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As you may already know, I am a staff writer at 7 other blogs on a weekly, biweekly, and bimonthly basis.  I staff write for Bargaineering four times a week.  I have found that the readers at all the places I blog are similar to my readers EXCEPT for some at Bargaineering.  I seem to tick them off with my non-frugal ways.  I really try to not mention certain things so I don’t get fired, but sometimes I slip.

My Dryer Slip Up

Case in point, I just wrote a post about Business Clothing on a Budget and had two little, no thought lines in the last paragraph,

…To keep my blouses and slacks unwrinkled, I hung them immediately after the dryer was done with them. For the more fragile fabrics, I hung them when they were still damp in the hall closet to dry.

Did anybody zero in on my fragile fabric line?  Nope.  But a few people did notice that I use a dryer and kindly explained to me that I shouldn’t.  Well, mostly kindly. 

What’s Wrong with a Dryer?

Here’s my question, why attack the dryer?  I understand it uses energy, but so does my refrigerator and nobody has told me to unplug that yet.  How about coffee makers?  I don’t drink coffee, so can I bank those credits to use for the dryer instead?  What about the washer?  If we all washed our clothes by hand, I am assuming we’d save a ton of energy, but nobody seemed to care that I use a washer. So, why is my dryer usage, specifically, annoying people?

This is a real question.  I do not understand.  I will admit that even if somebody explains it to me, I truly doubt I will ever line dry.  BUT, if it’s a good reason, I do promise to stop rolling my eyes.

Why I Don’t Line Dry

And since somebody will ask, here is why I do not line dry:

  • I don’t have room in the garage or house, so that leaves my back yard.
  • The back yard is full of dust and pollen and humidity (I live in Houston, TX).  Even if I wasn’t asthmatic, it seems silly to wash my clothes just to set them outside to get dirty.
  • Naturally dried clothes are stiffer than dryer-dried clothes.  I don’t like scratchy clothes.
  • I do not want to spend time hanging clothes to dry.
  • BIG REASON – The dryer is faster.

There you go.  I use a clothes dryer.  I know a dryer apparently wears out clothes faster, but I am okay with that.  It’s worth it to me and I need to force myself to buy new clothes once a year or so anyway just to keep wearing correct sizes.

Now I just have to avoid bringing up bottled water at Sustainable Personal Finance…  😉

Do you use a dryer?  Do you avoid them like the plague?  Why?