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Jet.com Review: Is it Safe & Legit? Deals, Coupons, Promos & Discounts

Jet.com Review Is it Safe and Legit

  • Jet gains traction as an online shipping site that’s comparable to Amazon.
  • Amazon is considered the one-stop shop to buy fresh groceries, clothes, furniture and practically anything else you may think you need.
  • Amazon’s competitor Walmart-owned Jet.com sells a lot of similar products on a smaller scale.
  • Both have large selections with low price tags, Jet also brings some clear extras: numerous ways to save, a rewarding referral program, its own brand (Uniquely J) and works closely with non-profit organizations.
  • Amazon is loved by nearly everyone, but Jet still shows shopping around for great deals, incentives and amazing products is essential in order to truly get the best experience.

When you place an order online, chances are you browsed through the massive selection of the e-commerce giant Amazon. There is even a high chance you placed an order directly from Amazon, but did you know there is a little purple guy who is climbing the ladder to shake Amazon’s hold on go-to digital shopping?

While it may feel like an eerie episode of the “Twilight Zone;” those purple boxes that strike a remarkable resemblance to Amazon’s well-known gold & black iconic packaging are not an illusion and there is one company out there to compete against the e-commerce titan. Jet.com, owned by Walmart Stores Inc., has been building their own e-commerce go-to for online shopping since its acquisition in 2015.

However, since the emergence of this purple competitor, there have been a lot of questions raised by shoppers:

Table of Contents

”Is shopping on Jet.com safe?”

”Is Jet.com legit?”

of course, there is the always circulating:

”Is Jet.com a scam?”

With such strong consumer concerns, learning more about the Walmart backed e-commerce project should be pursued.

Exactly What is Jet.com?

Jet.com’s founder came from a strong e-commerce background before deciding to jump on an idea to create a new online marketplace. CEO Marc Lore previously co-founded Quidsi, which was later absorbed by Amazon.

Lore knew his idea possessed the potential to challenge and possibly disrupt the go-to discounted online retailer top spot, currently owned by Amazon.

While presenting his idea with investors, top names like Fidelity, New Enterprise Associates, and large names invested a total of $500 million to Lore’s new program. As a result, Jet.com was born, a friendly community that helps obtain the best possible deals and shopping on Jet.com.

You’re still probably wondering what Jet.com is still, and we’re getting there.

Jet.com is a powerful e-commerce with a unique shopping experience that prides itself on saving you the most money possible while you shop. Similar to Walmart’s every day low prices, for Jet.com that’s just the beginning because they’ve implemented a crafty real-time savings engine that helps save you more on your shopping by allowing you to drop the displayed price even lower.

Jet.com Review: Is it Safe and Legit?How can you save more money on Jet.com?

Whether you’ve made a few purchases on the site already or this is your first venture into the new and unknown, there are some pretty cool ways Jet.com offers its customers reduced prices, extra discounts and big savings, but how?

In order to understand how these stackable savings are possible and how this growing new kid on the block aims to take on Amazon, learn more below.

Real-time savings engine drives Jet’s everyday low prices even further

As an e-commerce shopping site driven by saving its customers as much money as possible, Jet accomplishes this in a number of ways. One of those crafty saving tactics is their optimized packing shipping consumer rewards. This works on the principle idea that bulk shipping cost less, so when you add items to your cart with the down arrow icon, you will see prices of certain items in your cart reduced. It’s not voodoo; it’s simple logic.

This is not something that is always clearly understood, except by those elite Jetters. You know; the ones that frequent the site, much like the  Citizens of Amazon. Savings matter and the real-time savings engine is no laughing matter. Keep an eye out for that purple down arrow. This means savings are going up and costs are sailing downwards.

Jet.com Review: Is it Safe and Legit?

Opting out of free returns and buy in bulk discounts bring extra savings.

When we go shopping, there are those staple items that we know for a fact are going to be used. Jet.com offers consumers the chance to opt out of free returns. Certain items like favorite cereals, toiletries and other go-to essentials are things that you know you’ll keep. This makes opting out of free returns on these items totally worth it! Padding your cabinets can also yield a few extra $$$ in savings.

For instance, when buying Huggies baby wipes, Jet.com’s starting low price is $14.56, turn that into 6 packs because let’s face it, it’s a disposable product and we’ll be ordering more of those in the near future. When you bulk buy that item the price quickly changes to $13.28, thanks to the real-time savings engine and sidebar shopping cart that keeps a running total of your savings. That’s an instant $7.68 just by stocking up on items you use regularly.

Enjoy transparent shopping with Jet.com’s real-to-feel digital shopping buggy that shows you real-time price adjustments with the ability to add or remove items from the cart easily.

Unlike countless online shopping carts, Jet keeps the shopping experience simple and personable. Much like walking the aisles of a store where you can look down and see every item in your cart in a matter of moments, Jet.com keeps your shopping car front and center at all times. It just sits there. Waiting to be filled with items to analyze potential savings.

Another cool feature of the Jet buggy is the spending tracker that lets you know exactly how close your order is to being eligible for the free shipping with orders with a minimum of $35. Shop with seamless comfort and effortlessly sift through pages without losing site of the items in your cart.

Jet promotes wise spending and strategic shopping on the site with their unique ordering, shipping, and return policies.

Once you’ve reached the $35 minimum order threshold, shoppers enjoy the benefits of free 2-5 day shipping. Orders that fall below that mark are subject to a $5.99 shipping charge. Also, to make sure you benefit from their 2-day shipping, shoppers have until 2 o’clock p.m. (time deadline is shipper’s time zone) or it will not meet that two-day deadline. As of now, Jet ships strictly to the contiguous US, with plans to expand.

A few other directives in place are on the ordering side of things. Let’s say you make a mistake on your order. Well, you have up to 30 minutes to cancel or modify your order from the time the order was placed. If you fall outside this time block you can still return it within 30 days.

Also, do you remember those savings from opting out of free returns? If you did choose to go without and are faced with a return, now you will get the pleasure of paying $5.99, plus an additional 5% of the item price if you do want to return it. Really makes you reconsider your choices when shopping.

 Become a frequent Jetter and earn JetCash as a reward that exchanges straight up like real cash for future Jet purchases.

It’s true! One single JetCash is the equivalent of $1 on any purchase made on the Jet site. JetCash can be earned through referrals, getting friends to sign up on the site. With some good convincing to experience something new and simple, referrals can fetch up to $15, depending on the number of friends referred. The more you refer and convert, the more exchangeable JetCash rewards you can collect to use on your own personal shopping.

JetCash is a promotional incentive meant to help the company grow. This means they are not just going to give you free money if you try to cheat them on referrals. The best way to get friends to sign up is to show them your past shopping experience and the amount of savings you had. You know what they say: Seeing is believing!

Jet.com Review: Is it Safe and Legit?

Enjoy the budget-friendly options of smaller brands with Jet’s very own Uniquely J, a brand that offers clean living, storage, paper, food, and coffee product.

Uniquely J has some pretty great deals on exclusive products that are worth taking a look at. From their Fair Trade organic 100% Arabica coffee to their preservative- and artificial flavor- free crisps and biscotti thins, the brand promotes natural living. Even their all-purpose cleaners, laundry detergents and soaps are derived from plant-based ingredients and are free from any harsh chemicals like chlorine or formaldehyde.

Fortunately, this is not the only positive this brand has. In fact, while you shop the Uniquely J product line, shopping for bundles can net you an additional 10% in extra savings! Jet piles on the savings around every corner. Seems like almost every action you take, Jet finds a way to reward you with savings and slashed prices.

Jet is unique for its nonprofit programs that give basic essentials at reduced rates and allow consumers to make donations by effortlessly participating in the JetCares Essential Program.

While ordering through jet.com you can make an immediate and direct impact that gives critical life essentials like diapers, toiletries, and toothbrushes for those of less fortune without switch platforms or disrupting your shopping experience. This enhances the Jet shopping experience by adding a warm humanizing effect to the digital shopping venture of its customers.

As mentioned above, the JetCares Essentials Program is designed to give bare essentials to nonprofits at slashed prices or discounted rates. Alternatively, their Give a Pack Program allows Jet consumers to actively make contributions to participating nonprofits in the form of JetCash. From there, nonprofits are able to apply the collected JetCash to pay for qualifying essentials.

If it hasn’t already it’s about to, Jet hits the radar as another site to shop for everything from dog food to electronics and more.

While the selection comparison to Amazon is anything but close, Jet shows a lot of promises as a strong Amazon competitor. From its real-time savings engine to the stackable ways to save, Jet is certainly making a name for itself. Backed by the global department store brand Walmart, Jet is not out to scam, steal or cause any harm to its customers.

Though it is true, the Walmart brand Jet does not have its own electronic line similar to Amazon’s Echo, Kindle, Firestick and several other Amazon only exclusives. The ball is in your court. Shop at an e-commerce giant or experience a new way to save around every corner. Jet.com is one of the safety Amazon alternatives on the market. Happy shopping!


General Jet.com Questions

This section answers the basic questions you have about Jet. Use this section to get a good understanding of how the website and the company work.

What Is Jet.com?

Jet is a retail shopping site that has a unique approach to save people money. It uses a system that gives you discounts on items when you also purchase other specific items. When you purchase certain items together it lowers the costs of shipping, which saves Jet money. They pass the savings on to you.

Is Jet.com Good?

It is for many people. The site has extremely competitive prices on a wide range of goods. Also, their unique business model makes it a great place to do lots of your shopping at once for more discounts.

How Does Jet.com Work?

The process is pretty easy. When you make a purchase, you’ll see other items with a purple down arrow with a money sign in it. Adding those items to your cart lowers the cost of other items already in your cart.

Where Is Jet.com Located?

Jet’s headquarters are in New Jersey. They’re located at 221 River Street, Hoboken, NJ. They also have offices in Pedricktown, Reno, Shepherdsville, and Dublin.

What to Buy From Jet.com?

That depends on what else you’re planning on purchasing. Jets business model focuses on saving money on shipping. You’ll see a little indicator pop up next to some items when you add items to your cart. Adding the items with the indicator next to them lowers the cost of the goods already in your cart.

Why Is Jet.com So Cheap?

Jet is so cheap because of their business model which has a very low overhead. They also use a unique way to reduce shipping costs and pass those savings on to the consumer.

Who Created Jet.com?

Jet was founded by Marc Lore, Nate Faust, and Mike Hanrahan. It was founded in April of 2014 and employs between 1,000 and 5,000 people.

How Long has Jet.com Been Around?

Jet was founded in April of 2014, so as of this writing they’ve been in operation for more than four years. They were purchased by Walmart in 2016.

How Does Jet.com Make Money?

Jet makes money on the products it sells, just like any other retail operation. They’re able to remain profitable while keeping prices low because of their business model.

What Is Jet.com Business Model?

Jet uses an innovative business model that uses a reduction in shipping costs, combined with low overhead and solid distribution networks, to generate a profit.

Jet.com Membership

This section covers people have about membership with Jet. We’ll answer all the questions you have about joining with this innovative service.

Does Jet.com Charge Membership Fee?

They used to charge a membership fee of $49.99. However, they stopped that in October of 2015. Jet is now free to join.

How Much Is Jet.com Membership?

Jet is free to join. The company used to have a $50 membership fee, but they stopped charging that fee as of October 2015. The service is now fee free.

How to Delete Jet.com Account?

You’ll need to call or email Jet to delete your account. You can email them at [email protected]. You can also call them at 1-855-JETHEADS to get more information.

Is Jet.com Free?

Yes, Jet is now totally free to use. The company used to charge a membership fee of around $50, but they stopped that practice about a year and a half into business.

Jet.com Safety and Security

There are lots of questions about the safety and security of using Jet. We’ll answer those questions here.

Is Jet.com Legit?

Yes, Jet is a major online retailer and is own by the largest retail organization in the world, Walmart. They’re a legit company that you can use to save money on the products you use every day.

Is Jet.com Reliable?

Jet is reliable. The company has a good customer service track record, clear returns policy that works for consumers, and they sell quality merchandise at a discount price.

Is Jet.com Safe to Use?

Yes, Jet is safe to use. They employ industry-standard encryption methods to make sure that your data stays safe and isn’t exposed to hacks or attacks.

Is Jet.com a Scam?

No, Jet isn’t a scam at all. The company has been running for 4 years and is owned by Walmart – one of the best-known retailers in the world. They’re even better now that there’s no membership fee. If you're concerned about your personal information being safe then we recently reviewed the best identity theft protection reddit boards talk about.

Is Jet.com Trustworthy?

Yes, Jet is trustworthy. They’re good about offering quality items at reasonable prices. They also have a comprehensive return policy in case you’re not satisfied with the things you got from them.

Jet.com Payment Methods

Many people want to know about the different ways to pay for the things they buy from Jet. We’ll answer those questions in this section.

Does Jet.com Accept PayPal?

Jet does not currently accept PayPal. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We couldn’t find any information about plans to accept PayPal in the future.

Does Jet.com Accept EBT?

Probably not. If your EBT card has a Visa or Mastercard logo, then Jet might accept it. As of this time Jet only accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Can You Use Coupons on Jet.com?

Yes, in fact the company has a whole page dedicated to special coupon deals that you can use on the website. You should check out their page for more information about what coupons you can use. You can also take a look at the best shopping apps we reviewed and see if they will work with Jet.

Can I Use PayPal on Jet.com?

No, you can’t use PayPal on Jet. The company only takes Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover as payment methods right now.

Does Jet.com Take Manufacturer Coupons?

Jet doesn’t accept manufacturer coupons. They do have a huge range of their own coupons and promo codes for you to save money when shopping with them though.

Does Jet.com Accept Food Stamps?

Not at this time. The only payment methods that Jet takes are American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard. You can’t use PayPal, Bitcoin, EBT, or food stamps.

Jet.com Shipping

Given that Jet’s business model is partially built on savings for shipping, it’s no surprise that many people have questions about Jet’s shipping. We’ll answer those questions here.

Who Does Jet.com Ship With?

It’s up to the individual retailers that partner with Jet when it comes to the shipping carrier used. They use FedEx, UPS, USPS, OnTrac, and others. Some dropshipping suppliers sell items through Jet.com too but they are required to specify all warehouses utilized in the Jet.com partner portal.

Does Jet.com have Free Shipping?

Some customers and orders can qualify for free shipping. You’ll need to check with Jet to see if your specific order will ship for free.

Does Jet.com Use UPS or FedEx?

Jet’s retail partners use both UPS and FedEx for shipping. They also use USPS, OnTrac, and other carriers for shipping purposes. Jet doesn’t actually do the shipping, the individual retailers do. 

How Fast Does Jet.com Ship?

There are several shipping options for Jet. You can get standard, expedited, second day, or next day shipping on most products on the website.

Jet.com Ownership

Jet got a lot of attention when its founders sold the company in 2016. We’ll answer questions about Jet’s ownership here.

Who Owns Jet.com?

Walmart owns Jet. They purchased the company in 2016 in an attempt to compete with other large online retail sites like Amazon.

Who Bought Jet.com?

Walmart bought jet in 2016. The purchased the company for $3.3 billion. $3 billion was in cash and $300 million was in stock paid out to the owners over time.

Is Jet.com Owned by Amazon?

No, Jet is not owned by Amazon. The founder of Jet, Marc Lore, had a previous company called diapers.com. That website was sold to Amazon. Jet is owned by Walmart. If you're searching for Amazon Black Friday deals we have reviewed that and other deals in another article.

How to Buy Jet.com Stock?

Jet.com is not currently a publicly traded company. It’s owned by Walmart. You can purchase shares of Walmart, which his listed on the stock market as WMT.

How Much Did Jet.com Sell For?

Jet sold for $3.3 billion in 2016. The sale included $3 billion in cash and $300 million in stock options that are to be paid out over time to the original owners of the site.

Jet.com Product Authenticity

The low prices on Jet mean that a lot of people are concerned about the authenticity of the things they get from the site. This section covers the answers to those questions.

Does Jet.com Sell Authentic Items?

Yes, the items that Jet sells are supplied by their retail affiliates. That means you’re getting items from companies that own stores that sell those genuine items.

Does Jet.com Sell Fake Items?

It doesn’t. Jet’s retail affiliates sell genuine items through Jet. The low prices are due to the unique business model the company uses, not because of fake items.

Does Jet.com Sell Fake Shoes?

No, the items sold on Jet are authentic. They have a clear policy statement that forbids counterfeit items from being sold on the site. Any retailer that sells fake items will face harsh consequences.

Does Jet.com Sell Used Items?

No, the items sold on Jet are all supposed to be brand new. The retail partners that Jet has agree not to sell used items on the site.

Are Jet.com Products New?

Yes, Jet products are all new. They use a network of retail affiliates to provide the items they sell on the site. These retailers sell new items and aren’t allowed to sell used items on Jet.

Does Jet.com Sell Fake Perfume?

No, Jet doesn’t sell fake items. The items on the site are 100% legitimate. The company has a clear policy in place that delivers harsh consequences to any retail affiliate that sells fake items through Jet.

Does Jet.com have cell phones?

Yes they do. You can also look at Walmart phone plans for your new phone. Some consider them to have the best cell phone plan for the low price point.

Does Jet.com sell contact lenses?

No after looking at their site it seems you can only buy cases and solution for your lenses. However there are plenty of other places to order contact lenses online at a discount.

Does Jet.com sell printer supplies?

Yes you can buy printers and printer supplies such as paper and ink. Some people prefer printer ink refills but that's up to you.

Other Jet.com Questions

There are many questions about Jet, and some of them don’t really fit neatly into our other categories. We’ll answer those questions here.

Can I Sell on Jet.com?

Maybe, you’ll have to apply and find out. Jet is always looking for new retail partners. You can go to https://partner.jet.com to find a link to their partnership application.

How to Sell on Jet.com?

You can sell items on Jet by applying to be an affiliate partner. You can apply to become a Jet partner by going to https://partner.jet.com. There’s a button that links to an application.

Does Jet.com Price Match?

Jet will match an online competitors price that also includes the shipping charges in the price of the product. They’ll also match local auto parts stores and other select retailers.

Does Jet.com Charge Tax?

Yes, where applicable. Jet charges taxes depending on your state. They’ll also charge the appropriate environmental fees on certain products. However, this all depends on where you live, so you’ll have to check with them for more information.

Is Jet.com Cheaper than Walmart?

Sometimes. Jet’s business model means that sometimes you can get a lower price by purchasing other items that reduce the overall cost of shipping. You’ll have to directly compare the specific items you’re interested in.

Does Jet.com Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, Jet has a retail program. It’s called the Jet Ambassador program. You can get many benefits from being a Jet affiliate, and they offer a 7-day cookie window on all traffic.

How Does Jet.com Compare to Amazon?

The two sites are similar but can be quite different. They use some similar business models, but Jet has a unique feature that lets customers save if they order items that lower the overall cost of shipping.

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