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Life is Too Short to Spend Time Ironing Sheets

As I have said before, my husband and I love our bi-weekly housekeeper, Jacqui.  She’s been our friend and housekeeper for more than 5 years now.  She keeps our home liveable since we are too lazy to do much more than dishes and laundry on a regular basis.

Anyway, I was washing our sheets and placing them on the bed last week before Jacqui arrived since my husband loves the way she makes the bed but I do not like asking her to lift the heavy Tempurpedic to put on the fitted sheet.  As I was throwing the top sheet on the bed willy-nilly since Jacqui has her own way of tucking it anyway, I realized the sheets were a little wrinkly since they had been left in the dryer a little while before I grabbed them.

My reaction to wrinkly sheets?  I don’t care.  But I do realize that quite a few people iron their sheets to make them look crisp on the bed.

I am now arguing that life is too damn short to iron bed sheets.

Life is Too Short

I have been volunteering at a local nursing home for almost two months now on behalf of a hospice group.  My main person to visit has been Mrs. H, a 70-something, spunky lady who I believe is slowly dying of heart disease of some sort.  I visit her at least once a week and we usually chat about everything – her family, my new house under construction, and my plans for the week since she asks.

Last week I was talking about my husband’s birthday and the fact that Mr. BFS finally caught up with me for a little while and is 29 years old.  Her response was to look me dead in the eyes and say, “Remember to take care of him.  Husbands do not last long.”

That really hit me.  Her husband passed away 10-15 years ago and she misses him so much.  My hubby and I are now both 29, and although we try not to take anything for granted, somedays we do slip into that.  Life is too short and I do not know when I will lose the ones I love or when they will lose me.

Things I Won’t Do

That said, here is the list of things off the top of my head that I refuse to waste time on since they do not give me, personally, enough satisfaction to justify the time spent:

  • Ironing sheets (and Jacqui doesn’t iron our sheets either).
  • Ironing clothing (I just hang them up out of the dryer and buy fabrics that are tough to screw up).
  • In fact, ironing anything seems like a waste to me.  I sold our iron for $10 since we had not used it ever in 11 years.
  • Daily makeup – I just use foundation when I am going out.  If I am just staying in or seeing friends and family, I don’t bother.
  • Hair care.  I shampoo and condition my hair once or twice a week, let it air dry, and brush it before going out.  Sometimes I put it into a ponytail if I don’t want it in my face.  Other than that, it is all natural all the time – might as well use the benefit of having low maintenance, red hair.
  • Chores.  We do our dishes and our laundry regularly, but Jacqui handles the rest like the floors and bathrooms.  For Jacqui, she is trading her time on the chores for cash.  I rather trade my time online for cash.  Mr. BFS trades his time for fixing bowling machines for cash.  I think everyone has some job they rather do than others…life is too short not to outsource the jobs you do not like if you can afford to.
  • Lawn care.  I will water once in a while and weed once in a while, but overall, the $25 we spend every two weeks on Ben to take care of our lawn is more than worth it to me.

In general, I refuse to spend time on anything I absolutely dislike anymore.  The more I talk to Mrs. H and the other nursing home residents, the more I realize that I want to spend as much time possible with the people I love.  Period.  I enjoy blogging and my online jobs, which is awesome.  It is amazing to be able to earn a living on something that doesn’t suck my soul out through my ears.  But overall, my priority in life will always be the people in it.

My hope is that I can look back on my life 50 years down the road and have as few regrets as possible.  To me, that means not wasting a freaking second on ironing sheets.

What do you refuse to waste time on?  I know we all have different priorities, so this should be fun!

49 thoughts on “Life is Too Short to Spend Time Ironing Sheets”

  1. Jessica @ Budget for Health

    I refuse to waste extra time working extra hours at my salaried job. I value being married to my husband, not my job. I can work hard while I’m there and leave content with having a life to live outside of a job.

  2. mycanuckbuck

    I’m so with you. I don’t waste time on little things no one will notice or care about anyways. Ironing sheets, ironing clothes (wash and wear for me!), hours on make up and hair (hey, we are a lot a like) and gourmet meals. I will try to eat healthy, but quick and simple meals are okay by me!

  3. Call Me What You Want Even Cheap

    Life is too short to be stressed, and it is a huge time waster. I refuse to waste time being stressed, or allow other people to try and stress me out.

  4. Michelle

    Great list! And I agree, life is too short to do things that you do not want to do.

  5. my honest answer

    I’m with you! I also don’t waste time on petty things, like swearing at people who cut me up in traffic, or getting annoyed about a queue at the grocery store. It doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

    I also don’t iron. But I have started to really pick up after myself, because I’m also learning that life is too short to always be frustrated by mess everywhere, and being unable to find things. I guess we all have to figuring out which things matter to us, and then get rid of the ones that don’t. Great post.

  6. Very good point. I refuse to waste time keeping my house spotless. I refuse to make my bed unless we know someone will be touring the house. We will just mess it up again at night!

  7. Budget & the Beach

    Oh man I wish I could maintain my hair less but it’s limp and fine, and every time I work out it does a nice job soaking up sweat, so I have to pretty much wash (or at least condition) every day. I would say life is too short to worry about what other people think of you. I have spent way too much time in the past doing this. Not worth it!

  8. Evan

    I don’t waste time on being angry for shit that doesn’t matter…life is too short to be miserable

  9. Daisy

    Oh, it’s definitely too short to iron sheets. And make the bed in the morning. And to not enjoy chocolate or ice cream on a regular basis.

  10. Kathleen @ Frugal Portland

    I second what Daisy says, because ironing sheets is so far removed from my normal life! Life is too short to demean yourself.

  11. Crystal @ BFS

    @Jessica, good idea!

    @My Canuck Buck, we are very similar! Mr. BFS spends hours in the kitchen about twice a week making a fine meal for me or our friends because he enjoys the results, but I rarely spend more than 5 minutes throwing something together just for me. 10-20 minutes if I am making dinner for both of us and we don’t want sandwiches…

    @Call Me, I try not to stress but I am a worry-wart, so it is difficult…

    @Michelle, dang skippy. 🙂

    @My Honest Answer, I actually enjoy coming up with interesting ways to cuss out bad drivers, but only to myself to make me feel better. And we have learned too that picking up after ourselves leads to less stress overall. 🙂

    @Lance, oh, good one! We also refuse to make the bed since we just mess it up every night. 🙂

    @Budget & The Beach, so true! I have spent way too much time worrying about what others think…isn’t most of teenagerdom spent like that for almost everyone? Total waste of time.

    @Evan, this is why I like my Irish temper…I usually blow up and don’t think about it much after that.

    @Daisy, I am right with you on the chocolate and ice cream thing!!!

  12. Denise @ The Single Saver

    Great list. That is truly what ‘budgeting in the fun stuff’ is about in life. But for the life of me, I don’t know how you get away with never using an iron!!!

  13. Crystal @ BFS

    @Kathleen, oh yes, way to short to put yourself down. Such a good point!

  14. Crystal @ BFS

    @Denise, hehehe. Anything that has a few wrinkles can be hung in the bathroom as we shower. The steam makes it way easier to just beat off the wrinkles with our hands. Worst case, I wear something wrinkly – big whoop. 🙂

  15. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

    I hear you on the lawn care issue. I’m happy to pick up after my dog, but the boys can mow the lawn!

  16. Crystal @ BFS

    @Jenna, since we don’t use our small back yard, dog poop is considered mulch. 🙂 In the next house, there will be a designated side yard area for the dogs and the entire rest of the back yard will be poop free – I will pick up any accidents that happen before they make it to their side yard gate though. But I am hoping they can hold it for the 10 seconds it will take to get them to their poop area, lol.

  17. krantcents

    Next month, my wife and I will celebrate our 44th anniversary. We plan on tying our walkers together in the old age home. LOL! We try to laugh about something everyday. I fell in love with my wife because she thought I was funny. We spend time on things we consider important and do the other things as needed. Placing a priority on what is important is difficult when you are in the moment. I think she and I really help each other with this issue.

  18. Emily @ evolvingPF

    Wait, wait. What? WHAT? People iron sheets?! Why?!?! We don’t even make our bed!

    I don’t value my time very highly, I guess because my job doesn’t pay much in terms of an hourly rate. We can’t afford to outsource thing we are capable of doing ourselves. But we do leave things undone, like I don’t wear makeup at all or do anything with my hair beyond ponytails.

  19. Crystal @ BFS

    @Krantcents, awww, I am sure you two are a very adorable couple. 😉

    @Emily, that was my reaction too!!! Hence the post. And yeah, makeup is generally a waste of time to me. I have the vanity level that allows me to do mostly nothing…I may dab on some foundation if I have some pimples or something and am meeting people for the first time…and I did cover up a big bruise on my face just because I didn’t want Mr. BFS arrested because my dog accidentally head butted me in the face when I went to pick him up…

  20. JW @ AllThingsFinance

    I agree that some things are just not worth doing yourself. I refuse to wash my car these days since it only costs $10 at the local car wash. I use the simple rule, “is my time worth more than the amount it will cost?”. If so, I pay somebody else to do it.

  21. eemusings

    I don’t even own an iron!

    I also don’t own a hairdryer or curler…. I don’t waste any time or money on my hair. It’s straight, limp and coarse and I just brush it and ago – it’s not worth struggling with.

  22. Amanda L Grossman

    Add my husband and I to the list of people who do not make their bed! I only make it on Friday mornings (I am of on Fridays from my day job) so that I can fold the laundry clothes on top of it.

    Oh, and if company is coming:).

  23. Sheryl

    One more to the not-making-the-bed list. I do it every now and again because my honey loves it, but I value sleeping in in the morning and having time before work to unwind WAY more than I appreciate it if the bed is made.

  24. Mike

    I’m just amazed that anyone irons sheets. I honestly didn’t know that anyone did that.

  25. Julie @ Freedom 48

    I totally agree with not wasting time to iron most clothing. I pull out the iron a few times each year for the odd blouse or dress shirt – but otherwise, I do the “poor man’s ironing” method – by throwing clothes in the dryer for 5min and pulling them out when they’re good and hot!

    I also hate wasting time sweeping and vacuuming. I sweep and vacuum our house once each week… but I have friends who do it daily!

  26. Cat Alford @ BudgeBlonde.com

    This is absolutely hilarious. I’ve never ironed sheets in my life. And, when hubs and I make the bed together, like a brat I hurry up and get the third corner so he is left with the 4th – haha. He puts up with so much. Such a great message all around!

  27. Kim

    I have been trying to justify a cleaning lady to myself for some time now, but can’t quite get my mother’s voice saying “Why would you pay good money to someone for doing something you can do yourself?” out of my head. Maybe I’ll get there at some point, as I LOATHE mopping and ironing.

  28. GHarkness

    Well, I guess I have to be different!

    Nope, don’t iron sheets. Don’t iron clothes. But, don’t laugh: I have to have an iron, because I iron….MONEY!

    I am the treasurer for a charitable organization that accepts donations at our monthly meetings. It’s my job to deposit said money, and a good bit of it is in cash. Our bank allows us to make deposits directly into their ATM machines, and it counts the cash. BUT – only if it’s clean and straight and not too limp. Otherwise, it spits it right back out at me!

    So, every month when we arrive home from the meeting, I run grab the iron to get the cash ready, while hubby makes snide remarks about my “money-laundering activities.”

    Life is fun! 🙂

  29. Kris @ BalancingMoneyandLife

    Iron? What’s that?

    Life is too short for sure. I hate cleaning my house, and in the short term to tackle debt we’ve given up our cleaning service – and I hate it. AS soon as possible, I’m hiring her back!

    And right now my work is the other issue. I have a Blackberry but refuse to look at it when I’m off. My time off is MINE, and they don’t get to own me any more.

  30. BryanSr

    Very nice thought provoking post.
    Even though I am getting a bit older, I truly enjoy talking to people that have been around longer then I have. There is great wisdom with those gray hairs. :-).

  31. ODWO

    We draw the line at getting our socks ironed. 😉

    I agree. Life is too short for such un-necessary activities. Besides, sheets were made for getting wrinkled.

    I really dislike setting alarm clocks.

  32. smile

    The older I get, the more I realize how much time and energy I have wasted on small, insignificant things. Now, at 28, I am trying to enjoy my life and my daughter, while trying to find happiness in my career! Iron sheets? Who has time for that ridiculousness?! 🙂

  33. Mary

    Life is definitely too short to live like a pig.
    I enjoy living as if I owned the most wonderful castle. No wrinkles in the sheets here. No skanky meals just thrown together. If the good life is fine for millionaires then it is just fine for me and the people I love. My family is equal in value to that of any Nobel prize winner’s family, or President’s family, or King’s family.
    Yes, I do the work, not someone else. I think life is to short to pay someone to clean my mess and dirt. Why would I tell anyone to clean my toilet? After all they have dignity too and their worth is the same as mine.
    Life is too short to waste on useless nightclubs and pointless training for Olympic events, so I spend that time creating my neatness-counts world.

  34. Crystal @ BFS

    @JW, good point!

    @EEMusings, right there with you. 🙂

    @Amanda, lol, I would do it if company was going in my bedroom…maybe…

    @Sheryl, hahaha. It’s amazing what little things we will do for our significant others to see them smile. 🙂

    @Mike, yep…in fact check out a commenter below, lol.

    @Julie, we sweep and vacuum about once every two weeks…I actually think we should do it weekly but other stuff just takes priority and we run out of oomph.

    @Cat, I’m a brat and give hubby the edges towards the head board since they are the bitchiest, hahaha.

    @Kim, see, my dad is the dude that always wonders why I would pay someone to mow our small yard…I think loathing something is a good enough reason, lol.

    @Gharkness, ah, so you’ve figured out the legal method of money laundering…smart. 😉

    @Kris, exactly. Time is priceless.

    @Bryan Sr, yes there is. 🙂

    @ODWO, alarm clocks suck.

    @Smile, right on!

  35. Crystal @ BFS

    @Mary, wow, your disdain is palpable. It’s lovely you took time out of your castle’s cleaning schedule to stop by and throw around phrases like “live like a pig” and “skanky meals” and “tell anyone else to clean my toilet”. I guess life isn’t too short to insult people for no good reason, lol.

    Have a great rest of weekend.

    By the way, Jonathan Horton is a family friend and he definitely would argue your point about training for the Olympics. It’s given him pride, career options, and it is how he met his wife who he absolutely adores.

  36. Jerry

    I think you are spot on. Although, I do wash my hair a bit more often. Just too greasy otherwise. Life is too short to be too fussy about a lot of things. It leads to stress and worrying about stuff that’s just not that important. I think your insurance for staying focused on the things and people you love is to make them your first priority.

  37. Bridget

    As soon as my student loans are paid off, hiring a housekeeper is first on my list!

  38. Steve Millen

    Yes, I have to agree life is definitely too short to iron sheets and shirts. You will be better off enjoying chocolate or ice cream on a regular basis and do some jogging.

  39. Greta Brueggeman

    Bed sheets should always be cleaned periodically to avoid bed bugs. ^

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