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How do you motivate yourself to keep working when something has gone wrong or when others see more success? Here's my motivation. Pinning this for inspiration!

Do you read Budgets Are Sexy or Making Sense of Cents?  How about Smart Passive Income?  ESI Money or Money Boss?  I read all the top blogging sites, though less often than I should.  They are all at the top of their game. 

  • J Money recently turned down a $1 million deal for his sexy blog bunch. 
  • Michelle is making $100,000 a MONTH from affiliate income…and created a course about it and the best affiliate programs for bloggers.
  • Pat Flynn is…well, Pat Flynn (Google “king of online money”).   He’s making millions a year.
  • ESI Money just pulled off early retirement. 
  • Money Boss sold his previous site for beaucoup bucks years ago and is restarting a blog empire and survey sites.

Shared Qualities of the Successful

Do you know what they have in common?  They are sincerely wonderful people.  I’ve met them.  They are awesome.  But more importantly for our class today, they’re positive people and are all more motivated than squirrels are for nuts. 

Yep, positivity and a “can do” attitude is what it takes…makes you gag, right? 

Well, suck it up.  I know for a fact that those two ingredients make the recipe for success.  How?  Because that’s how I grew BFS so quickly when I started in 2010 and how I’m growing Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting now.  Why am I not filthy rich and/or retired yet? 

Because I stopped being positive and motivated.  Well, at least not at all times.

My Little Detour

Obviously, that was a pretty big glitch to my plans.  Not as obviously, it apparently kicked my ego’s ass too.  My optimism took a beating and my motivation belches out like bad engine backfires.

I’m Choosing Optimism, Dammit

Well, screw that.  It’s been a few years, I’ve created a successful pet sitting business with my occasional bursts of motivation, and I’m back to blogging out of the love for it.  No more pouting about future plans. My future is waiting for me to create it right now and I’m still choosing to work from home

How to Be Optimistic 

Okay, so this is fine and dandy if you are naturally a positive person, but how do you create a better mindset if you usually expect the worst?  

  • Surround yourself with optimists.  Good moods are contagious. 
  • Get busy.  If you are truly involved in something, you won’t have time to dwell. 
  • Fake it until you make it.  Just acting peppy and perky actually leads to you being peppier and perkier.  Wild, right?

Don’t believe optimism and persistence are all it takes to succeed?  That sounds pessimistic to me…  😉