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How I Make Money Blogging Challenger Group – 2.5 Year Update

In July 2012, I introduced you to the five bloggers that decided to take the How I Make Money Blogging Challenge (HIMMB).  They used my eBook and wanted to see what would happen for them.  There were updates along the way – 3 weeks, 5 weeks, 10 weeks, 6 months, and then the last update at 1 year.  Only two were still blogging by then – The Budget Professional and Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap.

How I Make Money Blogging

SherryH then came along last week and asked this question as her entry into my monthly newsletter giveaway:

My question for the month: Quite a while ago, after “How I Make Money Blogging” came out, you did a blogging challenge, with several people starting blogs following advice in the book. I know it’s been way more than a year, so the challenge is officially over. Do you know if any of them are still blogging? If you (and they) are interested, a followup might be kind of fun.

And then Helen from Contented Momma answered as you’ll see below, so I emailed all of them to ask what’s happened since July 2012.

Only a small percentage of bloggers make it past the 1 year mark in general, so I wasn’t too surprised that most of these bloggers aren’t blogging.  But that isn’t the end of the story.  All of these people are still around and living life.  Here is the 2.5 year update of the HIMMB Challenge group!  Thanks for the interest and thanks to the challengers for participating and sending in their updates!

How I Make Money Blogging Challengers

Here were the five HIMMB Challengers and where they are now:

The Budget Professional – Handling Life

The Budget Professional is owned and ran by Wendy.  She’s had a rough time…

From the Blogger:

2.5 years. WOW. Time goes by so very, very fast – so fast I almost can’t comprehend it. Seems like it was just yesterday, and boy, do I wish I could go back 2.5 years. What I would do differently!

I am going to try and get the budget blog going this time. Really. This time I really am. Really. I don’t have a choice. Why start a blog?

Not long after launching my blog on how to create your own website, a whole lotta things happened. Job loss, death, cancer diagnosis, debt, and more debt – so  I went back to work about two years ago. A small business owner called me and asked me to come over for two weeks and straighten out all of his accounting and payroll since his office manager had quit three weeks previous. I went over to work for only two weeks and fix the mess – and two years later I was still there.

That business got really busy – so busy the owner decided to expand into a second shop. I should have left then, because I ended up doing the work of two people, doing a lot of work I wasn’t paid to do, and doing a lot of work I didn’t get paid enough to do. Work life was absolutely crazy, and I watched the business I was working for bloom and prosper while my business ended up at the bottom of File 13. There is a reason a J.O.B. is known as Just Over Broke.

In the construction industry, when a job is finished, they call it “going to the house”. Well, I finally went home. I quit that job the middle of December. I had to. I came down with pneumonia in September, and didn’t work one day in October. Went back to work the end of October, worked a week, and called in sick again because the pneumonia came back. I could not shake the crud bug, and when the doc prescribed yet another round of antibiotics, and a round of prednisone, AND told me the rattle in my chest was coming back … well, it doesn’t take too many 2×4 up-the-side-of-the-head moments before I finally pay attention. I quit the job with the intention of going home and getting well.

I am going to get started with the budget blog, pick up my content writing contacts again, and a whole lot more. I intend to get the blog  going and try to monetize it this time around and make some money. Read more: How to make a lot of money fast.

I have a couple of traffic check plug-in’s installed on the blog, and I also watch my server traffic stats. What surprises me is the traffic. Even with all the months there were no posts, the average traffic was still about 500 unique visitors a month, and they spend time there.

SO – I do think there is a market out there for blog posts about business and taxes, particularly for the self-employed, small biz people? I sure hope so, as that is my focus going forward. I’m also working on a couple of Kindle books, and I’ve got a few ideas for products I can create, add to the blog and hopefully sell.

Stay tuned!

Contented Momma – Found Her Niche

“Contented Momma” was owned and ran by Helen.

From the Blogger:

I love writing but I quickly realized that with two kids at home it would be a LOT more work than I had time for. I also felt overwhelmed by all of the ideas out there for monetizing and SEO, etc. I didn’t have the drive to make this into a full time career.

However I still love reading blogs and saw a ‘job posting’ from one of my favorite ones in April 2013. I am now site editor at one blog (for the past 18 months!), editing/formatting assistant at another, and I just now started as a Virtual Assistant at a large blog/sales site and am very excited for the opportunity. Without your eBook and challenge I don’t know that I would have gotten connected to the blogging world like this and be able to help support my family while still being home with the kids.

Call Me What You Want, Even Cheap – Found Other Online Jobs

Call Me What You Want Even Cheap is owned and ran by Shondell.  She hasn’t gotten back to my email request for an update yet, but she was doing really well a year into the challenge:

I haven’t been as active on Call Me What You Want Even Cheap as I use to because I started freelancing, and realized that I could make money from blogging by providing content for businesses and blogs and more than I was from my site. So my focus has shifted to my writing business than my blog. I have been extremely fortunate that I am getting clients when just a few years ago I didn’t even know about blogging. I currently write for realtors, builders, contractors, many small businesses as well as personal finance blogs.

Motivated Madison – On a New Path

Motivated Madison” was owned and ran by Madison.  A year into the challenge, she decided to leave Motivated Madison and start Planet Mads.  It looks like she’s left that one now too.  I hope she’s doing great and found something exciting and fun to do next!

Weird About Money – Normal Blogging Example

Weird About Money” was owned and ran by Brett.  He didn’t get very far before life led him off into other things.  This is completely normal and happens to a vast majority of bloggers.

Thanks to SherryH for asking about this, it was fun to get back the two updates!  It also shocks me that it has been 2.5 years already since my first eBook…anyway, thanks!

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  1. Steph

    I understand were Wendy is coming from when she says she went to work for someone for 2 weeks and is still there 2 years later. I did the same thing!

  2. Crystal @ BFS

    @Steph, was it good or bad for you?

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