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A couple of weeks ago, I was watching Tiger make a comeback at The Masters. Amazed by his utter attention to detail and persistence, I was inspired to go to the driving range. I’ve been playing golf since I was 10 on and off, but since then I have chosen other sports to focus on.

My Golf Swing and Attention to Detail

Not having been to the golfing range in several months, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I set up the ball on the tee and absolutely sliced it. I proceeded to take another 40 swings, some of which were good, but the majority of which were terrible.

Being alone, I decided the only way to correct myself was by taping my shot and then dissecting it. I taped the shot with my smartphone, viewed the video and realized that my hips weren’t doing much. In fact, I wasn’t using my legs at all in my swing, and the lower part of my body was barely swinging through.

I fixed my swing by adding a little more lower body action and the golf balls started firing off my club face. I took 4 more videos of my swings while at the range, so that I could create a video of my swings when I got home.

When I returned home, I created a video on my computer and started dissecting my swing more fully. I noticed so many small details that were leading to my unbalanced swing.  Since then, I haven’t been back to the golfing range due to an extremely busy schedule, but before I get on the course this spring I will make sure to watch my video.

The moral of this story is that details are the key to everything. If I hadn’t took the initiative to look at the small details which were affecting my shot, then I would still be slicing the ball. However, I created a video and since then my swing and shots have been almost spot on.

Keep a Record

Knowing that most of you are great at budgeting, I would expect nothing less than spotless filing of your spending and saving.  However, I would like all of you to keep a diary of your everyday activities.

By paying attention to the details of your day (actions wasting small amounts of time), you will be able to make more money and be more productive. Not many of you realize how much time you waste in a day. Two hours watching tv, 1 hour aimlessly browsing the internet…etc.

These are just fractions of your day, but taking note of the details will help you. Knowing how you spend your time on a daily basis will help you to cut down on the wasted time and take advantage of the time. All of you know the phrase, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch,” and in simple economics you are taught about opportunity cost.

Opportunity Cost

For those of you who are unaware of what opportunity cost is, it is the cost of an action forgone by doing another activity. For example, if you decided to spend an hour watching American Idol, you lost time researching investment opportunities. It is important to focus on opportunity costs.

By recording your everyday actions, you will be able to notice opportunity costs. Thus, one will be able to use their time more appropriately and improve one’s revenue. So, after you record your everyday actions look over them and think of better ways that you could have spent your time.

Tying it All Together

By recording my swing, I was able to realize the defects in my swing. However, if I had continued to keep swinging poorly (without realizing my mistakes) my opportunity cost would have been huge.  I was wasting time, receiving neither proper practice nor great results. By taking the initiative to record my swing, I was able to notice the very small mistakes ruining my swing. I ask you all to record what you do each day and then analyze the opportunity costs.

Crystal’s Comments:  I actually did keep up with how I was spending my time and guest posted at Everyday Tips and Thoughts with my results, Not Enough Hours in the Day – An Example of Time Management.

What are your oppotunity costs?