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Mr. BFS has an outright phobia of dentists.  This has came back to cost us once a few years ago, and now’s there is a real whopper.  He needs major surgery within the next 6 weeks and it is going to be expensive.

Work to Be Done

Long story short, Mr. BFS didn’t take care of his teeth until the last visits 3 years ago, so we are still salvaging what he has before we can go on to just regular maintenance.  We went in to get the xrays done with my dentist last week.  Mr. BFS did great – just concentrated on a spot on the ceiling while they poked around and then explained the xrays to us.

He needs his two exposed upper wisdom teeth removed and at least 5 fillings on some cavities on other teeth that aren’t really bad yet.

That’s expensive no matter who you are, but it is going to be worse for us.  My husband needs to be completely under to have work done in his mouth.  He has the literal fear of dentists…not kidding around.  Plus, we don’t have dental insurance since it would have only covered $500 total per year anyway, which is why we haven’t paid that $40 a month for the last 2 years.  It just isn’t worth it.

Finding the Dentist

Most dental surgeons apparently do not handle cavities.  But my hubby cannot make it through fillings without being completely sedated.  After some hunting, I found a dentistry office nearby that brings in an anesthesiologist and can do everything at once.  I haven’t got the exact quote yet, but the anesthesiologist alone will cost at least $2000.  My dentist is sending this office the xrays now, so I will hopefully have a full quote by then.  I am expecting to hear $5000-$7500 total.


And this is pretty much how Mr. BFS views dentists…

Negotiating Costs

Since we don’t have dental insurance, I have found that dentists will give me significant discounts by using cash.  This dentistry office offers the same.  The rep I spoke to explained that we could discuss cash discounts, or look at 12-18 month interest free payment plans.  I would only be interested if I can’t get at least 10% off by using cash.  I’ll figure that out next week.

The anesthesiologist is paid for separately, so I will need to call him and discuss stuff personally.  Maybe he’ll like cash too.

Realistic optimism says we’ll be shelling out at least $4500.  Pessimism says $7500.  Either way, we have put all significant spending on hold for the next couple of months while we get this squared away.  Yay for emergency funds is all I have to say right now, lol.

Other than discounts for cash, any other ideas to save some money on this?