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Summer Vacation in Las Vegas Again, Woot!

Mr. BFS and I have taken a summer vacation of some sort every summer for the past 7 years. It’s a tradition we both love. Don’t get me wrong, we take other vacations too, but we splurge for the summer one. We also only seem to go one of three places – Las Vegas, Louisiana, or a Caribbean cruise.

Here’s where we’ve taken our summer vacation since 2004:

  • 2004: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 2005: Las Vegas for our honeymoon
  • 2006: Kinder, Louisiana
  • 2007: Las Vegas
  • 2008: Las Vegas
  • 2009: 5 day Caribbean cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines
  • 2010: 7 day Caribbean cruise on Carnival Cruise Lines

Truth be told, I prefer cheap cruises since I am addicted to snorkeling in water clearer than Galveston’s (which is all water…), but Mr. BFS leans towards Las Vegas, so we plan to rotate now. I am really excited and made sure this summer vacation in Las Vegas trip is going to be a heck of a lot of fun!

Here’s the current breakdown of our plans and costs:

  • 2 roundtrip non-stop airfares and 4 nights at The Golden Nugget – $875 including trip cancellation insurance
  • 2 Tickets to Marriage Can Be Murder (my pick), a comedy murder mystery dinner show – $110
  • 2 Tickets to Cirque Du Soleil (his pick) – $130
  • Hugo’s Cellar restaurant reservation (our favorite) – estimating $100
  • We may go to the Tournament of Kings dinner show again (another joint pick) – $120
  • Two taxi rides from and to the airport – $60
  • Bus passes for the strip – $20
  • Lazy river (his pick but I completely agreed) – $30
  • Additional Food – estimating high $200
  • Souvenirs – estimating high $50
  • Gambling – Whatever’s left from $2000

So that comes to $1695 with $305 for gambling. Mr. BFS also usually brings his own fun money since he likes to gamble more than me. In short, our vacation account is taking a $2000 hit as usual, but I think it’s going to be the best Vegas trip since our honeymoon!!! I am really looking forward to the comedy dinner show and the lazy river. He is really looking forward to the acrobats and gambling. This is going to be awesome!

What’s your favorite summer vacation? Any traditions? We tried cruises based on recommendations, so please let me know about all the cool stuff you do!

30 thoughts on “Summer Vacation in Las Vegas Again, Woot!”

  1. LifeAndMyFinances

    My wife and I were lucky enough to score a free vacation this summer! Her work needs her to drive their coach to California, so we graciously volunteered. 🙂 I can’t wait!

  2. Niki

    Oh sounds like fun. Both the mystery dinner and Cirque Du Soleil are on my list of things to do. Have a great time.

  3. Nicole

    Have fun!

    We visit family and go to conferences. That’s about it.

  4. Melissa

    I have never been to Vegas. I would like to go someday, but he is convinced the only thing to do there is gamble, which we usually don’t do. Maybe if you share your vacation in a post, I can show him otherwise. 🙂

    Have a great time!

  5. Money Beagle

    Have you thought about taking a shuttle to and from the airport? It should be available and you should be able to save some money that way.

  6. Everyday Tips

    Sounds like a great plan!

    I think my favorite summer vacation was a drive out to the east coast we had. We stopped in Cooperstown, NY to see the baseball hall of fame. Then we went to Boston for a few days and saw some absolutely awesome 4th of July fireworks. We then drove up to Bar Harbor, Maine and spent a few days in Acadia National Park.

    My favorite winter vacation was a trip to Disneyworld a year ago. The weather was cold, but I really needed that trip, and it was just so nice to do nothing but have fun for a week.

  7. Denise @ The Single Saver

    I love going to the eastern NC beaches – very relaxing and not very expensive, all things considered. To be honest, I am happy any place with a beach! Like you, I love snorkeling. A couple years ago I snorkeled in Mexico (Caribbean side) and saw some of the most amazing fish of anywhere else I have ever seen. I also enjoy cruises but am sort of “cruised out” right now.

  8. cashflowmantra

    I like the shuttle idea. I went to Vegas for a gymnastics meet with my son one year and after paying $20 for a taxi to take me from the airport across the highway to a hotel, decided to rent a car. We would have had to take a taxi to and from the gymnastics location 4 times at a minimum plus get back to the airport, and we would have been stuck without transportation. I decided to rent a car for $60, save money and have more fun.

  9. Linda

    I don’t usually take vacations in the summer months. I prefer to do so during the “shoulder seasons” when the prices usually are lower and the crowds smaller. My last two vacations were pretty typical of what I like: in March I went to Spain for 12 days and spent about as much you’ll be spending in Vegas; and last fall, I spent a long weekend in Milwaukee, which was just a short drive away. (And this year I’m thinking of going to Madison, Wisconsin for a long weekend…surprisingly I haven’t explored Wisonsin very much even though I’m only about a one hour drive from its border.)

    I guess I like to try taking one big trip and one smaller trip throughout the year. Everybody is different, though. I’m not much of a beach or cruise person, although I did like the Galapagos cruise I took a few years ago. (And if you like snorkeling you’d LOVE to do so in the Galapagos! Look into a cruise through those islands!)

  10. Car Negotiation Coach

    Your three locations sound very similar to our favorite picks. I love Vegas and go once a year with my buddies. Never heard of Hugos….so I guess that’s worth checking out? I’ll have to look it up.

    I cant’ do Cirque De Soeil though because the one time I did it gave me nightmares for years!

  11. Car Negotiation Coach

    Ok….looks like Hugo’s Cellar may be more appropriate for when my wife is with me and not the boy :).

  12. Car Negotiation Coach

    meant “boys”, plural

  13. Crystal @ BFS

    @LifeAndMyFinances, I hope you all have a great time!

    @Niki, I’ll let you know how they both are then so you’ll have a heads up when you go. 🙂

    @Nicole, I have been to some fun conferences – I hope you have a good time!

    @Melissa, I am not a huge gambler – Pai Gow Poker and video poker are really the only things I like since you can sit down with $40 and play for hours usually, lol. I will do a full Vegas post when we get back to let your hubby see all the non-gambling fun. 🙂

    @Money Beagle, we tried using the shuttle the first time we went and it was awful. We ended up having to wait in 104 degrees for an hour or more in a very long line to get on and we still had to pay $15 each way (there were the two of us on our honeymoon). I rather pay double and have no waits – we only use the taxis to get to and from the airport. We use the Vegas bus system to get everywhere else we like to go. 🙂

    @Everyday Tips, Cooperstown would be great for Mr. BFS! Both of your trips sound like they were fantastic!

    @Denise, my favorite snorkeling was actually in the Grand Cayman since they have the same gorgeous fishes as Cozumel PLUS the sting rays were awesome. 🙂 Yeah, Mr. BFS is a little cruised-out too…

    @cashflowmantra, we would rent a car if we were making daily trips too since it’s so much easier. But we are staying on Fremont Street, and the strip’s bus system works great from Fremont Street and all the way up the strip, so we just spend the $5 a day for bus passes. As for the airport shuttle – it’s about half price but we had a really awful experience with it (see my comment to Money Beagle above). It’s taxis to the airport for us now, lol.

    @Linda, yeah, being married to a school librarian limits us to the expensive months of travel for our big trips. 🙁 We also take several small vacations throughout the year and just one big summer one. This year, we’ve been to a friend’s ranch house for a long weekend in April and another 3 day weekend to Dallas, TX for a curling tournament at the beginning of May. Then we’re hitting Las Vegas for our big week vacation, Missouri for another 3-day curling tournament in August, Chicago for me for the 3-day Financial Blogger Conference in September, and then our annual 4 day board gaming conference in south Houston at the end of the year. 🙂 This will be our biggest travel year ever, lol.

    Reading over your travels, I am now adding Galapagos to my bucket list!!! I don’t know if Mr. BFS ever wants to visit Spain, but we are planning a 14 day cruise down the road to Rome and a few other ports in Europe. You sound like a heck of a travel buddy!

  14. Crystal @ BFS

    @Car Negotiation Coach, hahaha, yes, Hugo’s Cellar is an overly expensive, romantic restuarant in the basement of the Four Queen’s Hotel and Casino. Probably not the boys-night-out spot, lol. 😉

    Which Cirque Du Soleil gave you nightmares? They have 7 shows in Vegas now – the classic acrobats and circus-like thing (the one we’re seeing), a magic show, a stripper-looking show for women, a stripper-looking show for men, a dramatic play of some sort, and a couple of others that looked stupid to me, lol.

  15. retirebyforty

    Have a great time! I would love to see Cirque De Suleil in Vegas. Do they still have O? That looks like a great show. We have seen 4-5 different Cirque De Suleil shows when they come to town and it is always always a lot of fun every time.

  16. Crystal @ BFS

    @retirebyforty, oh yeah, one of them is O. My husband has never been to a circus before, so we went with Mystere. 🙂

  17. krantcents

    My all time favorite was a trip to the UK, we traveled with friends through England and Scotland for nearly 3 weeks. The second best was renting a house on the beach with friends when the children were small. We did this for 4 or 5 summers. Some really great memories and experiences.

  18. Laura|move to portugal

    My favourite summer location is Portugal (obvious yes? lol!). Our trips mainly consist on scouting locations now though…I also love NY, although prefer to go in Spring….Vegas is on Mr MTP’s travel list so we’ll probably make it there one day 🙂

  19. Jeff @ Sustainable life blog

    This looks like a great trip. I usually try to go somewhere in the summer as well, and for most summers, it’s to a national park somewhere nearby or maybe not nearby. Usually my only requirement is to go somewhere I havent been – this year I’m going to alaska for work, but staying afterword on my own time, and im looking forward to that.

  20. Squirrelers

    That sounds like a lot of fun. You might remember from my blog post that I was in Vegas a month ago, with a bunch of old friends who I discovered are cheaper than me! Your trip looks extravagant compared to my recent trip, LOL 🙂

    Anyway, your agenda seems like a lot of fun. Which Cirque show are you going to? We saw the Beatles one and it was pretty cool.

  21. Jen

    Sounds like a perfectly planned vacation to me! Enough amusements without being too much! You guys have worked hard this year and you deserve it. Your blog is growing amazingly and your hubby’s job is secure for another year. I hope you really enjoy your well-deserved vacation! Live it up!

  22. 20 and Engaged

    We’ll be starting our vacation in late Septmber for hubby’s birthday. It’ll be our honeymoon so I’m super excited, and we’re also going to Vegas! I’m going to check out some of the places you mentioned for our trip.

  23. Crystal @ BFS

    @krantcents, my husband and I will be doing a Great Britain trip in the next few years sometime – it sounds amazing!

    @Laura, I feel silly for having to ask, but what are the draws of Portugal to you? Hiking, swimming, etc?

    @Jeff, I have heard from my grandparents and uncle that Alaska is absolutely amazing. It’s on my to-visit list for sure!

    @Squirrelers, we’re seeing Mystere with the acrobats. 🙂

    @Jen, I hope it works out well. Thank you for the very kind words of support!

    @20 and Engaged, for our honeymoon, we went to the Tournament of Kings, Hugo’s Cellar, and a magic show we both can’t remember very well…a few year’s later we saw Penn and Teller and would totally substitute them in instead!

    Now, Hugo’s Cellar is overpriced. Like $20 for a salad overpriced, but they make the most amazing salads. They even have a cart with a ton of options (mini shrimp, sunflower seeds, artichoke hearts, different lettuces, etc) to let them know what you want and 5 different house dressings.

    Mr. BFS and I have started ordering a $20 appetizer (hot rock with meat usually – swordfish, chicken, and beef) and 2 salads for like $20 each. I like their free palate cleansers (yummy sorbets). Then we’re full and they give you chocolate dipped fruit for free as a dessert. And every lady is greeted with a rose that they wrap in aluminum foil for you when you leave so you don’t stab yourself, lol. 🙂 So, it’s $80 minimum for 2 people but very romantic. Oh, and if you two like wines, they have a heck of a variety and a sommlier (sp?) to help you pick (we don’t drink $50 wines, but it is an option, lol).

  24. Barb Friedberg

    Sounds fun! Hubby and I love Vegas and used to go a lot when we lived in California. Sounds like a good value for all of the fun. Plus, maybe you will win in the casinos!

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