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In March, Ninja at Punch Debt in the Face wrote a letter to himself 10 years later and challenged others to do the same.  I came across one of those letters in late March at Fiscal Geek and another mid-April at 151 Days Off.  The letters were amazing and made me want to participate.  Here’s what I’d write to my 37 year old self:

Dear Red,

You’ve been with hubby for 19 years now…are we happily celebrating our 15th anniversary?  Do you still snuggle in the mornings before work or give each other head massages when you’re stressed?  Do you still make each other laugh?  Does he still refuse to let you cook the main meals because he “fears death”, oh, and does he still over-compliment your sandwiches in an attempt to get you to make them instead?  Most importantly, are you two still in love? 

If you answered no to any of these, you should work on that.  Laugh more.  Loosen up.  Unless of course he did something supremely crappy.  Then you should…never mind…leave no proof.  🙂

So, did we change our minds on the kid front?  If we didn’t, do we have more dogs?  If we did, I hope he or she is healthy and not a pain-in-the-butt like you were.  I would hate for Mom to have been right.  You know any kid you have is going to be a smart-a$$, right?  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Is hubby a great dad?  I bet he surprised himself.

How is our money looking?  Did BFS take off?  Is the house paid off as planned?  Did hubby talk you into trading up yet?  I hope not.  Stick to your guns and keep his mind off it.  You know how…buy him some board games or something.  (Haha, you didn’t think that was what I was going to say).

Anyway, are we still on track to retire in 15 more years?  If not, why?  I don’t want to work into our 60’s, do you?

Are you still a nice person?  Have you made someone random smile today?  I hope we still have a good sense of humor.  I also hope we still help others.  If you haven’t volunteered for a while, schedule that for this weekend.  You know you want to and there are a ton of places that appreciate our time.

Okay, please make sure that you make the rest of our life fun.  Love hubby some more, you know he’s crazy about you.  Make a silly joke or use that kid voice we always fall into.  If you haven’t been silly lately, man up and try it out.  You know we love to laugh.

Red at 27…the one who hopes we had a great 10 years…

That was fun.  Do any of you have any comments or questions for your future selves?