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Our roommates are awesome.  I mean, sharing our home with anyone was obviously going to be a little tough, but our two friends that live in the guest bedroom try really hard to be considerate and helpful while they work their way through college.  They are great.

BUT, one of their mom’s hates me.  No worries, the feeling is mutual.

Why I Don’t Like Her

There are many reasons that we don’t like each other, but here is what it boils down to:

  • She is mean to her future daughter-in-law (our roommate).
  • She tries to constantly emotionally manipulate her son (our other roommate).
  • She is sneaky…she literally “stole” a bag of chips.  I mean, she didn’t pick them up and eat them like a normal person would.  She carefully palmed a bag and put it in her lap to eat later when she thought I wasn’t looking.  That sneakiness worries me.  I don’t care about chips, but what else would she take if she thought she could get away with it?  And why did she feel the need to sneak away the chips?  That is just weird.  This is why she actually is no longer allowed in our house after her first two visits.  They visit her at her place instead.
  • She has no drive.  She does have tons of education, thinks she knows everything, but any time an opportunity pops up, she turns it down.  Despite that, she whines to our roommates constantly about how much her life sucks.

Why She Doesn’t Like Me

According to my roommates, when I am not around, here are several things she says about me:

  • I run an “oppressive household”.   (I like things to be picked up in an area once people are done with it…like trash being thrown away in the kitchen after your done eating and leaving the area for the night…)
  • I’m arrogant.  (Ummm…everybody is allowed their opinion)
  • I spoil my dog.  (Mr. Pug eats expensive vegetarian dry dog food because of his allergies, but she thinks I am coddling him)
  • My roommates think her biggest problem with me is that I have money.  Money I worked for and budgeted with, but she is not well off, and they notice that she tends to resent people with more money than her.

Point of this Post

I will never apologize for having savings.  It makes no sense to have money guilt.  I sympathize with anybody suffering through bad times.  I try to help anybody I can, strangers and friends alike.  I have volunteered with Meals on Wheels and now volunteer weekly for the local hospice.  BUT I will never feel guilty for what I work for, invest, and save.

My point of view is simply that we all have something to work with.  During bad times, we can use our brains to see how we can make them better. During good times, we can put money away for bad times.  And in all of the time in between, we can all use our own available resources towards our priorities like needs, then savings, and then wants.  Overall, even when I was a broke college kid, I made the best of what I had AND NEVER held it against anybody else around me for having more.  I am in charge of me and that’s it.

So, that said, yes it sucks that people are starving unnecessarily.  It sucks that bad things happen to good people.  It sucks that some people were born into absolutely horrid circumstances.  Feeling bad, whining, and venting are all valid ways to release emotions.  BUT, stop whining if you refuse to do anything about it.  AND stop holding it against me if you are jealous.  Jealousy is normal, being a douche about it is not.

And that’s my rant for the day…

Anybody else need to let anything out?  🙂