula)
  2. Sleep pillow for me (done) 
  3. Nipple cream
  4. Diapers
  5. Cloths to use as wipes plus a spray bottle for water
  6. Wipes to pack for on-the-go
  7. Burp Cloths/ Big cloths you can use for all nasty cleanups and coverage when cold 
  8. Towels
  9. Great Breast Pump
  10. Bottles to Pump Into
  11. Formula if I can’t breast feed or need to supplement
  12. Butt paste
  13. Snot removers (the bulb ones)
  14. Car seat and stroller it pops in and out of, probably two (one for each car)
  15. Mirror for car seat to see baby’s face (a neighbor friend gave me one)
  16. Clothing and socks and hats (though I’m guessing I can get most of that in hand-me-downs and garage sales)
  17. Crib and mattress (already have one via parents)
  18. Changing table with drawers (already have one via parents)
  19. Bedding (already have a set from my sister)
  20. Pack and play baby cage (have one from my friend) 
  21. Baby swing/rocker (have one from Dee)
  22. Glider
  23. Bath thing to lay them in
  24. Baby shampoo
  25. Clear bin from the hospital to keep infant in when it sleeps so I can see it breathing when I glance over
  26. Cloth books and hard books that can put up with some slobber
  27. Boppy pillow to help support when nursing and for tummy time
  28. Baby monitor
  29. Diaper Genie or Trash Can
  30. More throw rugs and foam flooring
  31. Magnetic baby proofing for cabinets
  32. Basic toys to grab and chew on (have some from friends and family, will most likely receive a crap ton, LOL)

What other necessities/make-life-way-easier things do I need to add to my registry and shopping list?  I’m making it now so that baby showers and garage sales / Nextdoor hunts can take care of the majority before I have to actually buy stuff at retail prices.  🙂

I just have to keep repeating to myself, “You’re not overwhelmed, you’re not overwhelmed, you’re not overwhelmed…”

12 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update – Peanut at 14 Weeks and Need Baby Item Suggestions!”

  1. teinegurl

    My suggestions are for mommy Pads because there will be bleeding after giving birth, nipple cream if your planning on breastfeeding, pain meds hopefully the doctor will have that covered and some meal prep or frozen meals / snacks for when you get home from the hospital the last thing you will want to do is cook! you and hubby will be very sleep deprived and even running out to the store will tire you out. It’s good to prep the house with some extra snacks and frozen meal that can be easily prepared while your still in a lot of pain and hubby can take baby for a little while. I would also say just to have something for you anything that can boost your mood just so on those days the baby blues hit you , you have something comforting around just in case. Hope that helps and I think your list pretty much covers all.

  2. Jill

    My daughter hated the swing, but a friend suggested a vibrating seat. It looks kind of like a car seat, but has a switch to turn on to vibrate. Saved my sanity!! Put her to sleep in no time flat. Babies don’t need half of what “they” say you need. Keep warm, fed and dry. Good luck and glad to hear about the morning sickness!

  3. Denise

    I highly recommend an Angel Monitor. It will beep if it doesn’t detect breathing or movement while the baby sleeps. I was terrified of SIDS and our Angel Monitor gave me peace of mind so I could sleep at night.

  4. MomofTwoPreciousGirls

    Definitely a video monitor (I know many people love their angel monitors but my oldest used to end up off of it setting off alarms! She used to end up in the oddest positions). My other were breathable bumpers for the crib. They’re mesh so it baby puts face against they can breathe but keeps their limbs from going out of the crib.
    I didn’t know they sell the kind of bassinets there are in the hospital. If you can’t find that I had both mine in a co sleeper bassinet for the first 16 weeks, but not pushed right up against the bed.
    I couldn’t breastfeed due to prior surgeries, so I formula fed. At night I would set up the bottle with the formula powder in it and another bottle premeasured with water for room temp and when it was time to feed them I just poured the water into the formula. At 2 am you don’t want to be fussing with that.
    I discovered with my second sleep gowns. Made diaper changes easy at night too bc their open at the bottom.
    Wearable blankets for once they get out of the swaddling stage.
    My last baby was 9 years ago so I’m sure things have changed!!

  5. Lance

    We got a Nest camera for our baby monitor, but our son slept in our room for the first six months in a pack n play anyway, so we didn’t need it immediately. We also got a sound only monitor for cheap for when we didn’t want to look at the nest in the middle of the night.

    As far as car seats, We got on that snaps into a base. That way, you can take the seat with you and only have one seat with two bases in different cars. We can also put the seat into our stroller base for super easy transfers 🙂

    If I think of more, I’ll let you know. I found in the first few months you need WAY less than you think you do.

  6. Funny about Money

    When the kidlet gets big enough to crawl around, you’ll want some of those plastic things that plug into electric sockets, so as discourage experimentation with fingers and forks.

    Rocking chair for parent & child?

  7. Trista

    Diapers- wait for sales. Target has $20 gift card for $75 purchase or $25 gift card for $100 purchase that you can stack with manufacturer coupons and cartwheel coupons. Amazon also runs really good deals from time to time on Huggies and Pampers if you do subscribe and save and use Amazon Family. Sometimes you can save 30% with a sale and then another 20% by subscribing. I usually cancel the subscription after I receive the shipment and I’ve had no issues.

    Wipes to pack for on-the-go- I use the Huggies diaper bag pack and buy the large refill packs and just make sure to keep refilling it as needed.

    Burp Cloths/ Big cloths you can use for all nasty cleanups and coverage when cold. I love the basic cloth diapers for burp cloths and general clean up. Muslin blankets are also really good for everything, including using as a breastfeeding or pumping cover up when out and about.

    Towels- we use the target 3-pack hooded towels, I have no complaints. I found half of them on clearance when they changed designs.

    Great Breast Pump- I love Spectra. I have had an S2 and an S1. The only difference is that the S1 has a rechargeable battery so it’s great to use in her car or anywhere you don’t have access to a plug in. I’ve also used an Ameda Purely Yours and liked it’s small size and ability to run off of 6 AAs when needed. Also, I like to have a back-up manual pump just in case. I got mine free at the hospital. I exclusively pump, so I would be happy to answer anymore pumping questions!

    Bottles to Pump Into- I use the bottles that came with the pump most often because they usually have the tightest fit, but I’ve also used my Dr. Brown’s bottles. I have an oversupply and pump more than the small bottles, however, my torso is too short to use the bigger bottles when sitting down so I just pump until they are full, dump into a larger bottle, then finish my pumping.

    Formula if I can’t breast feed or need to supplement- Sign up with Similac and Enfamil for samples and coupons.

    Snot removers (the bulb ones)- get the Nose Frida! It’s a bit of a gross concept, but you won’t think twice about it when your little one can’t breathe through their nose and you are able to get it all out and see the color to check for infection as well as be able to clean the parts well. I’ve heard the bulb suckers can grow mold! ?

    Car seat and stroller it pops in and out of, probably two (one for each car) instead of one for each car, think about getting an infant carrier with a base and buy a second base for the other car. You can use a 20% off coupon for bed, bath, and beyond on BuyBuyBaby. That’s how we ordered our second base and stroller and got amazing deals. Also, I bought discounted gift cards on raise and used those and the coupons online. We love our Chicco Bravo and Keyfit 30.

    Bedding (already have a set from my sister) make sure to get an extra set of sheets. We are using a flannel sheet right now because it’s softer and warmer in the colder months.

    Pack and play baby cage (have one from my friend) buy the sheets to fit it and the waterproof pad. It makes it not have a scratching sound when baby moves in it while they are sleeping.

    Clear bin from the hospital to keep infant in when it sleeps so I can see it breathing when I glance over. I haven’t seen this, but, I loved our Halo Bassinest for this reason. We got ours as a hand-me-down, I don’t think I could have paid the full price. The vibration and music also came in handy a few times. Honestly, my daughter is nearly 7 months and still within and arms reach from me. We went from the Halo to the Pack n Play bassinet to our crib being pushed up to the bed with the side off (this is not necessarily a recommended sleep practice, but it works better for us than co-sleeping in our bed, which is our other alternative at this time. My LO crawls and rolls everywhere though, so I feel okay about her sleeping situation.)

    Cloth books and hard books that can put up with some slobber. See if there is a Just Between Friends consignment sale near you soon. Just google it! These kind of books can be wiped down or put through the washer. That consignment sale is great for all kinds of gear that you want to buy used.

    Baby monitor. We have the basic Vtech model and it works for us. I thought I wanted a video monitor, but she will be sleeping in our room for quite awhile since her nursery is across the house, so we only use the monitor for naps and I can check in on her frequently while doing chores while she sleeps, so the audio has been just fine.

    Diaper Genie or Trash Can. We LOVED our diaper genie for the first 4 months or so, so much so that we bought a second one after a month or so to have them in 2 spots. As her dirty diapers spaced out and got stinkier, we usually just bag them and take them straight to the outside trash can.

    Basic toys to grab and chew on (have some from friends and family, will most likely receive a crap ton, LOL) the vtech busy cube is great for learning to sit up. Oball stuff is great for learning to grasp things. If I could start over with toys and teethers, I would make sure that most of the small toys are dishwasher safe or can at least be submerged in water. Lots of toys can’t be properly washed, even those meant to be chewed on, it’s annoying.

    More advice- make a registry at target and amazon even if you don’t use them. You get a bunch of freebies and then completion discounts closer to your due date to save on items you haven’t got yet. The target coupon can even be stacked with their other sales and coupons. I think babies r us and buy buy baby do this too, but I’m not close to them so I usually only shop there online. Also, stock up on your everyday essentials as you find good deals so you don’t have to run out to the store for toilet paper, Kleenex, germ x, coffee, tea, cleaning supplies, etc. Of course, Amazon is great for this as well if you have Prime.

    Sorry so long! This is all just so fresh on my mind since my little one is still little! This is such an exciting time!

  8. patty

    A good THERMOMETER will be a must before you even leave the hospital. Infants can get high fevers quickly and you’ll need to know when high enough to get help (100.4 for starters). Take everything you can from the hospital too — nurse will tell you what they would just throw away if you don’t take it with you.

  9. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    Rambly thoughts: We never used the bulb snot suckers but we got 3 free from the hospital. JB thought the Nose Frida was a murder weapon and hollered accordingly so we handed ours down to a friend whose kid is SLIGHTLY less dramatic and just make JB blow zir nose direct into tissues now that ze is old enough.

    Not sure if you were planning to stock up on formula ahead of time but I’ve heard lots of new parents regret buying a lot ahead of time because the kiddo hated the one that they had buckets of, so it might be worth waiting until the time to pick that up. We also avoided the biometrics monitors since the doctors don’t know what to do with that data anyway and it has apparently often sent parents to the ER unnecessarily alarmed when it seemed to alert them to problems.

    And you know we loved our glider 🙂

  10. Laura

    Hmmm….it’s been a while.
    – Lessons on how to properly install said car seats so they don’t move (both latch and seatbelt methods – I actually preferred seatbelt method as latch has a low weight limit)
    – for when baby can hold head up, consider something like an Ergo carrier. We got by with 1 umbrella type stroller and used the Ergo for most things. The baby stays calmer, easier to navigate shopping (or cooking when they want attention – just pop them on your back!)

  11. Christine

    Fantastic suggestions so far! I’ll throw mine into the mix! 🙂

    Nipple cream: I used Aquaphor through some pretty terrible latching issues and it SAVED ME. (Until I quit to exclusively pump and then that actually saved me)

    Burp cloths: cloth diaper inserts actually make AMAZING burp cloths/spill cleaner-uppers. They’re very absorbent and durable and designed to be basically boiled in the washer.

    Pump: I used a Medela Pump in Style to exclusively pump for about 6 months. Make sure you get flanges that fit properly as that will help a LOT. And if you end up pumping more than occasionally, get a hands free pumping bra (sanity saver!)

    Butt cream: Balmex makes one that is by far my favorite.

    Car seat: I second Lance on getting one carseat and just getting a second base so you can pop baby from one car to another easily.

    Diaper Genie!!! They are relatively inexpensive and smother smells. *shudder* the smells…

    Also, check out Bamboobies boobie pads (you can find them easily on Amazon or at Babies R Us). I leaked for a while even when pumping and these were amazing. Washable, comfortable, and very durable!

    Oh! I also loved my Moby wrap for baby wearing. My son as always happiest when I was holding him and I loved being able to carry him around all snuggled to me. and it wasn’t terribly hot even though I had him in July.

    Other than that, you will get it all figured out! This is such an exciting time and truly as long as she is warm, dry, and fed you are doing great! The fact that you’re thinking about all this now shows that you are going to be an amazing and super caring mom. Congratulations!!!!!!

  12. Natalie

    Babylist is a fun tool. You can put items from anywhere on the interwebs (and off, manually) and it sends you notifications if they go on sale or experience a price change. It also functions as a universal registry so folks can buy you stuff and it will keep the list up to date so that you don’t accidentally go out an buy it too. Hope that helps!


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