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Mr. BFS recently mentioned that he’s looking forward to a bigger house in the future.  I replied with a smile, “That’s nice.  I know.”

What I was really thinking was, “I really hope I never have to buy a house again because the whole thing sucked.”

In short, even if our house was paid off right now, I do not want to buy a house again. Here’s what I remember during 2007 when we were buying a home:

1) It was hard to convince our real estate agent that we really were staying at $130,000 or less. She also didn’t seem to understand that I really wanted “or less.” My parents actually ended up finding our current home by accident while cruising around a neighborhood we were already looking in.

2) Finding a home that fit our criteria was difficult. We are spoiled. We wanted to buy a house that wouldn’t need a lot of repairs for the first 5 years and we wanted to pay $130,000 or less. That was pretty much it but that severely narrowed our options. When we set out to learn how to start investing in real estate with little money we thought it would be so easy.

3) While actually looking at homes, we found out that there is a whole bunch of things that we really dislike. I could never live on concrete floors. My husband and I really did not want to buy that would need wallpaper removed from every, single wall. We didn’t want to have to repaint every wall either. I also want a safer neighborhood than my last one and a home with a security system. One home we looked at did have an ADT security system so that was nice.

I didn’t think we were all that picky, but some people’s tastes were so far from our own that we cringed when we walked into each room. Is it so wrong to want to avoid as much work as possible, especially in that first year after making a huge 20% down payment?

4) My husband and I do not handle stress well…and we were worse 4 years ago. I get clingy and he gets snappy, so we were just ticking each other off along the way. Picture a 23 year old husband and 24 year old wife just sniping at each other immaturely every time something didn’t go smoothly. It was awful.

5) Moving was a pain in the rear. We had lined up a company to move all of our furniture and boxes the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, but the morning of the move rolled around and they didn’t show up! None of my calls were answered. By 11am, we knew we were in trouble.

All our stuff was packed, so we had to call my in-laws to get some numbers of other moving companies. One of those companies were kind enough to fit us in, but we ended up spending at least 6 hours twiddling our thumbs in complete boredom since we had to stick around in case they popped up.

The final price was also $100 more than we had worked out with the other company so we barely had enough cash to cover the total…I felt so bad not being able to give those guys a great tip.

6) Unpacking is my idea of torture. I do not enjoy decorating. I don’t have the proper genes or something. I’ve moved and unpacked at least 8 times in my life and have hated it each and every time.

7) Too much maintenance. We had to fix so many things to make the house fully operational and so many things break even on newer homes. After comparing a bunch of home warranty plans we finally picked one that helped with this kind of stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret moving into our home despite all of that. I do love our house and it has already built up enough equity that we’re even looking at the best HELOC rates right now to maybe borrow and improve the home. We shall see. In the meantime I adore being able to host potlucks. I love the fact that we have a small yard for our dogs. I appreciate being able to decorate as we see fit and knowing that we won’t have to pack everything up anytime soon. I just think I want to stay in our current home until my knees can’t stand the stairs anymore. 🙂

You may remember this as one of my staff writer posts at Sweating the Big Stuff.  Don’t worry, I got permission to re-publish after a few months.  I’m just trying to get all of my personal posts in one place since I realized that by only having these posts at SBS, I was leaving gaps here at BFS.  These memories shape who I am.

Do your want to buy a house (again)?