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No worries, Crystal for Hire is not going under.  Google did hit us pretty hard by hitting my ad contacts really hard, but we are still reaching our monthly goals.  And we are still loving self employment.  BUT, the decrease in business has left us with some unexpected free time.  Since we are stocking up cash right now while our new house is being built, Mr. BFS and I started looking into ways of monetizing that free time.

I started commenting for hire and Mr. BFS started looking into options that just sounded like fun…

Mr. BFS Got Another Hobby Job

He ended up at the local bowling alley.  Yep, my dude has gone back to his high school job roots – he’s fixing the machines.  As someone who bowled on those lanes last season, they need as much help as they can get.  Now here is the funny part, to get this $8.50 an hour part-time job, it took a month of waiting and several interviews.  They do not mess around!

Here are the benefits we deem important when working at a bowling alley:

  • $1 games
  • 50% off food during his shift
  • 30% off food any time
  • Free soda and water during his shift
  • a 401k after 3 months – it won’t be big money, but it is free money
  • Workman’s comp if he gets hurt at work

So far, they have loved Mr. BFS and are giving him about 30 hours a week.  And he doesn’t seem to be having any problems balancing his time, so yay!  By our calculations, he should be adding about $2500 to our cash pile by the time we close in September.  Woot!

Long-Term Plans

Mr. BFS doesn’t know what his long-term plans are with the bowling alley.  We know what we love, and that is our online business.  So any part-time jobs we get for fun and extra cash will have to take second string.  But it is nice to stay busy.  My brain turns mushy when I have too much time to twiddle my thumbs and I think Mr. BFS felt the same way.

Now before I mock my husband for getting a high schooler’s job, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about something I pursued last week, hehehe…

What hobby jobs have you enjoyed?