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Our Propane Grill

My husband received a 4-burner propane grill for his birthday in July from his very sweet family and we have gone grilling crazy!  We use it 2-3 times minimum every week and I just realized that the propane tank probably doesn’t last forever.  🙂

Most people around us in Houston seem to own one propane tank and pay $20 or less to have it refilled or exchanged when it runs out.  We were going to do that too except, wouldn’t it be completely inconvenient to run out while we’re in the middle of cooking?  I don’t want to have to go to CVS or Lowe’s or Home Depot in the middle of a potluck.  So, I bought another $48.50 tank.

Propane Grill Cost

As I signed my little credit card receipt, I realized that I didn’t even think twice about it.  Mr. BFS and I decided that a second tank would make more sense and I bought one.  I never even thought, “but it’s $50!”

At first, that worried me.  I don’t want to get complacent with our money.  Then I thought, what is the use of saving as much as we do and living on one salary if we can’t buy things that make sense when we want them?  So, there is where I am right now.  I like that feeling actually.  🙂

It also got me to thinking how much the propane is going to cost us every year.  We currently use the propane 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes or so each time.  We also used it for one big potluck to grill tons of chicken breasts for 45 minutes.  It isn’t empty yet, so our tank is lasting us at least 3 months.

If we only refill or exchange our tanks from here on out, that is $20 every 3 months or $80 a year.  The hamburgers, fish, and steak we’ve been having totally tastes like it’s worth an extra $80 a year.  Woot for propane grills!

Propane Grill versus a Charcoal Grill

Before anybody asks, yes, I prefer the taste of charcoal, but charcoal doesn’t heat up in 5 minutes or less and cook the whole meal in 10 minutes or less.  Well, at least our little charcoal grill doesn’t.  We also wanted a larger grill in case we ever had another long-term power outage like after Hurricane Ike.

We didn’t have any grill for those 8 days and all of the meat in our freezer went bad.  Altogether, we tossed out at least $200 worth of food that week while waiting for electricity again.  I also found out that I am in love with air conditioning and am surpremely bitchy without it.  Poor hubby…

Anyway, do you own a grill?  Propane or charcoal?  Which do you prefer?