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As you may know, I am not trying to have a child right now.  This does mean that I use birth control.  The problem with this is that I use a name brand birth control that costs $90-$120 for one month if I try to buy it without insurance (Nuva Ring).  On my old insurance, it was $75 for 3 months through Medco.  With my new insurance, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into.

No Paperwork

I don’t know if we just never received our insurance and prescription cards or if we ate them or something, but I could not find an insurance card or any information in my house.  This meant that I had to call the benefits line of my husband’s school district to find out where I’d need to start just to get the info I needed to see a doctor or order prescriptions.

That nice lady gave me the info for Aetna and CareMark.  The Aetna rep explained our plan to me and showed me how to go online to get all of the details I needed about the HealthCare Fund that is used to help us cover our deductible.  We apparently have $1237 in there already, yay!  That means we would only be on the hook for $1200-$3500 of expenses no matter what happens this year.  If we don’t use it, it will also roll over.  Double yay!  But Aetna couldn’t help me with my prescription, so I called Caremark.

The New Price

Caremark explained that I could pick up a 3 month supply of my birth control directly from my CVS, but it will be $175.  OUCH!!!  I went from $300 a year to $700 a year by becoming self employed.  BUT, I also went from netting $2000 a month to netting $6000 on average a month so far, so I will stop b*tching whining.  Plus, $60 a month is better than $90 a month.

I know at this point that a bunch of people may be yelling at their monitor that I should use a cheaper birth control, like the pill, for $10 a month.  Or I may have some people yelling at me to suck it up and get pregnant.  But I do not stay on a regular enough schedule to trust myself to take a pill at the same time every day and I do not want a baby as of yet.

So, nearly 3 hours since I started on my task to become more enlightened about our insurance, I have successfully figured out how to go to the doctor and get prescriptions filled.  I also have real insurance cards being delivered to our house and printed off temporary ones in the meantime.  I also have the benefits site URL for future use and research.  Finally, I have the login info to check on our HealthFund balance whenever I want.  Yay, it was a productive, if annoying, 3 hours.

Why does insurance need to be so complicated?  Why did I have to call 3 different people to find out about two things?  Why did I put off learning about our new plan for 2 1/2 months?  Do you ever feel like this?