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I don’t think I really mentioned the fact that I booked yet another 7 day cruise for Mr. BFS and I in December.  Carnival Cruises sent us an offer we really couldn’t refuse.  We booked an interior cabin mid-ship with the “king” bed option instead of the upper and lower bunks for $840 total for the both of us including travel insurance.  WOW!

Earning My Fun

You may have noticed that we do something pretty big pretty frequently – cruises, Board Game Geek Convention, Comicpalooza, Lonestar Game Fest, weekend trips with friends, etc.  Well, I’m happy to be able to say that I’m going to really be earning the events coming up!

I’m literally sleeping at other people’s homes more than my own from July-August thanks to a strong pet sitting season.

Cute Australian Shepherds

I’m living with these two adorable Australian Shepherds right now. These babies are why I was so surprised when that other Aussie mix actually bit me! These girls are more likely to accidentally scratch me when they go in for hugs, LOL.

My husband and I are working our butts off with puppies, kitties, and bearded dragons.  For the end of July and most of August, we have more than 10 pet sitting visits to fit in every day (like 3 visits to two different homes each day plus some once-a-day dog walking and cat check-ins).

We’re making more with pet sitting than we are online in the most recent months.  Yay for at least one business that is strong during the summer!!!

This will slow down when school starts up again, but that is thankfully when the online ad contacts come back from vacations too.  I think I finally have a good balance of two jobs that complement each other.  Yay!

Enjoying the Crazy

Having so much work is fun and exhausting.  I usually don’t do many overnight jobs anymore, but a few of my regulars all have been traveling around the same times.  That has led to this specific crazy.  But I am relishing the time with all of the cute pets, and I also am really looking forward to the special times when we actually get away.  My next big thing is the Financial Blogger Conference 2015 in September.  It should be awesome and maybe I’ll get some rest…doesn’t sound like me though…

How do you handle crazy work schedules? Do you plan vacations in advance to look forward to?