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After our net worth updates last year, a few people have expressed interest in our stock portfolio.  Despite the fact that I really dislike anything related to market stats since it gives me a headache, I thought I could at least disclose where my awesome hubby is squirreling away our money for those wanting to know how to start investing in stocks.  Here are the current stocks we are investing in, their dividend yield, and what Mr. BFS said about them:

Bristol Myers Squibb Co  (BMY) – 5.12% Yield – “Good drug company that pays a nice dividend.”

Conoco Phillips (COP) – 3.28% Yield – “With the price of oil fluctuating, other companies were spending a lot of money to find new things but COP decided to wait to see what would happen.  In the meantime, they are slowing growing their dividend payout too.”

The Dow Chemical Co  (DOW) – 1.72% Yield – He thought it was a great price at the time.

Enterprise Products Partners LP  (EPD) – 5.54% Yield – “It’s a Houston energy company that pays a nice dividend.”

Fortescue Metals Group Ltd  (FSUMF) – 0% Yield – FSUMF mines iron.  Mr. BFS thought that sense iron is useful in the making of steel, and steel is needed right now, this was a good deal.

General Electric Co (GE) – 3.04% Yield – “Great price at the time with a decent dividend payout.”

Intel Corp  (INTC) – 3.48% Yield – “Good yield and a solid company.”

Johnson & Johnson  (JNJ) – 3.45% Yield – “Bought it at a steal and great payouts.”

McDonald’s Corp  (MCD) – 3.28% Yield – He also bought it at a steal and likes the payout.

Oneok Partners Limited Partnership  (OKS) – 5.72% Yield – “Great dividends and was very undervalued at the time.”

PepsiCo Inc  (PEP) – 2.89% Yield – “Great price at the time and they recently aquired Dr. Pepper bottlers to help with efficiency.”

Sysco Corporation  (SYY) – 3.43% Yield – “This was an economic play.”  Mr. BFS figured that everybody needs food.

AT&T Inc  (T) – 5.96% Yield – He said they have a great yield and are a huge, solid company.

Thompson Creek Metals Co Inc  (TC) – 0% Yield – We invested in Thompson Creek since it’s one of the largest miners of an ore nick-named “Molly”, which is used inthe refining of steel.  Since China is going through an industrial revolution, Mr. BFS thought that this would do really well too.

So there you go.  My 401(k) is in the Vanguard 2035 target date mutual fund, our Roth IRA is in the Fidelity 2040 target date mutual fund, and our Scottrade account is spread out between the ones above.  We even have some mlp investments

What are you investing in lately?

**This post is not to be used as a suggestion for investments.  This is simply what we own.  Make up your own mind, thanks!**