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New Year’s Resolutions – Brought to You By the Letter “S”

Sandy at First Gen American has once again challenged her fellow bloggers to write something odd, lol, with her Writing Experiments series.  Today’s challenge is to post specific New Year’s Resolutions about gaining time or income using 5 “S” words as the main points.  I posted my resolutions already, but here I go again with Sandy’s challenge in mind:

1.  Stockpile Blogging Income.

My realistic goal is to make $15,000 in 2011 through blogging.  I am setting the bar higher by aiming for $25,000.  This is one of the most legit stay at home jobs I’ve ever had so I’m going to push this along by improving my stats as much as possible. Learn more about how to make money with blogs.

2.  Squirrel Away Cash for TWO Roth IRA’s.

We want to fully fund two Roth IRA’s in 2011, so we will need to put aside $10,000.  Most of this will be from our hobby jobs of blogging (me) and reffing (hubby). This is our safe investment. We’re also looking at short term high yield investments to balance our portfolio.

3.  Shrink the Mortgage.

We want to reduce our mortgage principal from $68,000 to less than $60,000 by the end of the year.  That means we will need at least $667 to go towards principal a month…this is a lot when you take into account that our normal payment is “only” $740. And just so you know it is possible to refinance mortgages with bad credit after all.

4.  Step-Up the Emergency Fund.

We will grow the emergency fund from $8500 to $15,000 by the end of 2011.  That means we will be putting in about $540 a month.

5.  Scrape together Time for Volunteering.

I want to volunteer with Meals on Wheels for at least half of two Saturdays a month, so I need to set aside at least 8 hours a month.  My current plan is to better use my blogging time more efficiently since I have been wasteful.  My first step is to make myself a real schedule.

I made these goals based on the fact that I’ll be bringing in extra income doing jobs for stay at home moms.  Otherwise, we will end up being about $7500 short.  Woot for hobby job income, right?  🙂

What are your resolutions this year?

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18 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions – Brought to You By the Letter “S””

  1. First Gen American

    Your S verbs made me laugh. I love kooky writing experiments. If you want to go to the other articles be sure to click the pingback link that I posted above.

    I also had a goal of using my internet time more efficiently but I called it “Set aside time for specific activities”

    You’re going to blow your goals out of the water. Woo Hoo.

  2. LifeAndMyFinances

    Haha! Very nice! I like “Squirrel away cash…” Your goal to make over $15,000 from your blog is the most impressive to me though. I’m working hard toward monetizing my blog – it’s not easy though! 🙂

  3. Jackie

    Cute, and creative use of S 🙂

    My goal is basically to make a bunch more money.

  4. Everyday Tips

    Great use of the letter S! Meals on Wheels is a great organization. They helped my grandma tremendously, and she really enjoyed her delivery people.

    I think you will be able to hit all your goals, and more this year!

  5. Crystal @ BFS

    I’m glad you all liked my S-words. 🙂

    @Everyday Tips, I still need to sign up to volunteer at Meals on Wheals – probably this weekend.

  6. Squirrelers

    Nice job on the challenge, Crystal. Of course, I especially like #2 above, “Squirrel Away Cash for TWO Roth IRA’s.” 🙂

  7. Crystal @ BFS

    @Squirrelers, I knew you’d like that one. 🙂

  8. krantcents

    These are all excellent goals! As far as volunteering, start small, it is easier to add to something that is started versus getting started. Good luck.

  9. Invest It Wisely

    I’m rooting for you to get over $25,000, and let’s hope those advertisers are looking for other blogs as well. 😉

    Good luck on the mortgage, too, and very honorable of you to volunteer your time to help others.

  10. Buck

    Nice S words. What’s wrong with wanting to in’S’pire others with your stats? 🙂 Busy year for you, increase blog income, two Roths, and paying down your mortgage. I’m sure you’ll hit your marks. Good Luck!

  11. Holly

    Nice work, BFS! I knew you were a natural by reading your comments ‘way back when’. LOL. Good luck and Happy 2011!

  12. Crystal @ BFS

    @krantcents, good suggestion, thanks!

    @Invest It Wisely, thank you. I hope we all hit our 2011 goals too!

    @Buck, busy is good – I get bored otherwise. 🙂 Thanks for reading!

    @Holly, hi! How have you been! Has life been crazy busy for you too?

  13. BeatingTheIndex

    I like the fact that your resolutions are few and realistic!
    You can do it, just stay the course, especially for your blogging objective.

  14. Jacq @ Single Mom Rich Mom

    There’s nothing so awesome as to get paid to do what you love doing – and are good at! Here’s to a great (and lucrative) 2011 !!

  15. The Lost Goat

    Nice use of “s”! GL with the resolutions!

  16. Holly

    HI, Crystal-
    Absolutley! I have a part-time job now so my browsing time has been reduced by a large margin, but I still find time to check in every few days; It feels like I am missing out on some fun conversations…but I know DH is happy to have a little help w/earning. And when I say ‘a little help’, I mean ‘a LITTLE help’!
    Thanks for asking…

  17. 20 and Engaged

    If I was following your S montage, it’d be:
    Stick to a budget
    Sustain yourself on 1500 calories
    Suck it up and exercise
    Superman that…emergency fund

  18. John Adams

    Maybe a bit obvious for new year but how about:

    1. Stop smoking.
    2. Save the planet.
    3. Salsa!

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