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Mr. BFS and I attended a murder mystery comedy dinner in Las Vegas a few years ago, but last weekend was the first time we actually hosted one at our own home.  🙂  It was a blast!

How It Started

Our roommates were browsing Half Price Books and found this Murder Mystery Dinner in-a-box.  They decided to splurge the $2.50 and gifted it to Mr. BFS and me since they never wanted to host one, lol.  It took us a couple of months before Mr. BFS decided to open it up and see what was involved.  Overall, it had a 4 course dinner menu with all of the recipes, parts for up to 8 people, little seating name cards, clues, and a DVD to guide us through the different sections of the murder mystery.

Murder Mystery Dinner in a Box

This was the box our roommates handed us.

Murder Mystery Stuff

The box came with the parts for everybody, invitations, name placards, the party planner’s guide, and the DVD.

Mr. BFS decided that he would totally host and run the night (including making all of the food), but he didn’t want to participate as a suspect.  He opted to be the butler (who didn’t do it).  I was in charge of gathering up 7 other interested party suspects to be involved that wouldn’t mind chipping in to cover the cost of the food.  That is how our murder mystery dinner got rolling.

The Costumes

Let’s be honest, the costumes and the food made the night!  We all were assigned parts randomly, which is how I ended up being the bad girl, Ramona.  It’s also how our friend J, 6’2″ and built like a linebacker, ended up in German lederhosen.  😀

There were 4 guy parts and 4 girl parts, but there were 5 of us ladies and only 3 guys.  I ended up with Ralph Rottingrape, married to Tiny Bubbles (Anne), but we changed my name to Ramona.  We still kept me married to Tiny Bubbles though, lol.

I think J (aka Otto Von Schnapps) spent the most on his costume since he bought the lederhosen off of Amazon.  A few of us picked up what we needed from thrift shops to fill in blanks.  My outfit was actually made up of a lot of pieces I just bought to wear regularly, so I only splurged about $5 for the gold, trashy shirt and borrowed the wigs from D (aka Bonnie Lass).  D also did my makeup and fake tattoos.  Isabelle (aka Marilyn Merlot) and Ivy (aka Hedy Shablee) helped me accessorize with whatever I had around.

Here are some pictures along with captioned descriptions for my sight-impaired readers (shout out to one of my favorite commenters and new pen pal, SherryH!).

Otto and Ramona

Here is our friend, J, dressed as Otto in lederhosen complete with the cap! He’s standing with me as I started the night – Ramona in a bright blue wig, tight tops, very tight slacks, and metallic heels.

Papa Vito and Bonnie Lass

Here are our friends, N, as Papa Vito, and D as Bonnie Lass.

Merilyn Merlot

Here is Isabelle as Merilyn Merlot, all decked out with a tiara, tons of glitter, a really nice gown, and some long, white gloves.

Hedy Shablee

Our friend, Ivy, as Hedy Shablee. She has a flower in her hair, and a great hippie blouse and white skirt.

Tiny Bubbles and Bud Wizer

Here is Anne as my wife, Tiny Bubbles, and the FBI Agent, Bud Wizer (R is Anne’s real husband, lol). Tiny is wearing a very cute polka dot dress and Bud made his own FBI badge!

Otto Von Schnapps Again

Otto Von Schnapps again. I thought the lederhosen deserved two pictures in this post, lol.

Ramona at the End of the Night

By the end of the evening, I changed into different shoes and the rainbow wig that D brought. 🙂

The Food

The menu was intense.  Mr. BFS was definitely challenged, but he ended up hitting a home run!  Here was what he made, totally from scratch:

  • Parmesan and Monterrey cheese crackers – he made the dough, let it sit for the day, rolled it out, etc.
  • Californian Avocado salad
  • Carrots and Snap Peas with a Vinaigrette
  • Herbed Orzo
  • Garlic Bread – and we had the just-heat-up Hawaiian sweet rolls
  • Grilled, Marinated Cornish Game Hens
  • Poached Red Wine, Peppered Pears  – OMG.  Period.
  • Chocolate-Dipped Biscotti (again, please realize that this was from scratch and the first time ever cooking it)
Ramona Side Shot

Here’s another picture of Ramona simply since I loved this wig. 🙂

Final Cost

The final food bill came to about $110 plus some ingredients we already had on hand.  Everybody chipped in about $15 and bought a few things here and there for their costumes.