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My Online Addiction

Okay, so the title might be a little flamboyant, but I do love the online world.  I hate errands, wasting any time, and saving money, so I do everything I can online.

My Online Favorites

I used to have direct deposit with my day job and now I use a smart phone application to deposit the checks that Mr. BFS gets from reffing or we receive for rent.  And Amazon, Craigslist, and Ebay are usually the first places I go for anything but food…and I sometimes even find specific food stuff on them too like Terry’s chocolate oranges or cheaper Total Raisin Bran when Mr. BFS was on that kick last year.

In short, between my job and everything else I just mentioned, I spend more time online than I do “in real life”, lol. I spend a good amount of time in the evenings on the highest paying survey sites just to make a little extra side income. They are actually kind of fun depending the on the type of surveys you get.

And I wouldn’t change a thing.

Even Gifts

Seriously, the web is amazing.  For example, yesterday was a close friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday D!) and Mr. BFS and I just weren’t having any luck with gift ideas.  But last Friday, I went with our group of friends to a discount movie theater.  For $3 each, we saw “Wreck It Ralph” and “Mama”.

Well, D loved Mama and said she would buy it when it came out.  Since she rarely re-watches ANY movie, WOOT, gift idea in the bag!  I pre-ordered it on Amazon for her and printed out a picture to give her along with its estimated delivery date. Watching for Amazon discounts really pays off. There’s so many deals.

When I was a kid 20+ years ago, pre-ordering a DVD or scanning a check into my account via a phone would sound as magical as unicorns or fairy dust.  It is amazing to think what the internet truly gives us that we didn’t have before.

And you don’t even have to use a credit card anymore.  If you don’t want to give out your personal info, like your credit card stuff, you can use products like Visa Prepaid cards to shop instead. Plus, most Visa Prepaid cards have added security benefits like Purchase Security and the Zero Liability policy to protect you in the case of theft or other mishaps.

My Thanks

The internet is how I blog.  It’s how I run my business.  It’s how I bank, learn, and shop.  It’s business and entertainment.  It’s a magical, amazing invention and one of the main reasons that I would never time travel backwards much even if given the chance (that and air conditioning and the lack of women’s rights not long ago).  Yay for electricity and the inventions that followed.  Yay for the internet!

Are you addicted to the world wide web?  Or what is your favorite addiction?

16 thoughts on “My Online Addiction”

  1. Dianne @ Skinny Seahorse

    I just had this same conversation with my neighbor. Since I left my job in January a whole new world has opened up via the Internet. I feel I’ve received the equivalent of a college degree is four months by taking online programs. And I’ve found a new passion which I can earn an income from. It’s a great place to be.

  2. eemusings

    Is direct deposit still not the norm in the US??

    I work in online media, so yeah, add in all the time I spend online for fun and I spend more time online than off.

    The only bill I can’t pay online is insurance because my company is wayyyy behind, so I have to call up to make my payments over the phone (I refuse to allow direct debits and let outside companies have the authority to withdraw funds from my accounts).

  3. Jenny @ Frugal Guru Guide

    Let’s put it this way: I memorized the number of my favorite credit card years ago! I spend more at Amazon than I do any other place–unless you lump all my groceries together.

    I love shopping online. I don’t do impulse purchases, and I don’t overspend. It saves me a fortune in time, money, and trouble. And I’ll buy ANYTHING online. I just bought a water heater on the web last month for about $500 less than local plumbers would get it for me. Recently, I’ve bought a light fixture, books (of course), spices (HUGE discount!), and specialty cookie cutters. 🙂

  4. Laura S.

    I spend too much time online too, but like you wouldn’t change it. I do most of my non-grocery shopping online (love Amazon gift cards) and work online. Other than leaving to tutor a few hours a day and sleeping, I have to confess I am online every waking hour.

  5. Michelle

    I’m definitely addicted to the internet. W makes fun of me all the time for never putting my laptop down!

  6. Courtney @ FamilyGoneHealthy

    I am jealous that you can use your smartphone to deposit checks. My husband is self-employed and receives checks a lot, but our bank (Suntrust) only allows up to a $1000 check deposited by smartphone (and max of $3000 total per month). All of his checks are over $1000 so we still have to go to the bank. I did FINALLY get Amazon Prime so now I can get 2-day shipping which helps a lot for when we can’t get out to the store.

  7. retired

    Since 1998 the internet has helped me figure out how to help an ailing puppy to how to teach my children in a foreign country. Thanks to everyone who contributes to the internet, including all the YouTube videos on how to do plumbing, how to construct that home gym with a 1000 parts and lousy instructions, and how to kill mildew off of my roses and citrus. We all rock!

    I am so internet dependent, that when I am looking for that perfect retirement spot, I always check if broadband is available and what it will cost; as well as if there is cell service.
    When VHS players and recorders came out, I thought “Wow, I can actually own this Disney movey for only $39”. Now I look back and laugh. We can rent any movie out there any time. Its weird when my children start appreciating the miracles of progress and technology. Guess the age gap is closing.
    Unfortunately, I have spent more on things I would never had even known about because of my constant search of the web. I have bought vanilla from Amazon and made my own extract (fun and yummy, but not particularly inexpensive). I had to build my own green house/pet sanctuary (once I saw how you could do so using PVC and scrap wood) and found the screening and the plastic cheapest on Amazon, with 2-day delivery; so that my family and I had the structure completed the same day the covering material arrived. Perfect timing! Yep, totally addicted. We check on how to get somewhere, restaurant menus, movie schedules, and for coupons before we go out. My hubby’s smart phone told us how to get unlost just yesterday when we were out looking at property.
    Hope our inter connections never get bogged down with too much red tape or greed! Long live the internet.

  8. ODWO

    The wwweb. just sucks you in some days. Instead of going to sleep and getting the needed rest……..

    Between eBay and eMail … sheesh. Add in online Ms. Pacman or some of the popcap games…. it never ends. 🙂

  9. krantcents

    Addicted is too strong a word, but I use it for almost all my information.

  10. Cherleen @ My Personal Finance Journey

    I cannot help but get addicted to the world wide web. Simply because my work relies on the internet! LOL.

    I do my research, pay bills, order food delivery, shop for clothes and gifts, get in touch with my family and friends on the other side of the globe, play games, etc. Almost half of my life depends on the internet. And I am indeed thankful to it. It made my life easier.

  11. Hey! I’m mentioned on your blog! I need to get a bit more internet based. I love that I can pay my rent, utilities and taxes all online but I feel like every time I get all happy with the email account I’m using to get bills receipts, it gets so spammed up that I can’t find my important information.

    Which is your favorite email host and why?

  12. Cassaundra

    I do a ton online – social networking, online earning, online banking. I’ve even signed up for ING direct recently to use a totally online bank for things. I spend alot of time online during the day these days and Evenings are spent offline.

    I do as many of my bill payments online. A few place I’m leery of doing that as a few people i know had transactions lost that are STILL being investigated. They had to repay the bill even though the money left their account with no papertrail as to where it went. I always always print off a transaction record after i do an online payment. That way its trackable if it disappears from my statement.

  13. KC @ genxfinance

    I love the internet and I love how easily I can find things I want to purchase. It also helps a lot that I save time and money with it. But, I can’t say I’m really addicted to it.

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