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I haven’t been reading as much as normal, but I just finished listening to the audio book of “The Girl with the Gragon Tattoo” by Stieg Larsson that I downloaded from the library.  I’d say it is for mature adults only thanks to some of the more vivid content, but I can say it is worth reading.  I will warn you though, in my opinion it was extremely slow to warm up but then it was go-go-go.


The overall plot of the book is that a disgraced journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, takes a job from a very wealthy old tycoon, Henrik Vanger, to find out what happened to Vanger’s niece 36 years ago.  She somehow disappeared from an isolated island never to be seen again.  Vanger wants to know which one of his awful family members murdered her so long ago.  Blomkvist teams up with Lizbeth Salander, and excellent researcher with special skills you learn about as you read, and she has a subplot of her own threaded through the novel.

I won’t ruin the book for anyone, but I can say that the other main character, Lizbeth, is a kick butt heroine with a ton of mental problems.  She’s not nuts, but she’s not very “normal” either.  Awful things happen to a lot of people in this book – in the past and during the plot itself – but I always really rooted on Lizbeth and even grew to like Mikhail too.  I will say that there is one pay back scene in the book that almost made me applaud.  If you have read or will read this, let me know if you liked that part as much as I did!

Money Advice to be Gleaned

The most glaring problem I saw in regards to money was that Lizbeth’s official mental status kept her from running her own accounts.  If I was ever put in the position of having my assets ran by someone else entirely, I would do what she did and make sure to have at least a little cash socked away just for me.  I’d also get my employer to directly deposit 10% of my paychecks and get the rest in cash or deposit it into an account that isn’t a matter of public record.

And I wouldn’t have turned down so many jobs, and have done so many online survey jobs, especially if I could convince my awesome boss to pay me mostly in cash.  But of course, I do not have the same past or social problems as Lizbeth.  It is clear that she does not think like a middle class spoiled kid.  She thinks like someone who has always had it extremely tough and has to solely rely on herself.  She is a very original main character in my opinion.

So, if you can make it through a slow start, I would suggest checking out “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” from your own library right now.  I’d also suggest never being declared mentally incompetent or hiding your resources if you are.  Lastly, it is yet another book that shows that everyone needs someone in their life that they can lean on if necessary.

Have you read this yet?  If so, did you clap at the same part that made me extremely satisfied?  I think I may have anger management issues. Speaking of books I’ve got some recommendations to sell back textbooks if you’re still holding on to them. You might as well try to get some of that money back.