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My Husband is Losing His Current Job

My husband graduated with his Masters in Library Sciences last August and started working as an elementary school librarian immediately after that for the 2010-2011 school year.  Since he had to switch school districts to find a librarian position, he went from being a teacher with a continual contract to being a teacher with a probationary 1 year contract again and now working on different side gigs to help bring in more money. In fact he is able to make money online right now by helping me with some blogging and other stuff.

But he has been amazing.  He was so good for his school in this past year that he received “Exceeded Expectations” in every single category of the annual review.  That is the absolute best evaluation a teacher can receive!

Despite that, his school district has decided that since they had to “displace” (lay off) librarians in other schools due to budget cuts, those displaced librarians that had continual contract status are being given the positions currently filled by probationary librarians like my husband.

In short, they are playing musical chairs with people’s lives.

My husband’s principal actively argued to keep him and I wrote the following letter (names have been changed but that’s it):

Dear Dr. Superintendent,

I am writing you today to get a fair ending to a very happy story.

My husband, who doesn’t know I am writing this letter, started as the ABC School Librarian at the beginning of this school year.  The library was a mess.  The previous librarian must have seen the writing on the wall since she stopped shelving the books.  She just tossed them into random sections.

Please imagine a small room filled with more than 6000 books that are in no order whatsoever.  That is what my husband spent a month cleaning up.  His parents and I even volunteered for 2-3 days towards the end of the summer just to ensure the library would be ready by the beginning of the year.

Then imagine finding out that the previous librarian had stopped doing book fairs.  Parents didn’t even expect one.  Some of the students had never experienced the fun of circling their favorite books in one of those crisp Scholastic flyers.  My husband pulled off not one, but two AMAZING Scholastic book fairs during open houses and family reading week.  He earned ABC Elementary more than $3000 in books and materials.  I also volunteered more than 10 hours of my own time to both of those events.

Throughout reorganizing the entire library and planning book fairs, my husband also supported the other departments with their projects such as the science night he just recently stayed late for.  If you speak to any of the teachers at ABC, they can vouch for his supportiveness.

Finally, imagine being told that the new building will need more than 10,000 new books despite the fact that it doesn’t have enough shelf space.  My husband has stayed up until midnight every night for the past two weeks trying to find the perfect 10,000 books for his kids.  He and his grandfather have even talked about building more shelves for the new space.

That man, Mr. BFS, is now being forced out of this library that he rescued.  I empathize with the librarians who lost their positions, but my husband and his family, including me, rescued the ABC Elementary School Library.  There would be no open position at ABC if my husband hadn’t put in hundreds of his own, unpaid hours into it to ensure the children had the resources they will need to expand their minds.

I would love to be more humble, but I just cannot afford to let anybody overlook his contributions right now.

Yesterday evening, he was still at our home computer at 11:00pm picking out the remaining 500 books for next year. 

When I callously said, “You should just pick 500 random books and be done with it.  Why does it matter anymore?”

, this very amazing man replied,

“That would only hurt the kids.  This isn’t their fault – it has nothing to do with them.  These are their books for the years to come.”

That is an employee you want to keep.  That is an employee that I believe that you are very lucky to have.  That is the man that brings tears to my eyes because he is such an amazing person and I am so lucky to have found him.

Please allow me to continue to be a volunteer for your school district.  Please allow my husband to continue in the position that he loves and to work with all of the people he has supported for the past school year.  Please let this heroic story have the happy ending it deserves.


I emailed that to the superintendent, another district administrator, and my husband’s principal.  I only heard back from his principal.  She told me that it was an amazing letter, but that the district was holding firm.  At this point, my husband will need a miracle to keep his current position as the school’s librarian.  His contract ends at the end of this semester.  His school has even been told who will be taking his place already.

The only bright side to any of this is that his principal likes him so much that even if he can’t find a new librarian job by the end of the summer, she has guaranteed him a teaching spot in her school.  He’d be back to teaching science.

But I know he doesn’t want to teach again.  He worked incredibly hard to fit a 2 year graduate program into 15 months just so he could become a librarian as soon as humanly possible and not have to work from home part time.  So he is applying for odd jobs like mad and is in the market once again.

This whole situation is severely testing my generally positive outlook on life.  Between my stolen cell phone and this, last week completely sucked eggs.  I know I should feel consoled by the fact that he is at least guaranteed to have a job, but I still cannot stop thinking about how unfair this whole situation truly is.

So yes, I am thankful that we have each other.  I am thankful he will be employed.  BUT, I am NOT thankful that my husband worked his butt off for a school district that used him and tossed him away like yesterday’s newspaper.

How has the economy affected you and yours?  Want to vent?  It’ll help me feel less like a whiny baby…

61 thoughts on “My Husband is Losing His Current Job”

  1. Moneycone

    I’m sorry to hear this Crystal. That was an amazing letter! When they talk about cutting back, they always start with libraries and librarians and teachers and schools as though these are wasteful expenditures. When did knowledge become a liability? (Reminds me of the effort to cut funding to PBS – most grew up on their kids’ shows. Are these guys dumb or evil or both?)

    Sometimes the world doesn’t make any sense – stay strong and positive.

  2. Lisa @ Cents To Save

    So sorry for the bad news… It does suck eggs! I love your letter, it was heartfelt and clearly demonstrated your husband’s love of his librarian position. I hope that things will work out for him and he either keeps his current job, or finds another librarian job.

  3. Marikoy

    I agree with your letter. Your husband did a wonderful job and even went the extra mile just to show how much he loves his work. I have often heard the saying that when one door closes, another one opens… I hope you will get the blessing you deserve. I know how frustrating it is to lose a job.

  4. Mrs. Money

    I am so sorry! That is very admirable of him that he wouldn’t just pick random books for the kids. I hope he can find a job soon!

  5. Andrea

    Sorry to hear this! My sister is a school librarian in the exact same situation – after 2 years of working like mad to improve opportunities for kids in her school, she found out she won’t be back next year. I know school districts are struggling, but it seems asinine to short the libraries when so many kids aren’t reading at grade level and don’t have access to books outside of school. 🙁

  6. Nicole

    I’m so sorry to hear that. It is a really tough time to be a state and local employee.

    The school district in a city near ours just laid off 230 teachers and staff and it is not a huge city. My sister-in-law who teaches special ed in another state is literally the next person on the list to be laid off if they need any more cuts– she just survived a massive layoff. The city near my in-laws just laid off over 300 teachers.

    Personally I support higher taxes so that we can keep teachers and librarians and all the other positions that are so important for our children’s future. I understand that that’s a minority position and as a state worker, I’m biased, but I really do believe that these jobs are important. I imagine that the district’s hands are tied because of state budgetary concerns and I’m glad your DH still has the option of teaching. Write your governor and state legislators.

    Good luck!

  7. Ravi Gupta

    I don’t have a story that rivals your own but I will say that it’s amazing how much money we throw at other programs rather than our next generation. It boggles the mind how stupid our system truly is.

    -Ravi Gupta

  8. Sunil from The Extra Money Blog

    Crystal – I am sorry to hear this, and I also know that when one door shuts 10 more open themselves up. I have been laid off before and I know how it feels. More so, I know how loved ones feel when they hear about it. I wish you both well, and will wait to hear a positive update from you shortly~!!!!

  9. Denise @ The Single Saver

    Okay, I am probably going to piss off a lot of people with this comment, so I apologize in advance. I don’t know how your schools are run where you live, but here in Ohio they are controlled by the unions. As a result, pay (and retention, in layoff situations) is determined by tenure and not by merit. People like your husband get screwed over every day as a result. We have recently passed a bill that required pay, promotion, etc. to be merit based. The union is in an uproar as they oppose any sort of merit review. The general public seems to support the measure, though, so I think change is finally coming to Ohio schools. Ohio has a lot of good teachers who, sadly, aren’t allowed to excel because the union protects those who have put in the most time.

    I am sorry for what your husband is going through. No one should have to lose a job they are great at just because someone with more tenure wants it. That is simply not fair. Good luck and keep us posted!

  10. Kevin @ Thousandaire.com

    I’m sorry for your husband. However, I am curious about how he feels about you sending that letter. I think I would be a little upset with my wife if she got herself involved in my job like that (I don’t really know because I’m not married). Is he okay with your email?

  11. Dave @ Money In The 20s

    Really sorry to hear about your husband’s job. I hope that he is able to find another librarian position!

  12. MikeS

    Crystal, sorry to hear about your hubby. Hope he finds his dream job again. I’ve been in a position before that I didn’t like, not fun.

  13. Little House

    It is horrible that schools are going through these types of budget cuts. Librarians in our schools are losing their positions, too. Not only that, some of our public libraries are closing. The cynic in me thinks our government wants an illiterate population in the coming generations. However, the optimist in me thinks that things will get better and the districts will find the money to continue funding our education and our libraries.

    It really just stinks! I hope your husband is able to keep his librarian position. It sounds like he is really is great at what he does and the students need him. BTW – Your letter was very well written. Hopefully the superintendent will think twice because of your husband’s commitment. Good luck!

  14. Nicole

    @Denise — TX is an at-will state so no unions. The more senior librarians keeping their positions might be great at their jobs too in addition to having seniority.

    This shouldn’t be a zero-sum game where someone has to lose a job in order for BFS’s husband to keep his. These budget cuts are really devastating for a lot of important public services. The schools are a victim. But the money has to come from somewhere. Either there’s someplace TX is spending money on that should be redirected to the schools or they’re going to need to raise taxes. If you don’t agree with how the government is spending its money, then get your voice to be heard by writing your state government.

  15. Crystal @ BFS

    @Moneycone, my still ticked off self votes that the people who decide how to budget school money are plain stupid. I don’t think they are evil, but who thinks that libraries are something that aren’t need in schools? They actually are closing 15 libararian jobs out…I guess they hope part-time clerks can handle everything, but that is going to crash and burn.

    @Lisa, thank you. 🙂

    @Marikoy, thank you for the kind thoughts.

    @Mrs. Money, yep, my husband is an admirable and honorable dude. I was just being crabby when I suggested that crappy idea. I am very lucky to have him. 🙂

    @Andrea, yep, “asinine” pretty much sums it up…

    @Nicole, I wrote our governor earlier this year in response to their initial guesstimates with school budget cuts, but I think another letter is in order…

    @Ravi, it boggles my mind too.

    @Sunil, I will let you all know as soon as we know anything new. 🙂

    @Denise, since unions aren’t really a thing here in Texas, school districts individually decide whether to base things on length of service or merit. My husband’s district based most decisions on merit UNTIL 3 weeks ago when they passed new policies just so they could do stuff like this…

    @Kevin, he still hasn’t read the letter but he didn’t mind me sending one based on his reaction. I didn’t sense any annoyance. He’s probably super happy that it wasn’t an angry letter that could offend anyone, but we’ve been together for 10 years and he knows I can be diplomatic when necessary. That letter was on behalf of him, but they hurt me too. I forgot to mention the 6-7 Saturdays I’ve given up to shelve books…yep, that letter was my own personal complaint just as much as a testament on my husband’s behalf.

    @Dave, thanks!

    @MikeS, I hope he finds another dream job too! I’m sorry so many of you have been through this too.

    @Little House, I too wonder where they expect kids to learn if libaries keep being closed and parents have to keep working longer hours to afford to simply live. Thanks for your support!

    @Nicole, I agree that no one should have to lose their job and that we should all write our representatives when we disagree with policy changes. But I do think that raises and lay offs should always be determined on merit, not seniority, no matter what job is at stake. I rather have to interact with the best of the best in every company or organization – whether they’ve been there 1 year or 40.

  16. Suba

    So sorry you are going through this right now. I hear all the schools and universities are cutting back. They are the ones that need priority in the budget. We want our kids to do better on one hand and cram 100s of them in one class in the other. Then spend millions in random projects…

    Hopefully your husband will find another librarian position soon. Our wishes are with you and your husband.

  17. Linda

    Does your husband want to keep working with kids, or is he more interested in using his library science degree? There are other jobs for people with library science degrees. I have an MLIS and work in a corporate setting — and not in a library, either!

    Resource competition is so ugly. Too bad there isn’t more exploration of alternatives to pitting people against each other in situations like these.

  18. Sustainable PF

    This sucks eggs. This sort of story angers me. When good people, fantastic employees, those who go above and beyond get shown the door despite their awesome effort – something is wrong.

  19. Crystal @ BFS

    @Suba, thank you!

    @Linda, I hadn’t thought of other uses for his degree. I am pretty sure he wants to be a school librarian, but I will ask. And yes, it is awful that people are being pitted against each other like this…

    @Sustainable PF, exactly. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  20. Everyday Tips

    Oh my gosh, I had no idea Crystal. I am so bummed for you guys because I know how hard he worked to get this position and how much he enjoyed it. This is where tenure really stinks vs. actual performance. The right thing to do would be to reward the best performers with employment.

    I am glad he will still have an income, but how hard it would be to leave your dream job. I am so sorry!!!

  21. Crystal @ BFS

    @Everyday Tips, I almost emailed you last week when we were told, but I didn’t want to put any sort of damper on your vacation. I hope you understand. You already got me through this crap before, lol.

    We’ll be okay…we at least have been through this sort of job hunt before and this time he has a safety net. But I refuse to think he will not be a librarian again next year – we’ll find something. He’s even being positive about it, and you know what a pessimist he usually is…we’ll be okay. 🙂

  22. Squirrelers

    Crystal – I’m glad he still has work, though it stinks what happened to him. I totally get your frustration with what happened to him, that seems to be ridiculous – I agree. Now, I do wonder about a spouse sending a letter to her/his spouse’s employer – just being honest, I don’t know about the bigger picture perception on that or if it’s a good idea. However, I do think that it’s fantastic that you’re so proud and supportive of your husband, and that’s really the bottom line takeaway from your post, even beyond how it stinks what happened with the job. BTW he sounds like the type of person that really cares about the kids, which is nice to read.

  23. Ashley @ Money Talks

    What a beautiful letter. Just so you know, I’m in love with your husband now. :)~

  24. retirebyforty

    Crystal, I am sorry to hear that! Your hubby sounds like an amazing guy. These bad news seem to always come in waves. Hope he find something soon.

  25. Khaleef @ KNS Financial

    Hey Crystal, I’m sorry to hear about your husband. I think the letter was great, and like Kevin, I am interested to hear your husband’s reaction to it.

    I happen to work for a large public university that likes to waste money (I’m sure you can tell which one by looking at my recent articles)! Most of the jobs fall within a union, and anyone who is laid off has the right to “bump” someone from another department as long as they are qualified for the job. This really happens when there are openings and an internal candidate is going to fill, not with them having to fire someone as in this case.

    Even though it isn’t ideal, I’m glad to hear that he’ll have a job lined up for next year.

  26. Amanda L Grossman

    Gosh Crystal–so sorry to hear about this! It seems like his thing is books and not necessarily teaching (though I am sure he is great at that as well). Good luck, my fingers are crossed!

    As a side note, my federal work study job during my four years in college was at the library–I LOVED it!

  27. Crystal @ BFS

    @Squirrelers, I would think that writing a letter to a corportate employer on behalf of my husband would be seen as unprofessional, but teaching really is different. Since I had a personal stake in the library and my husband’s principal knows me very well due to those many volunteer hours, it was not seen as odd. In fact, the principal herself told me that the letter was a fantastic idea and inspired her own. We were just both ignored and she was told to step in line.

    @Ashley, I’ll let him know he has options. 😉

    @retireby40, I hope so too.

    @Khaleef, I will let you know what my husband thinks when he reads it tonight. That “bumping” policy SUCKS. I’d never feel secure if I knew that anybody qualified for my job could randomly replace me…grrr…I feel for those employees!

    @Amanda, yep, books are his thing. He also loves reading to the kids and helping them with research. He doesn’t enjoy grading, dealing with either angry parents or absent parents, or teaching to the state test instead of actually teaching. If teachers could actually teach, my hubby would love it.

  28. Andi B.

    It may be a long shot, but based on the information you provided, it would seem that your husband’s value may outweigh his salary. If he wrote a letter outlining the money that he brought in this year through fundraisers, projected fundraising dollars for the subsequent year, and dollar value of volunteer hours that will vanish without his tenure, it may be of interest to the school board, along with a note that he left a contract position in another school district with the expectation of a continued contract after a successful probation which he has far and away maintained. However, that is playing hardball, and may cause problems in the long term. With any luck the person who is supposed to replace him is close to retirement and if he stays close to the library he can slide right in. Sorry to hear about all this.

  29. 20 and Engaged

    Don’t feel whiny; you have the right to be upset! The economy has screwed us all. I got laid off in January and have had to freelance in the interim. It came after a car accident, right before moving, and months before a wedding. Hopefully your husband finds a position where he can do what he loves and have job stability.

  30. Squirrelers

    Crystal – yeah, it would be a big, big no-no in the corporate world, but I suppose education can be much different. Seems like you know the folks there as well. What gets me about this is that he exceeded expectations and was apparently stellar at his work, then gets bumped. That stinks for him, and I hope he finds career happiness again sometime soon. Bureacracy….it is what it is.

  31. Crystal @ BFS

    @Andi B., my husband is the opposite of somebody willing to play hardball, but you hit the nail on the head with our hopeful miracle. The principal thinks that a retirement-eligible librarian will be sent over and will not be too keen on doing all of the work a brand new library will take…we will see… 🙂

    @20 and Engaged, you poor thing! I remember those months before the wedding and right after our move – I am sorry you have to deal with all of that and unemployment.

    @Squirrelers, I wouldn’t have done it if I thought it would be inappropriate. I slept on it before sending it just to make sure.

    Yeah, bureaucracy sucks.

  32. Sandy @ yesiamcheap

    This current spate of budget cuts has forced schools to cut teachers and the vital support staff within the school. Unfortunately some of the BEST teachers are being replaced with ones with more tenure that are horrible and it doesn’t make any sense to me.

    I hope that your husband knows how wonderful and supportive that you have been. I reposted a story about unemployment on my blog earlier this week, and I know that situations like these are hurting hard-working families.

    I am however, happy that he is guaranteed SOMETHING but does hope that he finds something that he loves.

  33. Stoopidsuccess

    Hey Buddy,I am very sorry you guys are experiencing this. This is definitely one of the horrors of the schools system. I am looking forward to the follow-up post telling us he got to keep his slot, and even more excited for the post that lets us know that he doesn’t have to work anymore because BITFS is so huge. Let me know if there is anything I can do. Have you considered starting an online petition? -Gene

  34. JT McGee

    Bummer! What’s that saying? A recession is when your neighbor loses their job, a depression is when you lose your job…etc.

    I wish you and him the best in keeping/finding a new one. It really is a shame that the school districts do everything so backwards–who gets to keep their job should depend on their abilities, not some arbitrary contractual differences between one employee and another.

    First a stolen phone, now this? Bad things supposedly come in threes, so go stub your toe to cut your losses!

    Hopefully he’ll be able to get back into a teaching role once the storm passes. Are the municipal/state funds really in that bad of shape in Texas? I thought Rick Perry was supposed to be some gubernatorial god. 😛

  35. Jeff @ Sustainable life blog

    That’s terrible crystal. It’s difficult once you get in situations like where the only thing that matters is time on the job. Best of luck with the new job search, and you should be thankful that he’s not totally out of a job.

  36. Byrocat

    I can really sympathize with your situation as my wife went through a business closure two years ago. The emotional baggage that comes with these situations would try the patience of Job.

    My only suggestion would be that you ask (via your husband) for a personal letter of recommendation from the pricipal, if at all possible, that details the level of work that he had put in to the job, the improvements on the overall sitaution that he’d inherited, and other anecdotal items that show that he was performing way beyond the requirements of the job, as well as a description of why your husband was not continuing in the position. Same for the other teachers that he’d dealt with.

  37. Evan

    I am sorry to hear about this hiccup in your family’s goals and aspirations. Terrible. I don’t agree with Nicole (big surprise lol) that we should just keep raising taxes but I’ll let that one go for now.

    Did he appreciate the letter? While the love is obviously there, I don’t know if I would have appreciated a letter sent in my defense without my knowledge.

    Regardless, if he did that much for that school I know he’ll find another job soon!

  38. Jenna

    That is an amazing letter! Your husband is lucky to have such a supportive wife. I’m sorry to hear how this economy is affect you, your family and the school district as a whole. I sympathize. I was laid off at the start of last year, but I lucked out and got a great job. Definitely a change for the best. I hope you keep us posted on any updates to your husband’s employment situation.

  39. Amanda

    It is so discouraging to hear that schools aren’t retaining their best employees. Of course, states do need to be responsible and balance their books, and who wants to raise taxes on families in a recession? I wonder why the district didn’t consider an across the board pay freeze?

  40. kh

    Wow. I’m really really sorry to hear about your husband’s job situation. It makes me really angry that there are so many educational cuts right now – especially given the state of many of our students. I was reading an article in either the Atlantic or the New Yorker written by a college professor who said that a great many of his students can write a basic composition or comprehend a basic theory. Yet we cut library fees and educational fees and then wonder why our children are falling further and further behind.

    Your letter was wonderful. It was genuine and heartfelt and intelligent – not sappy or whiny or over the top. I am only sorry that you didn’t get a better response to it.

    I hate the trite response of “something better will come along” but I have to think that with your husband’s drive and desire to be a librarian, this is just a bump in the road. I’ll definitely be sending strong positive thoughts your way – the world needs more dedicated librarians who are EXCITED about doing the job!

  41. Money Reasons

    How incredible frustrating that must be for your husband! I’m impressed that he kept his eye on the ball and realized that doing less than a great job would just hurt the kids.

    Personally, I love the library as it is a great escape from my day job at lunch time.

    I heard a lot of library’s are closing due to online resources via the internet, but I think that is horrible!

    Sorry, I just jumped tracks…

    I think it’s great that the principal kept him on the payroll, I’m sure she would like him back in the librarian position. I’m sure she realizes what a great job that he has done and that he has a great passion for the job, and she doesn’t really want to lose him in that position!

    I guess the only think to do is look hard for a new position somewhere, make sure he gets a letter of recommendation from the principal and others you can think of. It’s a pretty impressive list of accomplishments in such a short time!

    Kudos to you for writing such a great letter. If I were your husband, it would warm my heart to know I had such a great and caring wife!

  42. ODWO

    Hey there! 🙂

    I guess the cliche’ thing would be to say, “Welcome to the new world (order) of A.B.C.” Ha!

    Bu, looking at it from a different angle, he still has his Masters. And he still has a job … while plenty of teachers are being “dismissed.”

    Sometimes … a door closed can open a different door, only to see different territory, and possible … possibly … a new beginning!

    Think positive … just because! (because) Whatever happens will be part of the journey (trying not to sound tooooo foolish saying it like that). He has a backup … if needed. And that makes the glass 1/2 full. And with a Masters, and principal who likes him, to keep it that way. (wink)

    Even if best laid plans do not work out now … there’s always preparation for a continuance … later on. And these hiccups are those little things [certain people have] talk about that can change the goals people set. Long and short term. Kind of crappie … but maybe it’s … well, how about … it’s definitely not the worst thing that could’ve happened. Your financial targets are still on track. That’s a blessing. Altho’ a hard one to understand.

    Gotta’ love those teacher unions in Texas. Which is kind of ironic in itself.

    My wife has [a new] job position, a different (teaching) position (too) …. despite losing the old position she had and loved. Sometimes … [sh]it happens. Just depends on what side of the fan you’re standing on. She’s very happy to be on the right side. 🙂

    Hang in there.
    They can take a job, and job title, but they can’t take all he has achieved to this point. That is worth something, no one can take. (and don’t be too vocal to HIS employer)


  43. Crystal @ BFS

    For everybody who asked, Mr. BFS said that his initial reaction was “Oh Boy…” followed by “It’s nice to have someone who’s on my side.” He liked that his principal supported it. He didn’t think it was weird I wrote it, so he knows me better than I thought. He still doesn’t want to read the letter though.

  44. krantcents

    It is no comfort that this is occurring across the country! This has to be temporary, but right now you are in the middle of it. Sometimes it takes a crisis to make society realize the importance of education.

  45. Crystal @ BFS

    Update: Hubby read the letter and said that he didn’t mind me writing a letter to the superintendent or anybody else in the district. The only thing that made him uncomfortable was that he personally wouldn’t ever toot his own horn that way.

    I personally think he’s too humble for his own good.

  46. Buck Inspire

    Sad story, so sorry to hear. Life is unfair sometimes. That was an amazing and beautiful letter. Hope things brighten up for you guys. Grab a movie for some laughs, it helps. If not, watch the Your Highness trailer for a chuckle or two.

  47. LifeAndMyFinances

    That is a pretty tough situation to be in…. but at least you guys are financially responsible and basically live off from one income.

    Imagine if you were living paycheck to paycheck and got this news. Can you imagine how stressed out you’d be? I’m sure your husband will find another job, and then you guys will maybe even be better off than before.

  48. Khaleef @ KNS Financial

    I’m glad that he didn’t have a problem with your letter. It’s great that the principal agreed with your observation. Maybe you can have your Mr. BFS to write a guest post about this.

  49. The Saved Quarter

    Oh, that’s just terrible. Your husband sounds like a wonderful asset for the school; it’s too bad that the superintendent doesn’t see it!

  50. First Gen American

    Wow. I know that this is a hard time for you, but I have to say, you really have a gift with writing. If you asked me to write a letter like that, I would have no idea where to start without sounding like the bossy budding in wife. It’s beautifully written and I’m so impressed.

    I really hate to hear stories like that because often the newer people who haven’t been in the system long enough to be jaded are often the ones that make the biggest impact. It’s sad that the public sector has such archaic ways of doing things.

  51. Wifey of a Roadie

    I have a few friends who work for the school district and are experiencing the same deal. Seems to me that what often gets “cut” are the very things that contribute the most to a well-rounded education of our children. I know how it feels when your spouse loses a job. It hurts more than losing a job yourself and I’m not talking financially. It’s hard to see your loved one go through so much. Hang in there!

  52. Crystal @ BFS

    @Sandy, my husband thanked me for the letter again yesterday, so I am happy he took it in the spirit I intended it.

    @Stoopidsuccess, I was actually asked not to start a petition since his principal is being blamed for getting me riled up. Of course, she had nothing to do with it, but my husband and I agree it’s better for everyone if we just back off for right now and see what she can do.

    @JT, don’t get me started on Perry. I’m just glad I didn’t vote for him…ever…what the heck are Texans thinking?! He’s the number one reason we are paying more than $100 a month on toll roads too!

    @Jeff, I am thankful but that’s not my number one emotion…

    @Byrocat, my husband’s principal has indeed written him an excellent letter of recommendation. She is also trying to work out some way of getting to keep my husband for the library somehow. We will see what happens.

    @Evan, yep, the letter was ultimately appreciated although he thinks I was too nice about him. He’d like everyone to know that he is not as perfect as I made him out to be, and as much as he keeps up the library for the kids, he also does great work for the personal pride of it and his library. In short, he is not as altruistic as I made him out to be. He apologizes to Ashley specifically for me being misleading, lol.

    @Jenna, I will definitely let you all know when we know anything concrete.

    @Amanda, I wondered that too!

    @kh, thank you for your very kind thoughts. Don’t worry, one way or another, we will come out of this better than ever. We have each other and my husband is excellent at his job – that will amount to great things eventually. 🙂

    @Money Reasons, I’m very glad my husband took my letter the same way you would – he appreciated it and it did make him feel loved and supported.

    @ODWO, we actually talked about that Monday night – they may push him to a different job or whatever, but they cannot take away the fact that this library will always have his stamp on it – his legacy.

    @krantcents, yep, I honestly feel no better knowing this is happening to a ton of people. In fact, it ticks me off even more. Laying off bad teachers is fine to me. Laying off good and even great employees just makes me mad. I’m trying to be positive though. 🙂

    @Buck Inspire, lol, great minds think alike. We took a road trip to a Louisiana casino last weekend to celebrate our friend’s 21st birthday. It was fun and helped us blow off some of the negative steam. 🙂

    @LifeAndMyFinances, surprisingly our savings doesn’t make me feel any better. I mean, it’s great to know we won’t starve, but the money wasn’t why I was sad and angry. But you are very right, I do believe my husband will find his own little miracle.

    @Khaleef, my husband will probably never write a full post here, but he did have quite alot to say about a teacher article a while back. He wanted to be very clear that all teachers of the USA cannot be judged on the specifics of teachers in Long Island. Here’s the post I wrote that is a majority of his replies on another blog: https://budgetboost.co/a-teachers-reply-to-criticism/

    @The Saved Quarter, I’m with you on that one.

    @First Gen American, it took me an hour to write that letter. I am so glad it came off the way I intended. Thank you so much for your very awesome compliments!

    @Wifey of a Roadie, I think you are completely right. I hurt more when someone is unfair to my husband than when they are unfair to me. Thank you.

  53. Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey

    I’m so sorry to hear about this Crystal! I hope the principal responds positively!

  54. Yakezie

    Crystal, such a good response by your husband. He really is someone who is needed and should be promoted. Our budget system is so bad!

    Great he has you as a supporter!


  55. Kay Lynn @ Bucksome Boomer

    Crystal, I’m sorry to hear about your husband’s job.

    I was not surprised that you wrote such a wonderful letter, but that you actually sent it. It’s gutsy!

  56. Crystal @ BFS

    @Jacob, it seems my letter inspired her to get creative. I hope to have a very happy update for all of you within the next month!

    @Yakezie, thank you!

    @Kay Lynn, it really didn’t feel gutsy. I felt like it was the one thing I could do to help. I figured the superintendent never met my husband so he may not know everything he has done for the school. I sent it with the joint feelings of “I hope this helps” and “These bastages should be punched in the face for being so stupid”…yeah, I’m 3rd generation Irish and German – it’s a fun mix…

  57. Mike- Saving Money Today

    Crystal, I’m sorry to hear that your husband is losing his job. The system is really messed up when people are let go based on tenure and not merit. Here in the Northeast, unions have a stranglehold on their positions and it’s virtually impossible to get anything done. It’s a shame they care more about protecting bad teachers than doing what’s best for the kids.

  58. Auto Title Loans

    I’m so sorry to hear that! Especially since your husband truly loves and cares for these students’ education. Just be grateful that he WILL have a job regardless if he’s let go as a librarian. Times are tough in this century and all we can do is help each other to keep this world at peace. There’s too many greedy people and individuals who will step over others to get what they want. Your husband sounds like a genuine person who looks at life “half full”. Good luck to the both of you. Keep us posted!

  59. Crystal, I am so sorry to hear about this. As a former teacher I’ve seen wonderful teachers let go during budget cuts. I’ve seen the physical library used as a classroom with the books split up between the classrooms. Or sometimes they line the halls with the books! A sad situation. Teachers of music, art, & p.e. are sometimes let go also. So sad.

    If it’s any comfort to you, we know of a person who was a school librarian with a Master’s in Library Science. He was hired by a large company at their R&D headquarters as the technical librarian. My husband worked there & said he did a fantastic job with the technical publications/resources & taught classes to the engineers on various topics. From what I understand he made a very good salary, much higher than the usual school librarian salaries. Your husband might want to consider if he would be happy in such a situation. There are many tech companies in TX, hopefully near you.

    All that your husband did for the library is not wasted. He has done much good there and it will have a strong influence. Just knowing that he was so valued by the principal makes it likely that they would hire him back as the librarian if the district budget improves at some point.

    You might also consider getting parents to protest at the school board meetings that they want all of their librarians to return next year at the same schools or even just the parents from his school demanding that he return. When parents turn out in large numbers at school board meetings and make many phone calls to board members, it’s amazing how quickly something can change. I’ve seen it happen over and over again (even in the late summer and early fall after school had already started) with influential parents who get a real campaign going to save particular teachers and programs. Board memebers like to get re-elected & they can count the number of people at the meetings. It helps to write letters to the local newspaper and try to get reporters to cover the board meetings when the groups of parents will be there. It takes some work, but I’ve seen it work when nothing else does. Often it takes about 4-5 months of board meetings with standing room only due to the numbers of parents there. You can even get students there with signs. Get the local tv cameras there to broadcast from the meetings to apply even more pressure. It can be done! Good luck!

    In the meantime if your husband at least plans to teach in the district it will be easier for him to get back in the library. While he’s teaching he can still be applying to tech companies if he wants to. Lots of decisions, but I hope it all works out in a way that you both will be happy!

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