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Mr. BFS Grabbed a New Hobby Job

No worries, Crystal for Hire is not going under. And we are still loving self employment.  BUT, the decrease in business has left us with some unexpected free time.  Since we are stocking up cash right now while our new house is being built, Mr. BFS and I started looking into ways of monetizing that free time.

I started commenting for hire and Mr. BFS started looking into options that just sounded like fun…

Mr. BFS Got Another Hobby Job

He ended up at the local bowling alley along with some other side gigs he’s doing.  Yep, my dude has gone back to his high school job roots – he’s fixing the machines while I do my remote work from home jobs.  As someone who bowled on those lanes last season, they need as much help as they can get.  Now here is the funny part, to get this $8.50 an hour part-time job, it took a month of waiting and several interviews.  They do not mess around!

Here are the benefits we deem important when working at a bowling alley:

  • $1 games
  • 50% off food during his shift
  • 30% off food any time
  • Free soda and water during his shift
  • a 401k after 3 months – it won’t be big money, but it is free money
  • Workman’s comp if he gets hurt at work

So far, they have loved Mr. BFS and are giving him about 30 hours a week.  And he doesn’t seem to be having any problems balancing his time, so yay!  By our calculations, he should be adding about $2500 to our cash pile by the time we close in September.  Woot!

Long-Term Plans

Mr. BFS doesn’t know what his long-term plans are with the bowling alley.  We know what we love, and that is our online business .  So any odd jobs we get for fun and extra cash will have to take second string.  But it is nice to stay busy with different side hustle ideas.  My brain turns mushy when I have too much time to twiddle my thumbs and I think Mr. BFS felt the same way.

Now before I mock my husband for getting a high schooler’s job, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about something I pursued last week, hehehe. Hint, it has something to do with the easiest blogging platform for non-designers like me.

What hobby jobs have you enjoyed?

29 thoughts on “Mr. BFS Grabbed a New Hobby Job”

  1. Marissa @ Thirtysixmonths

    I get like that, too. I need to find things to do or I go out of my mind. The bowling alley sounds like a really great idea. Esp if you get to go and play, too.

  2. Michelle

    That’s great that he got the job! And I need to do something like this once I graduate. I’ll have so much free time after work.

  3. I worked at two bowling alleys and absolutely loves it. I worked as a.cook in one and front desk at the other. I would love to own my own alley one day but it isn’t a good financial decision.

  4. First Gen AMerican

    My jobs were a very social part of my existence in college. I was a waitress at a place kind of like Cheers where I knew all my customer’s names and everything about them. It was a joy to work there (well the owner was a nut, but the customers made it worthwhile). I like jobs that also fulfill my need to interact with others.

  5. cashflowmantra

    This is a good experience should he ever decide that he wants to own a bowling alley someday. I would love to work at a golf course and learn some of the ins and outs, but I am too busy working to put food on the table. Nevertheless, I will have to retire someday.

  6. Squeezer @Personal Finance Success

    $8.50/hr? You couldn’t get me out of bed for that! Only kidding! Way to go! I bet working there is a lot of fun. I mean when you get bored, you can just go bowling and say you are testing out a machine you worked on.

  7. Crystal @ BFS

    @Marissa, yeah, the $1 games will be nice on the weekends. 🙂

    @Michelle, there are so many options, good luck!

    @Lance, yeah, we looked into owning a bowling alley and the conclusion is that it is a multi-million dollar headache most of the time…

    @First Gen, I loved working the front desk at the Games Room in college – very much like Cheers. 🙂

    @Cash Flow Mantra, our uncle retired last year and works on the golf course now, lol.

    @Squeezer, hehehe.

  8. Evan

    30 hours at 8.50 comes to $255/week before taxes…I know I wouldn’t take much crap for 200 bucks a week. Is it laid back there?

  9. 20's Finances

    $8.50 sounds pretty low… but at least he is enjoying it. I don’t mean this to sound attacking (because I am just curious – partly for personal consideration of doing something similar in the future), but do you guys regret the decision for him to quit his job?

  10. Crystal @ BFS

    @Evan, very. He pretty much just fixes machines with another guy and since he already had experience, they just treat him like one of the long-time employees.

    @20s Finances, NO. He’s only doing this for fun. He hated his commuter job. I did too. We are both way happier working from home. He just wanted to fill in some of his free hours. I started volunteering for a local hospice and am looking for fun ways to make money too, but working from home is still our proirity and we love it. We just can’t stand getting bored.

  11. Kathleen @ Frugal Portland

    Sounds like a LOT of fun! I mean, not for me, I hate bowling. But I get that other people aren’t exactly like me (ha!) and if it’s fun, then why mess with a good thing?

  12. Bryan Sr

    I agree with you that when I have too much free time my brain gets mushy too. Keep that income coming in, as I have shared, I drive around collecting scrap metal which turns out to add up pretty nicely. We do what we have to do. :-).

  13. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

    Congrats Mr. BFS! I’ve thought about getting back into coaching/lifeguarding but it doesn’t make sense right now.

  14. Kris @ BalancingMoneyandLife

    Congrats to Mr. BFS! This side gig sounds like fun. 🙂 I’m looking into pet/baby sitting (based on one of your suggestions, actually!) because my schedule is too odd to make finding a steady part time job likely – but I’m looking for those too!

  15. Laura

    Hobby jobs are so much less stressful than “real” jobs. I substitute teach and mystery shop for extra money. No pressure and no set schedule. I do it when I want. Congrats to Mr. BFS on finding a hobby job he enjoys!

  16. Tackling Our Debt

    Good for you guys for finding other ways to bring in money. I look for stuff all the time both online and offline and it amazes me how pay rates seem so similar to what they were 20 years ago, in many cases even less then, yet the price of everything today is quadruple to what it was 20 years ago.

  17. Years ago, I thought it would be cool to work in certain restaurants for a few weeks (Pizza Hut was the first one I had thought of) so I could hopefully learn some of their secrets of how to make my favorite foods.

  18. eemusings

    That’s awesome! I used to work in event catering – getting to attend those events for free was cool. I also worked at the movies, which was fun if you were an usher, not so much if you were stuck serving customers behind the counter.

  19. Joe @ Retire By 40

    Health insurance? I wouldn’t mind a part time job once baby RB40 goes off to school. 🙂

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