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As many of you read about a month ago, my husband was losing his current job and looking for the best side jobs he could find.  His school district decided to replace 15 newer school librarians with 15 senior librarians who were displaced since their positions were closed.  That meant my husband was being fired but his principal did throw him a safety net teaching position in case he couldn’t find a librarian position anywhere else.

Job Update

Within the last month, several things have happened:

First, my husband’s principal attempted to simply close the now-open librarian position instead of accepting someone new, make my husband a teacher, and then station him in the library, but she was overruled.

Then she decided to use some of her own budget as a special school to create a new position for Mr. BFS.  The new position would be technically as a teacher but doing the same duties as before.  The new librarian that would be replacing Mr. BFS would simply be given the teaching tasks for the library (working with kids on how to properly treat the books, how to use books for research, etc) and Mr. BFS would do the projects (the Spelling Bee, Career Day, Book Fairs, etc).

Also, the school board approved offering all of the displaced teachers and librarians a full year’s salary to simply retire or quit.  We were waiting to see if the librarian replacing Mr. BFS would take this option, but they didn’t.  BUT, they may retire anyway in a couple of months before school starts if they become retirement eligible within that time frame.

Finally, my husband just signed a new contract for the 2011-2012 school year (YAY!!!), so he is definitely employed.  We just have to wait to see if it as the school librarian or as the filler for that new position that my husband’s principal created.

My husband also applied to every open librarian position in and around Houston, TX, but thanks to the budget cuts, he was only able to find 3 positions to apply to.  He hadn’t heard anything back by the time he signed his new contract though. So then he started to think about how to make money from home like I was.

The Waiting Game

So now we are just playing the waiting game.  This is when we wait around to see if the librarian that would be replacing Mr. BFS decides retire instead.

It was awful while we weren’t even sure if he would stay employed, but now it isn’t as nerve wracking.  I just feel bad watching my husband play a part until he finds out what his future will actually be.  I’m a doer.  I am not patient.  This sucks.

On the super positive side, my husband will have a job!!!  His principal has made sure of it. He’s willing to do any odd jobs too including things that have to do with online money making like me.  My husband’s very hard work did help form that bond, so it wasn’t all for nothing after all.  I even feel a little better about all of the volunteer hours I had put in.  🙂

My Own Job Offer

Oh, and as a side note, my husband’s principal decided from the letter I wrote that I was a person she would want to hire.  She only had one open position, the textbook clerk, but she asked if I’d take it.  Since it would be a nearly 50% cut in pay and I am striving to blog full time after I finally found the best site to create a blog. Creating residual income was the goal by the end of the year anyway, so I politely declined.  But it was an ego boost to simply be offered a job because someone liked my writing and get-it-done personality.  🙂

Any tips for me while we wait it out?  How do you deal with life during frustrating times like this?