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Switching your diet to a healthy, whole foods based one can be expensive! These are great tips for how to afford lean turkey and how to make Weight Watchers cheaper by using effective meal planning. As a bonus, it saves money on groceries and makes dinner prep faster!

As you may have read, my husband and I joined Weight Watchers.  They assigned each of us a certain amount of daily food points.  In an effort to conserve as many of our assigned points as possible, my husband decided to buy us some 99% lean ground turkey instead of the regular 93% lean stuff.  Do you know how much that stupid turkey cost?! $12 for 2.5 pounds!!!  Almost $5 a pound! I am sorry, but that is nuts. Somehow I didn’t have any food coupons for this.

After a few minutes of questioning my husband’s sanity followed by a few more minutes of just being ticked off, I asked my mother why the heck super lean ground turkey possibly costs so much.  She then explained that turkey has to be put through the meat grinders twice as often as beef since turkey has tougher “fibers”.  Plus, 99% lean means that we bought pure ground turkey breast instead of a jumble of turkey meat.  That makes me feel a teeny-tiny bit better.

Okay, that sort of makes sense…but come on!  $5 a pound?!  We can’t afford that on a regular basis.  How many people can?

A closer inspection of the final bill also made me realize that we paid $3.19 for a small package of Fat Free Shredded Cheddar.  Last week he paid $3 a pound for grapes ($8 total for 2-3 days worth of grapes…).  Not only am I scared to ever let Mr. BFS shop for us again, but I am extremely worried that I cannot afford to eat much healthier.  Regular $77 grocery bills for 3 bags of food is just not going to happen.

Here’s my current plan of attack:

  • Reduce portion sizes to ACTUAL portion sizes.
  • Leave out the higher point ingredients whenever possible.
  • Save up my 7 daily “extra” points for the weekends since I don’t want to give up potlucks.
  • Cry/whine a little about the $8 grapes and $12 turkey.
  • Convince hubby that the 93% lean ground turkey at $2.30 a pound is nearly as great…we talked and he said “okay”, but he used his pouty voice…grrr…

*Update* Jennie O’s 99% lean turkey was $6 a pound but HEB’s brand was $3.50 (hubby just didn’t look)…much more reasonable, but still a little crazy to me.  How are you coping with food prices?  Are you also avoiding some healthier options since the price is so high?