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Las Vegas 2011 Budget Breakdown

Mr. BFS and I went to Las Vegas from 7/4/11 – 7/8/11. I budgeted for us to spend up to $3000, but was seriously hoping we could keep it all to $2000 or less.

Here was the final breakdown of our costs:

  • 2 roundtrip non-stop airfares and 4 nights at The Golden Nugget – $875 including travel insurance
  • 2 Tickets to Marriage Can Be Murder, a comedy murder mystery dinner show – $110
  • 2 Tickets to Cirque Du Soleil Mystere – $130
  • Hugo’s Cellar restaurant reservation (our favorite) – $95 with tip
  • Two taxi rides from and to the airport – $55 with tips
  • Bus passes for the strip – $14
  • Additional Food – $150
  • Additional Tips – $45
  • Souvenirs – $15
  • Gambling (Pai Gow for about 50 hours and Video Poker for about 10 hours) – $515
  • TOTAL = $2004

The most interesting points of the trip were:

  • Marriage Can Be Murder was funny and the cheesecake for dessert was DIVINE.
  • Cirque Du Soleil Mystere was pretty dang funny AND amazing.
  • I got a straight flush at the Pai Gow table.
  • Mr. BFShit a few 4 of kinds at video poker.
  • We both learned a new table game – Deuces Wild Stud Poker (lost $200 in one sitting and figured out that it wasn’t the game for us…)
  • The Chilean Sea Bass at Hugo’s Cellar was sooooooo good!
  • Mr. BFS and I decided I should quit my day job.
  • Found Nathan’s Hotdogs inside of The Mermaid – 99 cent hotdogs and 99 cents for 3 deep fried Oreos
  • I got to try deep fried Oreos for the first time ever – picture Oreos dipped in funnel cake batter, fried, and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. OMG! I am so glad there isn’t a deep fried Oreo booth around my house…
  • Found out that when a flight is delayed two hours around dinner time, the cheapest meal you can get is $9 at Burger King, so we split it and ate out when we landed at 2am…

Overall, we both had a great time and stayed pretty much on my targeted budget. I’m very happy with how it went and Mr. BFS wants to go back asap! I think we’ll be staying at Fitzgerald’s next time since we gambled there the most.

Have you been to Las Vegas? What were your favorite parts?

28 thoughts on “Las Vegas 2011 Budget Breakdown”

  1. 101 Centavos

    Deep fried Oreos sound AMAZING! Glad you kept the gambling to reasonable levels. 60 hours of entertainment for around 500 bucks sounds OK.

  2. Everyday Tips

    Straight Flush? Impressive!

    Never been to Vegas. I did go to one of our local casinos in Detroit and spent five bucks though (took 40 minutes to lose 5 dollars, I was on a roll!).

    One day I will get to Vegas. I would love to see the Grand Canyon and everything near there too. (Ok, maybe not EVERYTHING 🙂 )

  3. Hunter

    Vegas is a fun place, sounds like a great trip. I’ve only been there once, during a cross-country road trip. Sounding like a broken record, we had the kids, so our options were limited. The hotel pool on those 107 degree days was priceless though.

  4. Julie @ The Family CEO

    I like Vegas a lot and your breakdown makes me want to go back. Sounds like you got a lot of enjoyment for your $$$.

  5. Ashley @ Money Talks

    Fun! I don’t like to gamble but I do enjoy Vegas anyways. It’s fun to just walk around. It’s driving distance for us so I’ve been a few times but not recently, since it’s not really fun to take the kids.

  6. Niki

    Wow, the tickets and hotel sound like a great deal.

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. Oh, and I have deep fried Oreos, I am also glad they don’t have a stand near our house. I do appreciate fried foods, I am from the South.

  7. Jeffrey Trull

    I’ve been and my favorite parts were definitely the shows. I saw Pen and Teller as well as Cirque du Soleil and both were well worth the cost to me. It was definitely fun doing a lot of the free stuff, like just walking the strip and seeing the sights, like the fountains at the Bellagio. I’m not much of a gambler so that wasn’t a huge draw for me there.

  8. Michelle

    I have been to Vegas 4 times and am going again in November for my sisters 21st birthday celebration! In November, my mom and I are splitting the costs for my sister to stay, travel, gamble, and eat….so it will be more expensive than normal. Normal being just me and husband going to Vegas. I am budgeting $1500 for gambling (myself and my sister) for 3.5 days. But I really like to gamble 🙂

  9. Barb Friedberg

    I love Las Vegas. When we used to live in San Diego we would drive and have an ultra cheap vacation living off coupons and deals. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip and bested your budget.

  10. Suba

    I have no idea what a straight flush means, I am guessing it must be good 🙂 The fried Oreo sounds awesome!

    We always stay at the strip. We have been avoiding the casinos though, we usually stay at The Signature @ MGM. We go there for the shows and stand up comedy. This year we are going in November for a conference and staying at the cosmopolitan. Our budget will be $1000 for 5 days without the hotel though (Hotel will be a blogging business expense as it is a conference. Yay!) Can’t wait to go back.

    Sounds like you had a great trip AND the decision to quit your job, woot!

  11. Marie at FamilyMoneyValues

    I usually budget about 3K for our vacations (when we take them – which isn’t every year as hubby is not a big traveler) – so you did great.

    Once, when I was a teenager, my folks took me to Vegas. It was before the ‘new’ strip was built. They felt safe leaving me at the hotel to enjoy the pool while they gambled – and I was, the only thing that happened was that some guy hit on me (yeah!).

    I’d love to go just for the food and shows – I’m not a big gambler, slot machines for me!

  12. First Gen American

    Vegas was one of the cheapest vacations I’ve ever taken. Looks like you got a lot of entertainment hours for your money. Woo hoo.

  13. Crystal @ BFS

    @101 Centavos, deep fried Oreos are truly amazing but I would highly suggest against trying them unless you have way more willpower than me…

    @Everyday Tips, my parents took my sisters and me to Las Vegas when I was 18. We drove to Hoover Dam and on to the Grand Canyon. It was pretty awe-inspiring.

    @Hunter, you don’t sound like a broken record to me – just a good dad. 🙂

    @Julie, it was the best trip yet! We’ll be staying on Fremont street every time now.

    @Ashley, I barely gambled at all on the trip before this one, but I went Pai Gow crazy this time around when we found $5 minimum tables…

    @Niki, there is a lot of food to enjoy! I gained 4 pounds in a week!

    @Jeffrey, we saw Penn and Teller on the trip before this one – too cool!

    @Michelle, I hope you win big!!!

    @Barb, I’ll need to keep an eye out for even better deals next time – I got a little vacation lazy and complacent…

    @Suba, a straight flush is when you get 5 cards in a row of the same suit – in my case, a 4 of hearts, 5 of hearts, 6 of hearts, 7 of hearts, and 8 of hearts. If we didn’t gamble, our trips would be super cheap, but we both enjoy the risk. It is odd since we hate risk in our “real” lives, lol.

    @Marie, with $3000, you can have a great trip to tons of places. 🙂 Have you been on a cruise before? I love them and the ports are awesome – snorkeling is addicting!!!

    @First Gen American, gotta love great deals!

  14. Evan

    I am almost positive that after 3 bachelor parties (one being mine) in that city, it has taken at least 3 years off the back end of my life! Evil Evil place that I absolutely love.

    I have never played pai gaw maybe I’ll try it tonight online.

    Was that $500 a positive or negative lol?

  15. Andy Hough

    You did a pretty good job of keeping your costs down. I lived in Las Vegas for five years and worked there as a blackjack dealer. We also went there for our wedding and honeymoon last year. We spent $1079.95 for three nights hotel,airfare,ground transportation,food,a couple of shows,marriage license, and wedding ceremony. We saved a lot because I have a Harrah’s Diamond card that allowed us to see the shows for free and covered most of our food expense.

  16. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager

    I really want to go see some Cirque shows in Vegas. My favorite parts of Vegas is staying up all night dancing and then sleeping by the pool all day with friends.

  17. Tony @ Investorz' Blog

    I’ve never been to Vegas. I don’t think i would go though, even though it sounds fun. Seems kind of dangerous; all the gambling and stuff.

  18. Squirrelers

    Sounds like a fun trip. You would have laughed at how cheap we were when visiting Vegas a few months ago. I think the 5 of us that went lost a combined $60 or something like that….and it wasn’t due to winnings offsetting any losses:)

    Of the 10 (?) or however many times I’ve been to Vegas, I spent the least on this trip…and still had a blast. Good food, 2 shows, Hoover Dam, lots of laughs….it’s all good

    Some Cirque shows can be fantastic, I agree.

  19. cashflowmantra

    Sounds like you did a good job with the budget and had a great time. I have been to Vegas 3 times with my son for a gymnastics meet. The first time we were out there, we went to a little magic show at the V theater in the back of the Planet Hollywood mall. We saw Chris Angel in there to see the show (along with Holly Madison). Got his picture with Chris Angel (didn’t dare get Miss Madison since my wife was at home).

  20. Crystal @ BFS

    @Evan, that $500 was negative but not Pai Gow’s fault. We lost $200 at a Deuces Wild Stud Poker game that sucked and had a few bad runs with video poker too. I think we either broke even or won a bit with Pai Gow. 🙂

    @Andy, I want your card…

    @Jenna, if I didn’t burn to a crisp at even the thought of direct sunlight, your sleeping by the pool idea would be heavenly.

    @Tony, gambling is only dangerous if you are playing with money you need or wanted for something else. But avoid the city like the plague if it’s not for you. 🙂

    @Squirrelers, our honeymoon cost us a grand total of $80. Our gambling winnings paid for all of our food and shows and my in-laws covered the $600 airfare and hotel. 🙂

    @cashflowmantra, hahaha! I heard Chris Angel does some icky stuff, so I avoided him. Is he good?

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