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Our New Home Wish List

Even though we are having a house built, we still are going to want to buy some stuff to flesh it out.  It happens to everyone.  But since we are spending so much on the house itself ($260,000-ish, which is alot to me in the Houston area), we want to be careful to only spend money on things that will truly benefit us in some way overall.  This has led to my idea that Mr. BFS is okay with – the new home wish list.

New Home Wish List

In short, the growing list below is stuff we want, but don’t need immediately in a new home.  We have decided that we will only allow ourselves to buy something off the list once it has been on there for at least 6 months and we already have the cash on hand in our Wish List ING Savings account to buy it.  The only exception will be if we see the item on a sale so good that it is literally 50% or less of its normal cost and perfect for our house.

So, the things we are adding to it now have to still be important to us after mid-October, the stuff we add after this will still need to matter 6 months down that road, etc.  We are hoping that this list will keep us from buying something that just seemed like a good idea the day we splurged as opposed to something we choose to have pretty permanently in our home.  This will also give us time to fund the Wish List account a bit before we go shopping.


. We are spending the next 4 months looking for the best deal we can on an energy efficient but large fridge. This is technically not a wish list item but it is on my radar right now.

Covered Patio

. The builder charges $4750 for a 144 square foot covered patio. We have a 140 square foot patio right now. $4750 is insane to me, so I am looking into the costs of having it added after the fact.

Built-ins for the Library, Media Room, and Master Walk-in Closet

. We may get these through the builder if they are not priced ridiculously high, but if that isn’t an option, we will probably end up building multiple shelving systems for books, DVD’s, and linens ourselves over the next year or two. We are starting to price the materials now.

Washer and Dryer

. These are necessary but not immediately. When we hopefully move into our new home in August or September, we can still use the washer and dryer in our current home until it is rented out (it is 3-4 miles down the road). If we rent out our current place as quick as I hope, we can do our laundry at the in-laws for a month or two while we find the best deal. Plus, if we wash all of our clothes right before we move, we have enough stuff to last us a month anyway…yeah, that’s sad and happy at the same time, lol.

Projector and Screen

. We own two tv’s. One is in our living room and the tube tv is in Mr. BFS’s office. The media room would be perfect with a projector and screen for our monthly movie nights with friends. But we are looking for a major deal, so we will take our time.

Seating for the Media Room

.  We will be looking at multiple options to give is 6-7 comfortable seats with their own drink holders of some sort on the two tier layout of the room.  Our immediate idea was to have 3 stand alone recliners with drink holders on the first tier and two recliner love seat combos on the second tier with end tables between the set and on their sides.  We are limiting our budget to $1000 total, so we will most likely be looking for Black Friday deals or even waiting for Super Bowl deals.

New Couches

.  We have dark green leather couches right now that were hand-me-downs from my parents.  They are awesome but are definitely starting to feel their age…somewhere between 15-20 years old I think.  I remember I was still a kid when my parents bought them.

Rugs and Linens for the Extra Bathrooms

.  I do not mind having random hand towels in the extra bathrooms for a while, but I do want to coordinate at some point.

Seating for the Library

.  We want to have at least two comfortable seats in the library area.

Chess Table for Library

.  We think a wooden chess table and set would love great between the library seats.

Dining Room Set

.  Now that we will have a formal dining room, we will be keeping an eye out for a nice table and chair set that can seat 12 with a leaf.

We are adding new things every day, but at least we will be taking the next 6 months to even a few years to hit it all.  I’ll keep you updated as we go with what we find and the prices we end up paying.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Are you working on a home wish list now?  What’s left?

15 thoughts on “Our New Home Wish List”

  1. Michelle

    We have a VERY long list of things we want to do with our house. Hopefully we have time soon.

  2. Alunda @ My Take on Money

    Shopping for a new home is so exciting. I love the idea of a media room for movie night with friends. Have fun shopping.

  3. krantcents

    Don’t be afraid of having empty rooms. We did for a while because we took our time to find the right items. Outr wood pieces are quite old, but high quality. We still have our original (43 y.o.)bedroom furniture, dining room (35 y.o.) and certain pieces in every room is over 40 years old. The upholstered furniture has been replaced twice or recovered in 40 plus years. Good luck.

  4. Denise @ The SIngle Saver

    Be careful about lifestyle creep turning into “lifestyle leap!” I agree with Krantcents… it is okay to have empty rooms for awhile. When I built my house I started out with an old kitchen table and bookshelf in my loft/office area. Then I upgraded with three tall book cases from Ikea. Only now am I looking at finally doing the built-in bookcases and storage. I am glad I waited, because I have found that the most useful location for these is not the wall I would have initially chosen. Life with the house for awhile and find out how you use it… you’ll be surprised at how differently you may use your house once you are in it than how you are picturing it now.

  5. Hunter

    We’re finalising our sales contract right now for our home in Louisiana. We’re spending almost exactly the same amount as you! We may have to purge some furniture as we’re moving to a home with one less living room and bedroom that our current house. We also need to purchase a washer and dryer as we’re leaving the existing ones here for the renters. I’m not too proud to shop as scratch and dent warehouses to save many thousands of dollars on home appliances. However, I won’t compromise on efficiency…they must be the most energy efficient appliances we can afford. It’s easy to forget about the operating costs when purchasing white goods.

  6. Frugal Portland

    What a list! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

    Other than a working bathroom, I’d love to get the brewery part up and running as well as a garden going for next year.

    And a hot tub.

  8. Bridgette

    Great list and purchasing strategy, look forward to the updates!!

    My wish list is a condo (major life change). I can get 1700sqft for 650K with monthly maintenance fees of $1500, and I’ll need furniture. More than anything else I really want to go to law school…

  9. Nick

    Don’t forget about your best friend craiglist for all this stuff! G.E. over at 20somethingfinance.com has a great article today reminding us of all the good things about craiglist.

  10. Thomas - Ways to Invest Money

    Wow thats a long list. I don’t know i like comfort, free time and not owing anything. Unless you are going to sell alot of your old things and get decent money I would wait. Its a new house and I would just maybe do a room a year or something. Shopping is expensive and though it sounds and feels good money adds up.

  11. Matt @ RamblingFever Money

    I think it is awesome that you are still budgeting and carefully planning, considering the killing you are making with your online business. Many people would take the somewhat unexpected extra earnings and just blow it all.

    We bought a new refrigerator a couple of years ago… got a GREAT deal on a boutique style Fisher&Paykel brand unit. It was the previous years floor model, and we paid less than we would have paid for a full price Whirlpool that we had our eye on.

    We also got a great deal on our new washer and dryer by purchasing the Saturday after Black Friday… if you can wait that long.

  12. ODWO

    We are always going to mid-to-high end estate sales. Most of it is so-so stuff (furniture and other items) … but you can find some amazing deals on soem great items just by being there on the last day and no one have picked up “that piece of furniture” that no one bought. And by then they are ready to unload it for a heck of a lot cheaper. We’ve seen great items that – had we had the space at that time – we would’ve picked up. I also like the iddeas mentioned about empty rooms. Since we’re “in the market” ourself, we’re waiting for the right items to find us (at the right prices too) … not the other way around.

  13. Stan @ pros and cons of being a physical therapist

    Nice plan for moving into a new place ๐Ÿ˜‰ Library… ahhh… my dream. Good luck with tackling all of those items. I agree that you shouldn’t be afraid to have empty rooms for a bit. I’m sure some items on this expansive list are higher priority than others.

  14. Crystal @ BFS

    @Michelle, good luck!

    @Alunda, thank you! I will. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @krantcents and Denise, don’t worry, our extra rooms will be empty for a while. I am only interested in finding great deals to check things off the list. That’s why I will be posting my buys here – all of you can keep me accountable. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Hunter, we are also looking at scratch and dent and Craigslist energy efficient appliances. Congrats on your new place!!!

    @Frugal Portland, yeah, and it is longer now, hahaha.

    @Jenna, you made me laugh at loud at the hot tub comment right at the end like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @Bridgette, wow, good luck at kicking butt in law school!!! Make it happen!

    @Nick, no worries, I am a Craigslister. I could be deemed an addict…

    @Thomas, thanks for the warning, but we will be taking our time or jumping on really awesome deals for things we need right off the bat like a washer and dryer. This is just a growing wish list but time is on our side. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also do not like debt at all and am more interested in paying off our mortgages than buying new stuff (well, 80% of the list…20% of those things, we will be buying around Black Friday I am pretty sure).

    @Matt, our online business is actually not doing quite as well as it was before Google went bonkers on some of our clients and advertisers. But we are still bringing in what we need to in order to cover bills and savings, so we are okay. Yes, Black Friday sales and Craigslist finds will be our best friends this year. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ODWO, good luck with your hunt too!!! You and Mrs. ODWO have a lot of patience so I bet you two do great!!!

    @Stan, it is a small library (I mean, it wouldn’t make in on HGTV or anything, lol), but it makes me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yep, we’ll have at least three semi-empty rooms for a little while. We are okay with that. Only 2-3 of the things on the list will be bought in the next 6 months for sure.

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