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I’m Having a Good Week!

This has been an amazing week here in Crystal-land! 😉 Here, let me list the ways in which life is being awesome since I feel like I haven’t truly been able to share great news for a while without it being tinted with super crap.

I’m Losing Weight!

My weight loss and strength training is chugging along really well. I’m down 10-11 pounds since mid-June.  I started at 177-178 pounds and was at 167 by last weekend.

I joined a few more Dietbets, and am even hosting a $10 one, so I’ll be motivated to continue losing weight even during our upcoming cruise. I won about $60 total from the 4 last month, so my “meh” feelings got pushed aside by the holy-hell-this-is-working feelings.

Cruise Time Again!

About a week ago, we booked another 7 day cruise that leaves at the end of the month. I booked us for another Chef’s Table experience onboard too. So I have a question before the trip. Is travel insurance worth it? Here’s what I found but feel free to share your opinions too.

I’ll be taking the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible and eating lots of small meals instead of pure binging. That combined with some swimming and walking-the-track time should equal fewer pounds packed on during that week. But gorging on food or not, we are going to have an amazing, relaxing vacation!

I’m a Speaker at the Fincon Expo!

I’m going to be an official speaker/panelist at Fincon Expo 2017 as our negotiation panel’s expert on deals from the bloggers’ AND advertising contacts’ perspectives. My fellow panelists kick butt – Rebecca Green Neale, Farnoosh Torabi, Jessica Woodbury, and Revanche – and I’m so flattered I was asked to join them.

My Adopted Niece and BF Are Doing Well!

My best friend’s baby, my adopted niece-let, just turned 2 months old and already weighs 15 ½ pounds! She has started smiling and giggling more on purpose, which is amazing to witness. I hope she thinks I’m the best-est adopted aunt ever!!!

My bestie is also in less pain regularly now than 2 months ago, which has taken a huge load off my mind. I didn’t know I was really worried about her until after I wasn’t as worried anymore.

The whole C-section saga reminded me too much of my sister’s experiences.  I’m scared for all women giving birth now.  All the hugs!

I’m Balancing Life Better!

I am staying on top of my online work better, am finding my rhythm with running Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting, and still feel like I’m staying pretty well connected with my close friends and family. Staying in touch means way more time on Facebook and texting, but it’s worth it. I didn’t realize I was keeping people at a fair distance for the last few months.

Overall, I’m feeling good. Thankful. Happy. Hell, I went swimming for half an hour yesterday for no reason at all even though I just washed my hair…you might not understand how spontaneous that is for current me. Let’s just say, it’s sort of a big deal.

How are you? Share the good and the bad. Just share. It helps!

7 thoughts on “I’m Having a Good Week!”

  1. Holly Johnson

    I hope you have a great time on your cruise! You deserve it!

  2. Catseye

    Congrats on your recent weight loss, winning those dietbets, being chosen to speak at Fincon Expo, etc.! This is almost too much good news to take in all at once. ;o)

  3. Crystal Stemberger

    @Holly, awww, thank you! See you at Fincon!!!

    @Catseye, LOL. I know, right? I’m sort of waiting for a shoe to drop…

  4. teinegurl

    Glad to hear your doing so well! yeah I want to get motivated to lose some weight as well. I just don’t know where to start. In Hawaii you would say that’s your Hanai aunty (adopted) and pretty much your her aunty. I’m glad your reconnecting with friends as well. Today is my first day back at work after 2 weeks off and I didn’t realize how much time I wanted to spend with friends and family while on my vacation. I went swimming 3x in the past week so that is good as well very invigorating

  5. Crystal Stemberger

    @teinegurl, I like that – her Hanai aunt. 🙂 I keep telling my friends and a few family members that “aunty” sounds like someone over 75. 😉 Yeah, sometimes you just get in the mood and want to connect, right?!

  6. Mrs Money

    So glad to hear all this! You need to have a great week 🙂

  7. Donna Freedman

    Hope you have escaped the worst of Harvey’s wrath, i.e., that your house isn’t under water. What will the evacuation and rebuilding mean for your pet-sitting business?

    Your panel sounds great. Hope it doesn’t coincide with the one I’m doing, which would mean I couldn’t go…

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