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Marketing that Works! These Comercials Are Hilarious!!!

Mr. BFS and I have cable and we love our DVR.  That means that I generally do not watch commercials.  Almost anything trying to sell me something that I didn’t want to start with is ignored completely.  BUT, I do love funny.  And I do not mind watching a commercial if it is dang hilarious.

Gotta Love the Funny

Two examples of super funny, worth watching for a quick chuckle commercials are below.  Please note, I am not an affiliate of Poo Pourri or AT&T Digital Life.  Altogether, this will take up about 3.5 minutes of your life, but you will be laughing most of that time.

Marvelous Marketing

Thanks to these commercials and reviews, I will be buying a bottle of Poo Pourri (and will probably review it here, minus the British accent).  I actually emailed them to get a free bottle for me to review, but they have been inundated with similar requests ever since this commercial went live.  That’s pretty cool.  I also looked into AT&T Digital Life and we may get it installed down the line since it is a larger expense than a $10-$15 bottle of Poo Pourri.  Overall, these are two products that I had heard of before, but I hadn’t looked into them at all until I saw their You Tube commercials.

That’s amazing marketing at work.  I received a BBA with honors in Marketing.  I chose that major specifically so I could help create ads like this one day – ads so humorous that the fact that they are selling something wouldn’t be held against them.  I obviously went in another direction, but I can still appreciate a job well done.  Here’s a big high five to both groups of creators for the commercials above!

What do you think?  Are funny sales pitches like these way better than the normal stuff to you too?

6 thoughts on “Marketing that Works! These Comercials Are Hilarious!!!”

  1. Anne @ Unique Gifter

    Haha, I’ve used PooPourri before, but I don’t know if it works super well or not. We were at a cottage full of people drinking heavily and not everyone used it… so it’s hard to tell.
    I wanted to buy Old Spice because their commercials were so ridiculously awesome 🙂

  2. Kostas @ Finance Zone

    That PooPourri had me laughing so hard when I first saw it. I honestly thought it was just a joke until I visited their website. For the most part, I find humorous commercials just that, humorous, I’m not sure they compel me to purchase the products though.

  3. Khaleef @ Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet

    That PooPourri commercial is great! I can’t imagine someone not wanting to buy a bottle after seeing that one.

    Did she say that she’ll be on him like “a homeless guy on a porkchop”??? Those rats were too funny!

    Great picks lol.

  4. Crystal @ BFS

    @Anne, my bottle is on the way, so we’ll see how it works here with not drunk people. And yes, I don’t like how Old Spice smells, but I even thought about it for a split second. 🙂

    @Kostas, I think I was compelled because it’s a product with my self-consciousness in mind. 😀

    @Khaleef, hehehe. “Like a bum on a prokchop.” Yep. Talking guinea pigs usually creep me out in commercials, but this was just too funny.

  5. Dee

    Lol! Thank you for sharing! Without a TV, I miss the actual worth while commercials.

  6. Canadianbudgetbinder

    Thank you for the laughs, I haven’t seen those ones before. Although I will have to admit your funny commercials/adverts are of a different sense of humour. Coming from the UK, there are many British adverts that I can say are funny, but you may think they’re a little bizarre. The John West bear fight over a salmon advert springs to mind instantly.
    If it’s funny enough, you tend to get people passing on the joke so the companies advertising campaign reaches a larger audience.

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