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Even before I was a blogger, I loved money.  I liked saving it away, splurging on things that made me smile, and I adored talking about it.  I never understood why more people weren’t completely open about it since I learned so much from all of the random conversations I started.  I have come to realize that my transparency has led me into all of the relationships I treasure today.

Meeting my Husband

Throughout my teenage years, I scared off a lot of people by being so open.  At the time I thought I sucked.  I am friendly, have a good sense of humor, and don’t smell, but I could never make a friend with anybody for more than a year at most.  Then I started college.  There are a ton of people even more open than me at college, but my obsession with budgeting was a little off-putting then too.  My husband actually liked talking about plans for money as much as me, which was awesome.  It was even more awesome that his plans included a healthy savings amount too.  We bonded over board games and dreams of a fun but stable life in the future.

Developing Friendships

Despite the huge accomplishment of finding a great partner, I still didn’t form very many lasting friendships with others.  I had to work on keeping alot to myself.  I became a better listener.  I tried to explain that my personal opinions of how I want my life to be don’t mean that I’d judge someone for wanting something different.  I think I really learned how to communicate in my early-mid twenties.

Then I started making friends.  I met some great people in a few board gaming groups and I started developing lasting friendships with individuals as nuts as me but in different ways.  This has worked out very well for us.  I can go on and on about blogging and money, and they actually listen.  Then I really listen to anything and everything they want to talk about too.  I think my budget-love is actually rubbing off on a couple of them, but they’ll never admit it. 

In the end, my transparent personality about everything including cash actually helped me weed out a ton of people from my life that weren’t a good fit anyway.  If I wanted to chit-chat with small talk my whole life, I just needed to remain quiet and composed.  But to find the people that fit into the puzzle of my life, I had to continue being myself and see what stuck, lol.

If you have a passion, share it.  The people you want in your life will stick around and the rest weren’t a good fit anyway.  If I can find a support network of my own even though I talk about blogging, my husband, my dogs, and money 90% of the time, anybody can find great relationships.

Have you ever tried to change yourself for others?  Did you realize that you didn’t want to ?  How did it work out?