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New Year’s Resolutions for 2011 and 2010 Results

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Here were my resolutions for 2010 and my results:

1. Eat out no more than 3 times a week.  CHECK

2. Visit my remaining high school friends as I promised.  CHECK

3. Lose 20 pounds by our annual vacation.  UMMM…NOPE.
But I did lose 15 pounds by the end of 2010.

4. Learn a song well enough for karaoke.  CHECK
Although I did not actually get to sing it because it wasn’t in their list of options.  I learned “Something in Red” by Lorrie Morgan.

5. Max-out two Roth IRA’s instead of just one.  STILL WORKING.
We have until April to open and fund another 2010 Roth IRA.  We currently have $1500 set aside.  We would have completed this already but we decided to pay off my husband’s car loan 3 years early last year instead.  🙂 And soon we’ll be doing a car and home insurance bundle which means even more savings on vehicles and the home.

Here are my 2011 Resolutions:

1.  Lose 20 pounds by the end of the year – I am aiming to weigh 150 pounds by December 31st.

2.  Volunteer for a charity at least twice a month – I seemed to have replaced charity time with blogging in 2010, oops.

3.  Build up the emergency fund to at least $15,000 – right now it is at about $8200.

4.  Max-out 2 Roth IRA’s for 2011.

5.  Pay off at least $8,000 of our mortgage principal – that means it needs to be at $60,000 or less by the end of the year. However we are checking out home equity loans rates which may set this goal back a bit.

6.  Make AT LEAST $15,000 through blogging – my true target is $25,000.

Continuing Long-Term Goals

1. Start taking two vacations a year or more to make some extra fun memories.
So far, so good!

2. Make long-lasting close friends (other than hubby). That sounds silly, but close friends are hard to come by…finding a great friend fit seems way harder than meeting and marrying my husband!
So far, so good!

3. Retire by age 52.
So far, so good!

What are your goals/resolutions?  How are they coming?

29 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions for 2011 and 2010 Results”

  1. LifeAndMyFinances

    Great goals!

    I have recently posted a few of my goals for my website. Since I recently started my website less than 4 months ago, my goals aren’t quite as impressive.

    By February, I aim to have 200 Twitter followers, 50 Feedburner subscribers, and get my Alexa rank below 200,000.

  2. retirebyforty

    You are doing great for 2010. I didn’t make any resolution this year, but 2011 will be a new year! I’ll have to write a post about it early next year.

  3. Moneycone

    You’ve done pretty well on your 2010 goals and I’m sure you’ll come out way ahead in 2011! 🙂

  4. Everyday Tips

    Great job on the weight loss! I have no doubt you will accomplish your goals.

    I really need to sit and think about what I would like to happen in 2011. I am ready to kick 2010 to the door though…

  5. Crystal @ BFS

    @LifeAndMyFinances, those are great and realistic goals! I’ll help out as much as I can. 🙂

    @retirebyforty, good luck! It took me a little time to come up with mine…it was like writer’s block, lol.

    @Moneycone, thanks!

    @Everyday Tips, 2011 is going to be fantabulous! 🙂 Hopefully you won’t get sick as often too…

  6. Jenna

    My friend just launched this website for fun about sharing resolutions. Check it out: https://www.1millionresolutionchallenge.com/ I posted mine up there: Travel more, love more, work out more! I also want to become a better homebrewer too.

    Seems like you did pretty good in 2010. Can’t wait to see how successful you are in 2011!

  7. Crystal @ BFS

    @Jenna, okay, I’ll admit it, I have a dirty mind – what did you mean by “love more”? 😉

    I want to love more too…I’ll have to get Mr. BFS right on that…hahahaha…sorry, it’s been a crazy season and now I am cracking myself up, hehehe. 🙂

    Good luck with all of your goals! Thanks for the kind words of support!

  8. Aloysa

    I need to know your weight loss secrets. 🙂 Wow! Your goals are great and you are staying right on them! I loved your goal about making long term friends. You last response is so funny! I think we all need to love more. LOL

  9. Squirrelers

    Great job on your goals, and it’s cool that you’re sharing. Keep it up, it’s a great aspect of your blog.

    For me…I’m working on the resolutions for 2011. I tend to be overambitious and try to do too much. Trying to set realistic resolutions now.

  10. Crystal @ BFS

    @Aloysa, thanks! No weight loss secrets here really – I just stopped eating after 9pm Mondays-Thursdays and cut back on my gigantic portion sizes. For 2011, I’m going to lose weight via loving more Crystal-style. 😉

    @Squirrelers, I like being open here. I really hope it makes it more fun. And yes, realism is important. Good luck!

  11. Financial Samurai

    Good goals! I can relate to the Karaoke side as I aimed to record, sing, play 10 songs this year but just did 4.

    If you want to volunteer more for Charity, perhaps you’d like to join the Yakezie Scholarship Committee! That would combine blogging and charity all in one. The goal is to find sponsors, spread the word, review posts, and support the students.

    Cheers, Sam

  12. Crystal @ BFS

    @Financial Samurai, thanks for the offer, but Meals on Wheels is more up my alley than a scholarship committee. I’ll keep throwing in my cash though!

  13. Little House

    You’ve made excellent progress this year on your goals. I think you’re going to make your 2011 resolutions, no problem!

    As for my own goals, I’m still working on saving money and making progress on putting some aside for retirement. If I start now, maybe I can retire at 72! 😉

  14. krantcents

    I love how you hold yourself accountable for your resolutions! Your 2011 resolutions/goals are reasonable. The next step is to hold yourself accountable weekly. Check yourself if your progress is sufficient to meet your goals. Good luck.

  15. Briana Ford

    Too many to spam you with in your comments, haha. But I’m about to write about them. I’m with you on the losing weight and vacations though!

  16. Sunil from The Extra Money Blog


    Congratulations on a wonderful 2010. All the best, more health, wealth and fortune in 2011!

  17. Invest It Wisely

    I hope you enjoy the holidays, and good luck in 2011! 🙂

  18. Crystal @ BFS

    @Little House, good luck! With a little luck, you could easily cut that down to 70. 😉

    @krantcents, good idea, thanks!

    @Briana, woot for vacations!

    @Sunil, thank you! Best wishes to you too!

    @Invest It Wisely, thanks! Good luck to you too!

  19. Susan

    Weight loss is a hard one and I think always end up on a woman’s list of goals! Why is that? Love the goal of vacations with family to create memories, sometimes those kind of goals get lost in the shuffle – but those are perfect ones to shoot for!

  20. Crystal @ BFS

    @Susan, weight loss is on my list because I’m 5’2″ and weigh 170 pounds, lol. I actually don’t care much about my weight, just my health, so as soon as I’m below 150, it won’t be on my goals anymore. 🙂 Thank you so much for commenting!

  21. Financial Samurai

    Hi Crystal – I’m proud of you for making it a goal to get to 150lbs. The first post of the new year on FS may help you achieve your goal and then some. It’s a serious topic that doesn’t mince words. Once you read it, I’m absolutely positive you will change your outlook on eating and weight loss, forever.

  22. Jenna

    @BFS – You are dirty…that isn’t what I meant at all! It’s more showing love, serving others, helping out. More of the tangible aspects of showing friends and family you love them.

  23. Crystal @ BFS

    @Financial Samurai, now I’m sort of worried, lol.

    @Jenna, I am dirty and was just fooling around. 🙂 I knew what you meant but was in a very silly pre-holiday mood. I think it is a great idea!

  24. Buck

    Wow great job for 2010. Here’s hoping for an even better 2011! 🙂 Which reminds me, I better work on my resolutions soon.

  25. Galena Vacation Rentals

    Great goals Crystal. If you succeed in just one of your New Years resolutions you will be head and shoulders above most of us! Good luck to you.

  26. Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer

    You did way better on the weight loss goal than I did. Congratulations on a great job on your goals.

    I have no doubt you will be just as successful next year!

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