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Our homeowners insurance just came up for renewal, and once again, they raised our premium.  We went from $765 a year to $825.  I was pretty upset since our home value has definitely not gone up and I have no idea why it would take $184,000 to rebuild a $130,000 house. I guess I should have looked for the best homeowners insurance at that time.

So I decided to call since I usually call when I’m unhappy with a current utility or service price.  I successfully decreased our cable bill by $20 a month for 6 months simply by asking a few weeks ago, so I figured I could do the same with homeowners insurance, right? I mean this is what I did when I set out to find the cheapest renters insurance for the apartment we were in. Well I would soon learn is nowhere near the same process.

The very nice woman on the other end of the phone, Carlene, explained that the rebuild value of my house included things like debris removal and slab testing for any permanent damage, but I was still not convinced that $184,000 was realistic.  She then offered to reevaluate my property to see if we could get our homeowners insurance premium lowered.

After playing 20 questions about what type of  siding we have and the placement of our garage, she said some magic words “Oh, it looks like your rebuild value is closer to $154,000.”  Dang skippy!!!  🙂

She asked if I would mind holding while she called the main department to change my paperwork.  Woot!  After being on hold for a little while, Carlene came back and asked if I would formally accept the changes to my homeowners insurance policy and be able to pay the new $725 premium instead.  I was all smiles!!! And to top it off we found out we can get a discount by installing a security system so we’re now looking into an ADT security system for the home.  I also immediately paid so they wouldn’t have time to change their minds, lol.  🙂

So a 20 minute phone call lowered our 2011-2012 homeowners insurance premium from $825 to $725!  That’s even cheaper than last year’s $765 rate!  I really do love it when things work out!  Another way to save is to get the best home and auto insurance bundle discount. You can also often find cheaper home insurance when searching new providers so it’s a good idea to compare when you want to buy contents insurance.

Have you had any recent success with getting a bill lowered?  Any tips?