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May 2016 Income of $8125 AND Net Worth of $508,200!!!

This lady made over $8000 last month, almost entirely online! She works for herself from home and has a net worth of over half a million dollars. This is so interesting to read, I wish I could be a WAHM, maybe blogging is the way to make it a reality?

It’s that time again! I like to use monthly income and net worth updates for motivation. Posting them pushes me to try harder, I am forced to actually work the numbers, and I started blogging so I could share with all of you and get feedback.  I would also like to inspire more people to create income streams out of something they truly enjoy.

My Backstory for New Readers

I worked in a dead end cubicle job from when I graduated from college in 2005 through July 2011.  I could never be promoted within my department and $35,500 was the highest salary I ever received. My plan was to stay there for 30 years and retire. That plan went to crap for two main reasons. First, I wanted to truly connect with people. Secondly, I finally realized the position was the definition of “dead end”.

That led me to creating Budgeting in the Fun Stuff in February 2010 even though I had zero professional writing experience, and I had just been a blog reader and commenter for a few months.  It grew faster than I expected (thank you!), and I have been fully self-employed since July 2011.  BFS itself has made more than $100,000 since I started.  My husband and I live on the income we earn through our online business, professional pet sitting, and our first house which is now our rental property.  We bring in $80,000-$140,000 each year – 100% self-employed.  If you’d like to start your own site, I worked out a special for my readers with Bluehost – lower rates on all 12+ month packages (like $3.49 per month for 36 months for their “basic” plan). I switched over too, but I signed up for the 36 month package with their “plus” plan since I have multiple domains.

I also just republished a free three part series to help:

Or if blogging isn’t your schtick, check out any of my other money making posts! I’ve personally done all sorts of things including being a jewelry reseller from online to pawn shops in my late teens, being a cow mascot in my early 30’s, selling my hair for $100+, and starting my own professional pet sitting business in 2014. Email me any time for ideas as well since side hustles and entrepreneurship have become my whole life!

Onto this month’s update!!!

May 2016 Self-Employment Income

  • Crystal for Hire (Freelancing like Writing, App Review Replies, and Blog Ad Management) – $3700
  • Budgeting in the Fun Stuff – $1250
  • My Other Blogs – $100
  • Affiliate Ads – $0 (BUT, I have started tackling this and check out this number in a couple of months!)
  • eBook – $25
  • Professional pet sitting (also Mr. BFS and me) – $2100
  • Renting out our first house  – $1250
  • Sports officiating (hubby’s hobby job) – $550
  • Total = $8975

May 2016 Main Self-Employment Expenses

  • Normal Expenses (Paypal fees, Staff Writers for Marriedwithdebt.com, Domain Renewals, Etc.) – $485
  • Renewed Hosting for Secondary Sites for 3 Years with Bluehost – $215
  • Paid to Transfer All Secondary Sites to Bluehost since I SUCK WITH TECH STUFF – $150
  • Total = $850

Overall, we brought in about $8125 in May 2016!

To put things into perspective, we need about $6000 a month just for our monthly nut.  $4150 covers our monthly bills like the remaining mortgage ($1000), health insurance ($575), my car payment ($275), property taxes and insurance on both homes ($1300 a month), and income taxes ($1000 a month).  The other $1850 a month usually goes to food, utilities, car maintenance and gasoline, life insurance, and splurgy extras.  You can check out our our budget anytime.

The extra after that $6000 is divided between savings, investments, and even a little for fun.  It also helps make up for not-so-good months that pop up.

Our main financial goal is to continue making enough overall to work from home as long as possible since we both prefer self-employment over “normal” day jobs.  Our secondary goal is to use the majority of any extra money that we ever have to reach financial independence as soon as possible (we are aiming for age 50 or before).  We may still choose to work even if we ever have enough saved not to, but we would like to make that choice ourselves.

DISCLAIMER:  Please keep in mind that this income comes from 30+ hour work weeks online divided between me and Mr. BFS.  We put in another 20-40 hours a week split up into pet sitting (60+ hours during the holiday weeks).  When it’s a sports season he’s involved in, Mr. BFS puts in about 20-30 hours a week into reffing.  My personal minimum work week has become about 50-60 hours.

We also end up paying about 20-25% in income taxes since we do have to cover the employer’s part as well. I was working 100+ hours a week personally for over a year before I was able to leave my old day job. I just want to be clear that this isn’t easy money in any respect. I want to inspire everyone to accomplish their dreams, no matter what it takes. I am not saying it will be simple or fast. It just can be done.

Net Worth Update – End of May 2016


Cash (in all checking and savings accounts) – $90,800 ($4000)
Stocks – $17,950 (-$50)
Retirement – $160,900 (+$1600)
Home – $306,000 (same)
Rental House – $122,000 (same)
Cars – $14,850 (-$150)


Home – $194,100 ($300)
Car – $10,200 ($300)

Total Net Worth = $508,200

Last Month: $502,200
Total Monthly Change: +$6000

My Thoughts

YAY!!! We stayed above that $500,000 mark!!!

Okay, so it was a pretty uneventful month.  We banked our extra income, had a little return in our two Roth IRA’s and SEP IRA, and I had already paid a couple of bills early, so we didn’t take as big of a hit this month with expenses.

Our home values are still spot on right now thanks to the official evaluations we just had done in April. Our car values are based off of Kelley Blue Book.

In case you are ever wondering, the car loan is at 0.9% interest, so we are not planning on paying it off early…although I am starting to hear that siren sound of debt freedom…

Our cash reserves do have a little more than necessary in them right now, but not much when we take into account what we are aiming for. Overall, we want $60,000+ broken up in the following ways – $5000 in checking, $20,000 in our emergency fund, $20,000 in our blog income account for paychecks, $10,000 in our rental home account, $5000 in a car account for our next down payment, and we have two accounts that build $2000 per month (hopefully) throughout the year (so at $20,000 right now).  One of those accounts is the one we use to save for and pay our income and property taxes as well as our home insurance and HOA dues. The other is to save up for this year’s SEP IRA contributions as well as the following year’s Roth IRA contributions.

So in our reality, we have about $10,000 that we should probably use in a better way than just sitting there.  My car loan is at 0.9% and our remaining mortgage is at 4%, so we may be making a principal payment on the mortgage this coming month…

Overall, I’m optimistic for 2016. We already hit my $500,000 goal, woot! Now to keep working on the BIG goal set at $550,000 (a 10-15% increase over last year).

How have you been doing lately? What are your short-term and long-term financial goals?

8 thoughts on “May 2016 Income of $8125 AND Net Worth of $508,200!!!”

  1. Jax

    Great job keeping your net work above 500k!

    We owe more than I would like after renovating our basement last fall. It is 0% interest until May 2017, so I have to keep reminding myself that my money will work harder elsewhere. My goal for this year is to bulk up savings. So far, so good but it is moving a little slower than I would like.

  2. Money Beagle

    Great job. I have always admired you as one of the pioneers of truly making a living doing online blogging and such full time, at least that I saw.

  3. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life

    Congrats on a great month despite all the challenges that kept popping up!

    Like Money Beagle, I’ve always admired your ability to make money online fully and transitioning away from the traditional workforce. If my blog was a little different, I’d have tried to follow your example 🙂

  4. Alexander @ Cash Flow Diaries

    Congrats on the positive month. I am in the same boat as you as I feel I have a little too much cash reserves right now and would like to invest about 10k into something.

  5. Crystal @ BFS

    @Jax, the real question is…how did the basement turn out? 🙂

    @Money Beagle, thanks so much for reading since my beginning pretty much. I’ve always read your blog because I love your writing style and directness. When I first started reading though, I kept wanting to tell you to get a dog, hehehe. 😉

    @Revanche, thank you! There are positives and negatives to self-employment. I sort of want my biggest message to be that you can make enough money to thrive on without having a job you despise with the burning passion of the sun. 😀

    @Alexander, we should make a pact – we will both invest $10k in something that makes a better return than 0.75% by the end of the year…bonus points if we do it by the end of July 2016!

  6. CoffeeIsMyPlasma

    This is the first time I’ve read your blog, and I can’t wait to read more. I’m relatively new to blogging and getting my finances in order. My husband and I just paid off a significant amount of credit card debt, but still have a long (long, long) way to go in increasing our net worth. Thank you for sharing this information – it is so helpful! I’m interested in learning more about blogging and self-employment, so you definitely have another reader here 🙂

  7. Funny about Money

    That is beyond awesome! At your age I wouldn’t have even imagined having stashed over half a million bucks in savings.

    Soo…presumably by the time you’re my age, you’ll be worth a couple million! 😀

  8. Crystal @ BFS

    @CoffeeisMyPlasma, great name! LOL. Welcome to the BFS family! And congratulations on paying off the credit card debt – that is an AWESOME first step. 🙂 Everything is even better from here!

    @Funny, I feel bad since it seems odd to have a big chunk of it in real estate, but there it is. 🙂 A couple of million is what we are hoping to hit in about 10-15 years. Thanks for all of your support!

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