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Everyone has a weak spot – something they pick up on impulse, and later regret buying.   My weak spot is discount chocolate.

Every time there’s a holiday (Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.), there’s chocolate for sale. There’s a ridiculous amount of it and  you can find it every where from the drug store to the hardware store. It comes in all shapes and sizes.   You can get milk or dark, plain or fancy, and just about every filling you can think of.  And I am a sucker for all of it – especially when it goes on sale.

I have all kinds of excuses on why I should pick it up, preferably in large quantities:

  • It’s such a good savings
  • I’ll ration it out
  •  It’ll make great snacks for work
  • I’ve had a bad day, I deserve it.

And some of these might be good excuses – if it was food I actually needed, or I actually did ration it out.  But I don’t need chocolate, and I certainly never have the willpower to ration it out.  I usually eat enough at once that I end up feeling a bit sick.  Which is OK when you’re 10, but not so cool in your 30’s.

So, now I’ve splurged on “food” I don’t really need, which I wouldn’t have bought if it wasn’t on sale.  And on top of feeling bad about that, I also end up feeling guilty because I’ve eaten crap my body didn’t need, and has a negative effect on my waistline.

My ongoing goal is to try to think before I buy.  I need to as myself “If this wasn’t on sale, would I still buy it? And if I would – do I really need it?”   I’ve had 2 opportunities since Christmas to pick up discount candy.  I managed to resist the first time, but gave in the second time.  Not a fantastic track record so far. However, I’m just starting a dairy and gluten free diet, so this should definitely help curb my impulse chocolate buying!

What is your weakness when it comes to impulse shopping? Have you had any luck in taming it? What is the most you’ve ever spent on something you really didn’t need?

Crystal’s Comments:  I am totally guilty of this right after Valentine’s Day every year…I really, really love chocolate…